OutlookTime® Outlook Timesheet

A dream come true for Outlook users

Turns Outlook appointments into timesheets in seconds

Outlook Timesheet

OutlookTime® is a new type of timesheet – combining a classic spreadsheet timesheet with Outlook so that employees can use their Outlook appointments in their timesheet.

The benefits are considerable:

  • Timesheets are easier and faster to enter
  • Time is more accurate
  • Timesheets are completed earlier
  • Timesheets are less of a chore
  • Saves employees several hours a month

OutlookTime® saves employees several hours a month†, and works with all versions of Outlook on PC, Mac, Web and mobile. Think what can your employees and your organization can achieve with the extra time OutlookTime® saves employees.

† Customers report savings of 1-3 hours a week, ½ – 1½ days a month

Calendar mode timesheet
Timewatch supports both spreadsheet AND calendar style timesheet entry. Outlook users love the calendar timesheet view as it combines timesheet and Outlook data in one view.
The calendar timesheet looks and feels like Outlook. This makes users instantly familiar with the system – and it shows the Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet!
Blue items are appointments that are already in the timesheet. Notice there are 2 blue items on Monday totaling 5 hours. There is also an Outlook appointment for 3 hours ready to post, which once posted would add up to 8 hours for the day.
Green items are Outlook appointments that have a Customer / Project allocated and are ready to be posted to the timesheet.
Red items are Outlook appointments that do not have a Customer / Project to be allocated yet.
The total value of posted (blue) time is shown for each day. The red background color here indicates that this employee has not met their minimum hours for the day.
In the mobile app, time is also shown in Blue, Red, and Green, just as it is in the PC / Mac calendar timesheet.
Green bars in the mobile timesheet shows the total time in Outlook appointments that are ready to post to your timesheet on each day.
Red bars in the mobile timesheet show the total time in Outlook appointments that need a customer / project before they can be posted to your timesheet on that day.

Outlook Plug-in

Our Outlook plugin brings time tracking to Outlook.

Users continue to use Outlook as they normally do, our plugin adds the customer / project fields needed in a timesheet.

A timesheet chart ensures users are kept aware of their progress, and highlights appointments that are missing customer / project information. It is so easy to update appointments, add non-appointment time and ignore personal appointments that users find it easier to complete their timesheet as they use Outlook, resulting in timesheets being available weeks earlier.

Timewatch’s Outlook timesheet plugin is available for the classic Windows Desktop edition of Outlook as well as ‘New Outlook’ for PC, Mac and Web.

Outlook Timesheet for Windows
If you use Outlook categories, just set up a mapping to a customer / task / project and our plugin can automatically add it to your timesheet. Perfect for common or current tasks such as team meetings, a main current project, vacation etc.
Green appointments signify appointments that have a customer / project assigned and are ready to post to the timesheet.
OutlookTime® adds the ‘Submit to Timesheet’ and other functions to this right mouse click menu.
The OutlookTime® panel provides a timesheet dashboard and advanced features including a multi appointment edit & post facilities and setup features.
This live chart shows the total time posted to the timesheet so far this week.
The dashboard also includes gauges of total hours posted this week and the total number of appointments waiting to be posted.
The dashboard is configurable. Users can add & remove charts, gauges and details sections, and set their order.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and reporting with Timewatch is extensive and highly configurable. The system provides a range of standard, off the shelf reporting tools and with customizable reporting tools.

  • Traditional print preview reports
  • Report ‘Gallery’
  • Configurable reports menu
  • Configurable reports security
  • Digital dashboards
  • Interactive drill-down reporting
  • Data exports in industry standard formats
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Custom report writer
  • Custom dashboard designer
  • Custom report writing service

No matter how simple or complex your Outlook reporting and analytic requirements, OutlookTime® has your back – there’s even a custom report writer.

Outlook Time Tracking Reporting
The Home Tab provides access to various digital dashboards of management key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical data points.
Drill Downs are advanced, interactive reporting tools that allow users to drill down on individual fields to the underlying summary levels all the way down to the underlying transactions. Drill Downs are available with the more advanced editions of OutlookTime(r).
The Reports tab provides access to the core reporting features.
Areas provide a handy way to filter reports by type, to focus the list of reports to choose from to a specific area of the system.
Reports are displayed in 3 styles. Each user can choose their preferred style: in a Gallery where each report is previewed and allows users to flick through reports quickly, a thumbnail list that shows details of each report and a list of reports.
Reports can be ‘organized’ into various menus and groups, placed on Ribbon buttons and their details, previews and thumbnails altered.
Administrators can arrange for reports to be made available to different users via the reports button on each Tab. Reports can be set by user security group, so they can control exactly which reports each user has access to.
The reports menu shows the report that has been accessed and, as you drill down from one report to the next, lists the sub reports as well.
In gallery mode, users are shown a preview of each report so that can quickly and easily see what report they are running. User can swipe or click to go to the next or previous report.
As users flick through reports in the Gallery View, the title and a short description of each report is displayed.
Thumnails of each report allow users quickly locate the report they are looking for.

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OutlookTime Inline

Timewatch do not share my information with any third party. In clicking submit you agree to our terms of service andprivacy policy

Everybody had said that it would be great if they could just right-click their calendar appointments and turn that into a timesheet.

That is exactly what OutlookTime® does!

A dream come true for timesheet users

I like the option to use the web application, my phone or Outlook in order to submit my timesheet

Our technology team said OutlookTime® would make time tracking faster and help us with reports. Both have been proven true.

What OutlookTime® achieves

The application looks exactly like a Microsoft Office product, we really like that.

I really like the online catalog of help articles and documents

Being able to export all of the reports into any format we like is great

Amazed at how simple, easy, and fast turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is.

On the speed of using OutlookTime®

The inbuilt services desk is a nice touch so we do not have get routed through a call center

I really like how I can customize the security to enable or disable any feature.

Staff struggled to get their timesheet in at the end of the month, but they are very diligent about calendars.

OutlookTime® has made it possible for employees to go from their calendars to their timesheet with a few clicks.

On the ease of using OutlookTime®

We asked - why can't we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar? Now we can.

Another dream come true

OutlookTime® has given us efficiencies that we didn’t have before.

It has helped us track time and it is now also great to know how much time is being spent on a client so that we can bill for the right amount of time.

How OutlookTime® helps

I looked at a few trials. I looked at Harvest and few other timekeeping platforms like that but most of them didn’t facilitate projects the way Timewatch could.

How OutlookTime® can facilitate any project structure

Yes. It definitely does save time. Compared to our old system, we save at least two hours per week per person using OutlookTime ®

On the time saved with OutlookTime®

What impressed our team was the ability to tie in the categories we already use.

That was the ah-ha moment! We just use categories as we already do, and OutlookTime® automatically charges it.

With the click of a button, our timesheet is done.

On using Outlook categories

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing timesheets

How OutlookTime® saves time and increases chargeability

OutlookTime® gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

How OutlookTime® saves employees hours each week

Dig a little deeper...

OutlookTime® is a dream come true for Outlook users. It  turns Outlook appointments into timesheets, it’s fast, easy to use, and does not affect the way you use Outlook. OutlookTime® is ideal for any organization that uses Outlook and needs time tracking. Click on each item to learn more.

Outlook Timesheet Software and Outlook Time Tracking Software

Outlook Time Tracking

It just makes sense

Outlook has almost all of the information needed for a timesheet. Appointments just need customer / project information to be able to be a timesheet

OutlookTime® uses the appointment data already in Outlook, and allows users to attach customer / project information to appointments to create timesheets. This saves time by eliminating duplication of effort, and increases timesheet accuracy.

OutlookTime® seamlessly integrates with all current versions of Outlook on all devices, whether on Office 365 or Exchange.

There is also a classic spreadsheet timesheet for users to add non appointment relating time lines.

Easy time tracking

No Hassle

Easy to setup and easy to use.

Super easy.

There’s nothing to download, install or maintain - just login, link to Outlook and start turning Outlook appointments into timesheets.

Whether you use PC, Mac, phone or tablet, any appointments you make can be posted to your timesheet. OutlookTime® saves users 2-4 hours a week.

Mobile, desktop & web time tracking


Supports all devices

OutlookTime® supports all versions of Outlook on any device

Whether you use Outlook on a PC, Mac Chrome Book, Android or iOS device, you can convert appointments into timesheets with OutlookTime®.

CEO, CFO Dashboard


No Compromise Reporting

Timewatch provides a range of analytics and reporting tools to allow our customers to access their data in whichever way suits them best.

Standard 'print preview' style reports are commonplace, but with Timewatch you can pick and choose from a library of standard reports and just choose the ones you want. You can configure menus, implement reports security, attach specific reports to various areas of the system and ever write new reports.

In addition to classic reporting we also provide drill down reporting tool to access and drill down level by level to underlying transactions.

There are also static and dynamic dashboard reports and charts, and auto email alerts.

No matter what your reporting needs, Timewatch can deliver.

Integrate with other systems


Link with anything. Anything.

We provide a perfect environment for developers to create efficient, real-time integration with Timewatch® systems.

API’s include both read and write functionality, and we automatically provide only new or changed items to make interface development simpler. If data originates in a Timewatch®, rather than polling to see if anything has changed, we can notify your code there are updates to process. We can even create an App so we post in real time to your system and you post in real time to us, which is an extremely efficient interface topology.

Contact us today, we’ll happily discuss your specific needs and how best to create the perfect real-time interface.

Professional Services Automation, Time Tracking, Timesheet, Resource Scheduling, Time and Billing Return on Investment / ROI

Return on Investment

It pays to use OutlookTime®

OutlookTime® turns existing Outlook appointments into timesheets. In any other system all that data needs to be entered again. OutlookTime® saves real time and real money.

No timesheet system can match OutlookTime® for speed of timesheet entry or effective price. In real terms, any system would need cost less than OutlookTime® minus the value of the 6 hours per person per month it saves‡.

Additionally, OutlookTime® makes timesheet entry faster and easier, increases timesheet accuracy and punctuality, improves employee work-life balance, makes people happier, and increases staff retention.

Some Statistics
At just 50% of national average salary and recharge rate for professional services staff (UK & US), OutlookTime® pays for itself by saving just 6 minutes a month. On average, it saves 6 hours a month†.

Even using minimum wage and a recharge rate of 2 times minimum wage (US & UK) a saving of just 30 minutes a month over any other system, the supplier of that system would need to pay you to use their product, and OutlookTime® saves a lot more than 30 minutes a month, and professional services organizations pay and charge more than minimum wage†.

† Customers report an average saving of 6 hours a month when compared to their previous system. The highest reported customer savings has been 20 hours. 2½ days a month!
‡ Comparative costs : At minimum wage and Zero recharge rate, other suppliers would need to pay you $35/£44 per person per month to use their system. At average employment costs, they would need to pay you $250/£160 /p/m, including average recharge rates, this increases to $1,300/£900. It really does pay to use OutlookTime®

Price, Value, Return on Investment


5 Editions = Flexibility

OutlookTime® is highly scalable and configurable.

To suit the widest possible audience, we provide 4 ‘off the shelf’ bundles and a configurable Enterprise edition which is designed and configured to perfectly each customer's specific needs.

The pre-configured bundles include the simple Express and Essentials editions, the advanced Pro edition and the powerful, scalable and adaptable Corporate edition.

The ‘Enterprise’ edition allows customers to build their own system. Working with our system implementors to craft the perfect configuration for their organization. Customers pay for the features included in their design, which is ideal if the configuration various bundled editions.

OutlookTime® Editions

OutlookTime® is available in 5 editions that range in price, features & scability

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OutlookTime® work?

OutlookTime® works in three ways:

  1. From the ‘classic’ spreadsheet timesheet users can see a list of Outlook appointments and can add a Customer / Project (or whatever timesheet fields you use) to the appointment and add it to their timesheet. It takes users seconds and saves employees hours each week.
  2. From our ‘Calendar’ timesheet users are presented with a timesheet that looks like an Outlook calendar. It shows time they have entered into the timesheet as well as Outlook appointments, which are colored red and have an Outlook icon in them. Users can add a customer / project to the appointment and it is automatically added to the timesheet. The calendar timesheet is faster and easier to use than the classic spreadsheet timesheet because Outlook appointments can be displayed in the timesheet itself.
  3. Via our Outlook Plugin. Our Outlook plugin enhances Outlook with timesheet functionality. Users can add customer / project information to appointments inside Outlook and the plugin automatically adds the time to their timesheet and keeps the time in sync should the appointment move or be extended or shortened. The plugin saves even more time as users end up entering their timesheet as they use their calendar.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy, no matter which method employees use. OutlookTime® does not change the way Outlook works, it enhances Outlook by letting users allocate customers/projects to appointments, and then add them to their timesheet.

How long does it take to enter a timesheet?

This depends on how many appointments users create in their calendar each week, but as it takes less time to choose a customer / project from a lookup field than it is to type, compared to a traditional timesheet it takes no time as users create timesheet entries as they use Outlook and there is no duplication of effort.

How does OutlookTime® save hours each week compared to other systems?

In a traditional timesheet system, users need to enter the date, the customer/project, start time, end time, hours spent and perhaps some notes. In OutlookTime® the only thing employees need to enter is the customer/project and Outlook appointments have all the information needed for a timesheet. So OutlookTime® saves all the time users would normally spend tracking time manually.

Can it track PTO?

Yes. You’d just need to create a code for PTO for people to track time to, you could even create a Category in Outlook called PTO and have people map this to the PTO code, then, when they create a PTO appointment in their calendar it is automatically in their timesheet.

Do I have to post appointments individually?

You can can add appointments individually, in bulk or automatically as they are created in Outlook.

Do we need to install any software?

No, you don’t need to install any software. OutlookTime® is a cloud application that syncs with Outlook, allowing users to allocate Customer / Project information to appointments directly from our Web App. Appointments created in any device are available to users to turn into timesheets from OutlookTime®.

Users that want to use Outlook plugin just need to be enabled by your Microsoft 365 administrator, but they do not need to download or install anything. Once enabled, the plugin is automatically made available to them.

Is OutlookTime® scalable?

Yes. We have customers ranging from as few as five to over 1,000 employees.

What reporting is available?

OutlookTime® provides a range of reporting tools, from standard reports and dashboards to drill-down reporting system, charts/graphs/dashboards/KPI’s and alerts.

We use categories as customers. Does OutlookTime® support categories?

Yes. You can allocate a customer/project to categories, which saves even more time! Categories that have a valid customer / project mapping can be added to timesheets automatically.

Is OutlookTime® available for single users

No, sorry, OutlookTime® is a teams based system and the smallest system is an Express system for 5 employees.

Who uses OutlookTime®?

OutlookTime® is ideal for any organization that uses Outlook and needs to track time.

We have incredibly broad customer range covering almost all of the alphabet: Architects, Banks, Charities, Consultancies, Defense, Education & Engineering, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Lawyers, Lobbyists & Local Government, Medical & Mining, Non-profits, Oil & Gas, Payroll, Pharmaceuticals, Power Utilities, Quality Control, Railroads, Real Estate, Sports Institutes, Steel, Telecoms, Transportation, Universities, Venture Capital, Water Boards, Yacht making. For a full list, click here.

Is there manager approval of timesheets?

Yes, there is a comprehensive manager approval system with notifications to managers, rejection notes and the ability for managers to edit others timesheets where needed.

Can you set rules for hours in a day?

Yes, timesheet rules can be set by employee daily or weekly. For example you can set it so that a user must enter a minimum number of hours per day Monday through Friday, or any combination.

Can we stop users entering time in the past, as this impacts reporting and invoicing?

Yes, with timesheet approval, you can stop users entering or editing time once it has been submitted. You allow administrators to edit posted time, and any changes they make are highlighted in a different color, and a record of the change is maintained for auditing.

How many projects can be setup?

There is no limit to the number of projects that can be setup.

Is there a way you can help us chase late timesheets?

Yes, you can, but you may not need to as our plugin acts as a reminder to employees of their timesheet completion and most people natually complete their timesheet as they manage their calendar. You may find late timesheets disappear, but the feature is there if you need it.

Can we export timesheet data?

Yes. Data can be exported in various formats including Word, Excel & CSV. There are also APIs available to access data directly.

Can Outlook timesheets be linked with an Accounting System?

Yes, there are a number of standard integrations available. We also provide API’s and examples to integrate with any modern system that supports dynamic integration.

I use Outlook as my personal calendar as well, does OutlookTime® interfere my personal appointments?

No, not at all. OutlookTime® does not change the way you use Outlook, and you can set it up in ‘My Timesheet Preferences’ to ignore personal private appointments.

Is training available?

OutlookTime® is so easy to use it doesn’t require any end user training. We provide implementation assistance for administrators and those responsible for setting up the system initially, but training and implementation assistance is available if you need it.

What reporting tools are available?

There are 4 main tools: the classic ‘print preview’ style Reports that everyone is used to, Drill Down reporting, Dashboards and Alerts.

Does the system come with standard reports?

Yes, there are many standard reports, we can also work with you to create custom reports if you have specific requirements.

What are Drill Downs?

Drill Downs provide are a real-time, interactive, data interrogation tool. Drill downs start with a spreadsheet like summary of core data by project, customer or employee. By double clicking on any data cell, you ‘drill down’ to the underlying data, level by level down to the underlying transactions. Administrators and managers often tell us that the Drill Downs are their favorite reporting tool as it quick, easy and helps them find the data they are looking for in seconds.

What Dashboards are available?

Dashboards are available at a high level on all key areas including: scheduling, timesheets, billing etc. There are also ‘zonal’ dashboards for each customer, project & employee.

Can I export to Excel?

Yes. Although with the multitude of reporting tools, you probably won’t not need to.

Can we stop certain users seeing certain reports?

Yes, the security system allows you to specify which reports each security level has access to.

Can I write my own reports?

Yes, the corporate system includes a SQL Report Designer. We also offer a cost effective report writing service, and even customers that have the report writer often have us create reports for them.

What Report Writer technology is used?

Time&Space® uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

How configurable is reporting?

Very. Administrators can setup: which reporting tools users have access to, the reports and dashboards that are active in your system, which reports and dashboards various users can see, even write or have custom reports written specifically for you.

How do Auto Alerts work?

Alerts can test for certain situations, then email designated people if true. For example, you could have the system test at 11:00am Monday morning whether there are outstanding timesheets and email the people concerned a message that you define. You could have a follow up alert with a different message later in the day. Common tests for alerts are late timesheets, unposted expenses, managers with timesheets or expenses to approve, late changes to a schedule. The system also supports custom eventualities. If you can define an event to test, we can create a trigger for you for you to attach an alert. 

Is this cloud based or can we install on our servers?

The solution is cloud based, but it is available for installation on your own servers if you prefer. 

Is training / setup assistance available?

Yes, we provide implementation services, which includes training, consultancy, report writing and customizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Do you do not for profit pricing?

Yes, we welcome and support not for profit organizations. Please contact us.

Does it run on Macs?

Yes, OutlookTime® is a responsive web application which supports all major browsers on PCs and Macs. The OutlookTime® plugin for Outlook is only supported by Outlook Desktop for Windows 2019, 2016, 2013 & 2010†. †Although plugins are supported on Outlook for MAC, unfortunately the plugin system is not as powerful as it is on the PC and it does not have the necessary facilities. There is a new Universal App system available that works on PCs and MACs, but it too is not powerful enough yet to support OutlookTime®. Please note we say ‘yet’. We are preparing a simpler Universal App system at the moment.

Does it run on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, the core OutlookTime® system is a responsive web application that runs on mobiles and tablets: iOS, Android and Windows.

Is it multi-lingual, does it support languages other than English?

Not quite, not yet. We are currently testing a multi-lingual version and are looking for people that want to be early adopters†, so please contact us. † We do offer incentives to early adopters

Can it integrate with Active Directory?

Yes. The Corporate edition supports single-sign on via Federation Services, which supports Active Directory.

Is it scalable? Are there any size limits?

Yes, OutlookTime® is fully scalable from small business to large international organizations. Our largest installation is around 12,000 users.

Can we install this on our servers?

Yes, the Corporate edition is available for on-premises installation.

Are there API's

Yes, API’s are available to securely access and update data and create interfaces with other systems. 

How customizable is the system?

Very customizable. Out of the box there are an extraordinary number of configurable options, but where specific functions, business logic or work flow is needed, custom apps can be created to expand the functionality available. Apps allow the system to be tailored to customers’ needs, without sacrificing future upgradability. Apps allow for custom forms or functions to be created and added to custom buttons which can be added to the menus. Custom business logic can be created to replace or augment existing logic, and custom interfaces can be created that act in real time, posting or retrieving data from other systems. If you have a unique or specific need, contact us to discuss the possibility of having a custom App created.

Can we link this with our Accounting System?

Yes. There are a number of standard interfaces for common systems, API’s if you wish to create an interface yourselves. Another option is for us (or you) to create an App for our system to link directly with API’s from your accounting system.

Can it link with Sage?

Yes, we have interfaces available for both Sage 50 and Sage 200.

Do you integrate with Xero?

Yes, there is a standard App to link with Xero, which if needed, can also be customized.

Do you integrate with Quickbooks Desktop?

Yes. For desktop applications you need to install our Integration Manager locally, but you’ll need to have a fairly recent version of the desktop app.
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