Resource Scheduling Software

Resource scheduling software you configure to your needs. Schedule by skill, availability, proximity etc. Seamlessly syncs with employee Outlook calendars, or Google calendar.

Resource Scheduling Software To Perfectly Meet Your Organization’s Needs.

Our resource scheduling software provides complete control over resource scheduling. With configurable views, two-way Outlook sync, skills matrix, availability searching and customizable fields, our scheduling tool can configured to perfectly meet your business needs.

Schedule Resource By Skill, Availability, Anything

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Our resource scheduling software has been designed with you in mind. We will take into account your exact requirements, giving you complete control over every aspect of your scheduling solution. You’ll be able to view your resources by skill, project, customer, or team, and adjust this in any way that suits.

We can schedule anything

Yes, that means anything, not just your employees. Whether you’re scheduling training courses, projects, vehicles, patients, equipment or even rooms, our resource management tool can display your resources in a way that is simple, user-friendly and above all, valuable for your business and transformative for your time management.

Schedule Resources: People, Equipment, Courses, Rooms, Anything
Manage Resource Scheduling Conflicts

Help You Manage Scheduling Conflicts

While allowing conflicts can help when provisionally booking appointments, they are a problem once confirmed. We give you total control, allowing but highlighting them when you want them, stopping them you don’t, providing total confidence that embarrassing conflicts are a thing of the past

Drag & Drop With Confidence

With drag and drop, it’s all too easy to add a booking to the wrong resource or accidentally change a meeting – and mistakes like these can cause a domino effect across your scheduling line.

Our intelligent drag and drop takes everything into account, including skills, timezone, capacity, etc. so you can’t make mistakes, and instead can rest easy knowing that scheduling mishaps are a thing of the past.

Drag And Drop Resource Scheduling
Resource Capacity Planning

Think ahead with capacity planning

With our resource planning tool, you’ll set realistic goals and achieve great results in line with your ability as a business. Timewatch can make sure you don’t fall behind on your priorities due to a lack of resources or capacity. Plan current and future projects with complete visibility, ensuring you always over-deliver and never disappoint.

Two-way Outlook Calendar Sync

Seamless, two-way calendar syncing with Outlook & Teams is crucial for resource management. We can help you synchronize calendars across your workforce, allowing more clarity, awareness, and scheduling accuracy.

Timewatch Two Way Outlook Calendar Sync
Grow as you grow

Grow as your organization grows

Adaptability is one of the key features of our timesheet software. As your business changes and grows over time, so too can your implementation. The four editions of our solution make it easy for you to start in the right place – choose our simplest Essentials edition to begin your journey, or dive into our Pro, Corporate, or Enterprise editions. You can upgrade, enhance and reconfigure your solution anytime.

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Timewatch Resource Scheduling Systems

Outlook Optics™

Enhances Outlook with company-wide and group calendar views, analytics, and reporting.

  • Configurable Outlook group calendar views
  • View calendars over days, weeks of months
  • Drag and drop between calendars
  • Create views by skill, team, group, office etc.
  • Adds customer, project, and type of work to appointments
  • Powerful analytics and reporting toolsEmployee tags to group by skills, location, region, anything
  • Optional resource scheduling based on Outlook
  • Can be configured to match the way your organization works
  • Fully scalable
  • Secure, ISO certified, PEN tested


Highly configurable resource scheduling software with two-way Outlook sync.

  • Sophisticated, configurable Resource Scheduling system
  • Supports any resource type: people, skill, equipment, courses…
  • Group & view resources by skill, location, any attribute you need
  • Search & schedule by resource, skill, availability, proximity etc.
  • Create additional booking/appointment fields: customer, project, task, etc.
  • Color coding, drag & drop, timezones, conflict management
  • Security manages what users can see, create, edit or delete
  • Seamless, two-way Outlook calendar sync
  • Adds booking security to Outlook calendars
  • Powerful reporting
  • Report & Dashboard Designers
  • Designed to be configured to match the way your organization works
  • Fully scalable
  • Secure, ISO certified, PEN tested


Combines all the features of Whitespace® and our time recording suite to manage the entire time life-cycle.

  • Professional Services Automation solution
  • Resource scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Outlook, Teams & Google timesheet
  • Time & Expense Tracking & Valuation
  • Unparalleled Reporting
  • Link with financials for billing, or…
  • Optional billing module
  • Customizable
  • API’s and Apps to link with core systems

Don’t just take our word for it…

With Whitespace®, schedulers can see instantly see who is available to get to the client in the shortest amount of time.

Senior Exec
Leading DC Government Relations Firm

We looked at a lot of products. Most didn’t do the key things that we needed them to do, but Timewatch® could. Timewatch is the best resource scheduling fit that we have found.

Project Leader,
Food Services Provider

We looked at many packages, but Whitespace wins on functionality. The easy color-coding, being able to see skill sets and appointments in a simple visual way, and being able to have appointments interact with Outlook were key for us.

Senior Exec,
Leading Healthcare Services Provider

With Timewatch®, schedulers can view multiple resources simultaneously – so you can see which resources are doing what, where, and when – but the system allows you to display resources by skill, type, location, and timezone. Searching for the best resource for a job is simple, quick, and easy.

Project Leader
Leading Pharmacy Group

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

Any Resource Scheduling Software Questions?

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To help save you time, we provide free access to product specialists who implement our systems, and are best placed to help you see if our products fit your organizations needs.
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Question and Answer

What is Resource Scheduling Software?

Resource scheduling software is an important tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps businesses to optimize their resources, improve their efficiency. With the right resource scheduling software, businesses can deliver better services to their customers, and save time and money.

There are a lot of different resource scheduling software options available on the market today. But how do you know which one is right for your business? The first thing you need to consider is what type of business you have. Are you a small business with only a few employees? Or are you a large enterprise that employs hundreds or thousands across multiple departments? The size of your business will dictate the features you need in a resource scheduling software and its scalability.

Next, you must consider what sort of resources you’ll need to plan. Do you require the ability to schedule employees’ work and time off and sync this with calendars like Outlook? The features that you’ll need in a scheduling program will be determined by the kind of resources required. Start looking for resource scheduling software after you’ve figured out what kind of business you have and how many people you employ.

Once you have determined the type of business you have and the type of resources you need to schedule, you can start searching for a resource scheduling solution. Be sure to read reviews and compare features before making a decision.

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Why is Resource Scheduling Important?

Resources can be anything from people, skills, equipment, rooms, training courses or facilities. They are whatever your organization needs to complete projects or tasks.
Businesses need efficient time-management skills if they want to run their operations successfully. Without proper employee scheduling software, projects won’t meet deadlines, are likely to go over budget, and place strain on employees, resources and schedulers.
Resource scheduling enhances the company’s performance, helps projects run more smoothly and to budget, removes stress from employees, managers, administrators and customers. Perhaps most importantly, businesses save time and money by scheduling resources.

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What Are The Benefits of Resource Scheduling Software?

There are many compelling benefits to using resource scheduling software:

  • Optimize utilization and efficiency of your resources
  • Get total visibility of resources and projects
  • Prevent scheduling mishaps
  • Improve the efficiency of the business
  • Improve communication and coordination
  • Increased profitability

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What to Look For

What Should You Look For When Choosing Resource Scheduling Software?

These are some of the features you should look for when choosing a resource scheduling software:

  • Schedule by type or skill
  • Schedule resources by location or proximity
  • Schedule resources by availability
  • Schedule resources by date
  • View multiple resources in a calendar view
  • Resource skills
  • Color coding of views
  • Integrate with personal calendars such as Outlook or Google
  • Integrate with LMS, Timesheets, CRM, Billing and other systems
  • Create reports
  • Export and import data, APIs
  • Send email alerts

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How to Optimize Weekly Hours

Resource scheduling software is designed to help manage your employees’ workloads, optimize utilization and meet customer deliverables. Achieving these requires flexibility – the system must work the way your organization works, the way your schedulers schedule, and the way your employees work. The best resource scheduling for your organization needs to be able to be configured to work the way you work.

Our solution is designed for flexibility, to work the way you work now, and adapt and change as your organization evolves. It can help you quickly and easily schedule resources based on their skills and availability, to reduce planning errors and giving you greater visibility of your resources.

With our scheduling tool, you can spend less time scheduling and reporting, and have fewer calls and emails. In return, you’ll have more time to focus on your business goals.

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Struggling to Schedule Resources Effectively?

Our resource scheduling solutions integrate with Outlook and Google calendars to provide schedulers the most accurate picture of your resources self scheduled activities, as well as provide employees with instant visibility of work scheduled for them. You can also generate detailed reports to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Resource scheduling from Timewatch is designed to help you visualise your resources in a simple and efficient way. You can easily see which resources are available and when, so you can make the most of your time.

Transform the way you manage your time with our resource scheduling solution. It’s easy to use and will save you hours every week.

See how our software works in real time with a demo and see how we can integrate with your business.

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How we Help

How Timewatch Can Help

Timewatch provide resource scheduling solutions that are configurable and scalable. With Small Business, Corporate and Enterprise editions, our software support businesses from as few as 10 employees to organizations with thousands of employees.

Our systems are highly configurable, and we provide services to help organizations design and implement their configuration. Our Corporate and Enterprise systems support a range of Apps for customers to further tailor their solution to their needs, they also support custom Apps and even customizations for the addition of truly unique functionality. This inherent flexibility allows organizations to perfectly meet their resource scheduling needs.

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