Outlook Timesheet System

Using Outlook appointments to prefill timesheets makes time tracking faster, easier and more accurate. Employees save2-4 hours a week, time that is better spent on productive, chargeable tasks.

A Timesheet Solution Based on Outlook

OutlookTime® is a timesheet system that integrates with Outlook (and Teams) to turn appointments into timesheets. Prefilling timesheets with data already in Outlook, saves time, increases timesheet accuracy, employee productivity and chargeability.

How it works

Outlook appointments already hold most of the data needed for a timesheet. Our system prefills people’s timesheets with these appointments so that they can add the ones that should be in their timesheet.

This makes timesheet entry faster, easier, more accurate, and users love it!

How Outlook timesheets save time

Prefilling timesheets from Outlook saves people from re-entering the same data all over again. It also serves to remind people what they were doing that day, and allows them to add non appointment time more quickly. There are also many other time saving features included – contact us for a demo!

Also works with Teams

Timesheets can be made even easier and faster by prefilling timesheets with Teams meetings as well. We can even turn Microsoft Teams calls into timesheets!

There’s a plugin for Outlook

An Outlook plugin is available, which allows users to post appointments to their timesheet and monitor their timesheet progress without ever leaving Outlook. Contact us for a demo if you’d like to see this in action.

Lets users track time their way

Everyone is different, some people like to track time as they go on their PC or phone, some use Outlook or Teams more than others. Some like a traditional grid style timesheet, some a calendar layout, others like timers to help track time.

Your company wants timesheet entered as accurately and as quickly as possible, and the best way to achieve this is to let each customer and their employees configure the best mix of timesheet entry tools for their needs. And that is the Timewatch advantage – the most accurate, easiest, fastest and greatest return on investment possible in a timesheet system. Contact us today and let us show you how much time we can save you compared to your current system, or any other you are considering.

Outlook Timesheet Time Tracking

Outlook analytics

With OutlookTime® you get the analytics and reporting you need. You can export data for all employees, but you don’t need to as you can get the exact outlook timesheet and analytics reports you need directly from the system. Choose from a library of standard reports and dashboards, or create your own.

Some of our Customers

Some Timewatch Customers

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Timesheets hold sensitive company information including employee, customer, project, and potentially monetary data. It absolutely must be kept safe, which is why no sensitive company data is stored on any device, period. With OutlookTime® there is zero security risk to your organization even if an employee’s device is lost or stolen.

Mobile Security
Grow as you grow

Grow as you grow

A key feature of OutlookTime® is flexibility. Just as your organization may change in size and in the way it does business, so too can our Outlook timesheet. Four editions of OutlookTime® provide varying levels of functionality and price points, and each edition can be scaled from just 5 employees to thousands of employees.


For a lot less than a cup of coffee per week, OutlookTime® gets timesheets done. It provides your organization with all the reporting and analysis you need, and saves employees 2-4 hours per week, making them a lot more productive than that coffee does.

Outlook timesheet cost benefit

OutlookTime® Features

Simple, easy, fast, powerful and scalable timesheet for organizations that use Outlook / Office 365 calendars

  • Outlook Timesheet System
  • Turns appointments into timesheets
  • Saves employees 2-4 hours a week
  • Configured to your requirements
  • Powerful, flexible & customizable reporting
  • Works with all versions of Outlook on all devices
  • Also works with Teams
  • Supports PC, Mac, Phones & Tablets
  • Apps and API’s to integrate with anything
  • Secure, no corporate data stored on any device
  • Definable user security levels
  • Starts at just five employees
  • Scalable to thousands of employees

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What our customers say

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing time administration.

Senior Exec,
Leading DC Government Relations Firm

Timewatch gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

Marketpoint LLC

The way we have set up the system for our needs, we can look at the data from a service perspective, a project, a client, or whatever it is. You just put your service into the system and the project and – Boom! Done.

Accounting / CPA Firm

Yes. It definitely saves time. Compared to other systems, we save at least two hours per week per person using Timewatch®.

Senior Exec,
Major Consultancy Firm

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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