Making Outlook work better for businesses

Outlook Optics™ enhances Outlook with new, configurable group calendar views, appointment fields, analytics, reporting tools, and even centralized and secure scheduling features.

Advanced Outlook group calendar view
Search, sort and filter employee calendars by name, Tag (you define tags), availability etc.
Real time employee Outlook calendars are visible in consolidated form, but with definable density (calendar height) and days or weeks visible.
Create your own group views, add the employees you want included, row height/number of calendars visible, number of days visible, name then save the view so you can quickly and easily return to this view whenever you want to. There is no limit to the number of views you can create.
The number of days, weeks, months visible is definable. Create the views you need to see the calendar density / level of detail you want to see.
A range of view styles are available, including: a standard calendar view, a high density summary view, a conflicts view, a data view (transaction list and export tool) and statistics views showing: utilization, availability, booked time and productivity heatmap views.
Outlook Optics™ provides real-time visibility of employee Outlook calendars, and brings enhanced features to Outlook. Better, faster, configurable group calendar views, new appointment types, new customer / project fields, search, sort and filter facilities, true availability indicators, analytics and reporting.
Outlook’s 5 appointment types are visible in their Outlook colors: Busy, Tentative, Out of Office, Working elsewhere and Free (white).
With infinite scroll, you can have as many employees in a view as you wish, but if the list is long, use the filter, jump to, search or sort to get to or see the resources you want.
True availability gauges, charts and heatmaps view make it easy to see who has availability and who hasn’t – all using Outlook calendar data.

Consolidated Outlook group calendar views can show any number of employees
over days, weeks or months.

Outlook group calendar, analytics and reporting tools

Company-wide and group calendar views

Central App and end user Outlook plugin

Add new fields to appointments, customer, project etc.

Analyze and report on Outlook calendars

Meets privacy policies and regulations

Outlook enhancements

Outlook Optics™ enhances Outlook with a range of group calendar views and features to visualize, manage, analyze, and report on Outlook calendars:

  • View all or selected Outlook calendars on one screen
  • Create group calendar views by team, skill, location, anything!
  • Set view density – define the number of calendars and days visible.
  • Capture data missing in Outlook: customer, project, etc.
  • Create and analyze new appointment types: consultancy, training, vacation, etc.
  • Outlook plugin adds new features to end user’s Outlook
  • Adds analytics and reporting to Outlook
  • Configurable, you choose the features you need

Outlook calendar filter showing only people with upcoming vacations.

Create your perfect group calendar views

Consolidated group Outlook calendar with endless scroll

With Outlook Optics™, you configure your views in the style, layout, duration, density, and detail – the exact format you want, and save them. View styles include:

  • Configurable Outlook group calendar views
  • Customer, project and appointment type views
  • Special function views, e.g., vacation, sickness, work type, etc.
  • Availability, productivity & utilization stats/heatmap views
  • Endless scroll for unlimited calendars
  • Search, sort, and filter tools
  • Data view with search, sort, filter, and export tools

View dozens of calendars on one screen

Example high density Summary calendar format view.

New to Outlook group calendar views is our Summary view, which increases the number of employee calendars visible on one screen and the number of days in view.

  • View 30+ people on one screen
  • View days, weeks, months
  • Hide weekends to increase visibility by 40%
  • Drag and drop editing (if enabled)
  • Search, sort, and filter tools

Targeted, special function views

Example view of upcoming employee approved vacation.
Any Appointment Type, customer or project you create can be used to create a view like this.

The new fields Outlook Optics™ adds to Outlook can be used to search and analyze appointments and create special function views. For example, create vacation and sickness views using appointment types and project or customer fields to create views for specific customers or projects. Filter views are extremely useful and can be used to show any aspect of workforce activity:

  • Create customer views to see all activity past and future for a customer
  • Create views by Project
  • Define the appointment types you use, then create views by them:
  • Views of vacation, sickness, work type: consultancy, training – anything
  • Shows work on other customers, projects, and appointment types in grey

Accurate availability analysis

Outlook Optics provides an availability bar chart with mouseover for every resource.

Outlook Optics™ provides real-world available analysis, taking into account how an employee’s calendar differs from the expected working hours –  another new facility Outlook Optics™ adds to Outlook.

Availability can be viewed at a glance within each employee’s calendar, and also via a dedicated availability view.

The most accessible availability feature is the most natural one – just click on a date heading to sort employees by most to least availability.

Drag and drop across calendars

Example Outlook Optics™ employee utilization view

The clarity Outlook Optics™ brings to employee calendar views naturally draws people to want to edit, manage, and even schedule employees. Optics™ can not only provide centralized create, edit, and delete facilities,

With drag and drop, drag to create and copy and paste, paste and link bookings across calendars, etc., managing employee schedules centrally is a dream.

However, to avoid nightmares, Outlook Optics™ also includes the appropriate user control facilities, security, privacy, data auditing, and the ability for businesses to protect essential bookings from being edited in Outlook.

New Appointment Types

Advanced Outlook group calendar view Outlook group calendar view with enhanced appointment types

Enhancing Outlook with configurable group calendar views, and
optional add-on features including: new appointment types, color coding, customer, project fields
for appointments and even resource scheduling…and all with Outlook!

With Outlook Optics™, you can create new appointment types that perfectly match the types of work your organization and employees do, and color code so you can see at a glance who is doing what, where, and when.

To illustrate, note that we used ORANGE to represent Vacation. Knowing this, look at the image to the left to see who is on Vacation?

Imagine the clarity a group view with your appointment types and color coding will bring to your organization.

Outlook plugin enhances Outlook with advanced calendaring and scheduling

Outlook appointments are missing information important to businesses, information such as customer, project and type of work. Outlook appointment types are fixed, and Outlook categories are employee specific not company-wide.

Outlook Optics™ enhances Outlook to overcome these limitations, allowing businesses to add new fields and appointment types to aid in scheduling and analytics.

  • Add fields such as customer, project, task, etc.
  • Use these fields in views, reporting, and analytics.
  • View future and past commitments by customer, project, task, etc.
  • Create new appointment/booking types,
    eg: consultancy, training, customer meetings, presentations, audit, etc.
  • Latest Microsoft 365 Integrated App – nothing for users to download or install.

Outlook Optics™ plugin adds new fields to Outlook appointments.

Works with all versions of Outlook

Outlook Optics™ works with all versions of Outlook on all devices. No matter which version of Outlook employees use, you can create consolidated Outlook group calendar views and perform analytics, reporting, and even centralized scheduling.

Our core cloud app works on all platforms, and our Outlook plugin works with the latest ‘New Outlook’ and Outlook Web Access on all supported devices. As a Microsoft 365 Integrated App, there is nothing for end users to download or install. The system is set up once by your IT / Microsoft Office team and instantly available to enabled employees.

Timewatch’s Outlook Optics group calendar view.

Total Trust – Privacy, Security, Reliability

Outlook Optics™ delivers total control and security over every aspect of employee calendars.

Organizations have total control over who has access to view and manage calendars, and changes are tracked to ensure employee trust is maintained. Outlook appointment security is enhanced, allowing certain appointments to be protected against accidental and undesirable edits or deletions – something that is not possible in Outlook alone. Compliance, security, and privacy features also ensure your organization meets privacy regulations and policies.

Timewatch’s Outlook Optics group calendar view.

What does Outlook Optics™ Cost?

Customers subscribe to Timewatch Outlook Optics™ for an annual license fee. This fee covers three main components: the core platform, the number of employees/mailboxes, and the number of core users. We also provide Starter Packs for common implementation sizes, which include everything you need at the size you choose.

There are five editions with varying levels of features and flexibility. There is no implementation fee, we help you get up and running and if you use the plugin, help your IT team set this up.

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