Time & Billing Software That Does The Hard Work For You

Sophisticated time and billing solutions, designed to be designed by you to perfectly meet your organization’s needs. Easy-to-use timesheets, unlimited charge rates, and rating rules, unlimited reporting, ERP integration. It’s all here.

A Time & Billing Solution Tailored To Your Organization

Time and billing across organizations is no mean feat, so let our highly configurable and customizable time tracking and billing solutions do the hard work for you. Our software can manage your charge rates from simple, to complex, and even customizable rates, provide in-depth reporting, and integrate with your financial system.

The sophisticated time & billing platform

We’ve taken the complexity out of timesheets, expenses, and project billing, while still allowing you to build time tracking, charging, and billing rules to match the way your organization operates. Enjoy more accurate, easier, and faster timesheet entry & billing.

Increase efficiency across your workforce

Our Time & Billing solution is the most efficient and user-friendly on the market. Including features such as predictive search, Outlook, Teams, and Google calendar integration, unlimited rates and reporting, minutes saved can soon become hours. Allow your employees to focus on what really matters with the help of our innovative software.

Value time your way

With our unlimited charge rating system, you have complete control over how time is valued within your organization. You’ll have complete visibility of project time, expenses, and value, have total control over your billing processes, and can adapt rates by person, role, customer, project, whenever you need to.

Value Time For Billing
Financials systems Timewatch integrate with

Integrate with financial systems

Integration for finance software has never been simpler. We have plugins for systems such as Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, and more, but can integrate with any modern accounting solution.

Produce reports for anything

We understand that different organizations have different reporting requirements, which is why we’ve made our reporting software 100% customizable. Choose from our extensive library of reports, or edit or create your own. Enjoy the ease of digital dashboards and export your findings, in as much detail as you need, whenever you need it.

Time Billing Reports
Time and billing - grow as you grow

And grow as your organization grows

Adaptability and scalability are key features of our time and billing solutions. As your business changes and grows over time, so too can your implementation. With four editions of varying levels of functionality and flexibility, and other optional modules such as multi-currency, resource scheduling, etc, you can upgrade, enhance and reconfigure your solution as your needs evolve.

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Systems With Time Tracking & Billing


Sophisticated, configurable and fully scalable time & billing system.

  • Highly Configurable Time & Billing System
  • Traditional and calendar timesheet
  • Works with Outlook, Teams & Google
  • Configurable analysis levels
  • Manager approval
  • Optional project & employee expenses
  • Powerful admin & security features
  • Sophisticated time valuation system
  • Optional multi-currency
  • Advanced reporting including dashboards
  • Runs on all devices
  • Link with financial systems
  • Customization options


All the features of all systems, including resource scheduling

  • Professional Services Automation solution
  • Resource scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Outlook, Teams & Google timesheet
  • Time & Expense Tracking & Valuation
  • Unparalleled Reporting
  • Link with financials for billing, or…
  • Optional billing module
  • Customizable
  • API’s and Apps to link with core systems

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing timesheet administration.

We wanted to ensure staff could complete timesheets and claim expenses quickly from a range of working locations. And that is exactly what Timewatch gives us.

Leading Government Relations Firm

We looked at Harvest and few other platforms, but they didn’t handle projects the way we needed. Then we came across Timewatch, it ticked a lot more of the boxes than any of the others did. With Timewatch you can break projects down by Stage, and can also assign Activities.

Civil & Structural Engineers

Timewatch helps us make informed decisions. It is important to know how much time we are spending on projects, efficiencies, and inefficiencies. Using this system gives us better and more open conversations with everyone – whether they are clients or staff.

Certified Accountants

We reviewed about five or six applications. We chose the best combination of time tracking, expense tracking, reporting, and being able to customize the specific project data that we need to use.

Leading Consultancy

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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