Do your Timesheets need a tech upgrade?

Our timesheets save over 2 hours compared to other systems. That’s a day a month. Learn how.

Advanced Time Tracking

Saves time as employees track time

Time® saves employees 1-2 hours a week†, a valuable return on investment.

How it works

Everyone works differently. Some people prefer to enter time via a spreadsheet-like timesheet, some like timers, others like to utilize data already in Outlook or Google appointments for time tracking. Time® provides the flexibility for employees to perform time tracking in whichever methods suit them best. They can also use the device that suits them best, as Time® supports PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

We give each customer a perfect fit

Every customer is different. Rather than being fixed in their functionality like most systems, Time® is highly configurable and customizable, so it can be setup to perfectly meet each organizations rules, procedures, workflow and reporting today, and as needs change in the future.

Time® is designed to grow as you grow. So, although it may cost a little more to implement than other systems, the return on investment is instantaneous§, and as Time® can expand and adapt as your needs change, you will never need to implement another timesheet system ever again‡.

† Customers report an average saving of around 4 hours/week compared to paper timesheets & Excel timesheets, and around 2 hours/week (1 day a month!) wcompared to other cloud systems.

‡ Time® grows as you grow. Our very first customer is still a customer today. We’ve evolved through DOS, networks, Web 1.0 to cutting edge cloud and they have grown from 40 employees in 1 office to over 700 employees across several offices.

§ ROI is fast and big. Eg. saving just 15 minutes a week compared to other systems, (average saving is over 2 hours a week) at minimum wage, the payroll savings alone would mean any other supplier would need to pay you to use their product.

Calendar mode timesheet
With Office 365 look and feel, users are instantly familiar with the systems. This helps make our timesheets faster and easier to learn and use.
Timers help users track time on specific tasks throughout the day. Users can start, stop and swap between timers as the day evolves. It’s easy, accurate and perfect for busy users.
Users of Outlook or Google calendars can save hours each week by turning Outlook or Google appointments into timesheets.
The timesheet dashboard provides users with a quick summary of timesheet status.
Timesheets can be displayed in the classic spreadsheet mode, or in calendar mode – which makes working with Outlook or Google calendars easier and is a surprisingly natural way to enter timesheets
Easy navigation allows users to quickly move back and forth in time to the last completed timesheet, last entered, submitted or current week
Time can be entered directly into the timesheet with or without start / end times, but can also be imported from Outlook
Items in red need a customer / project to be allocated to add to the timesheet.
Timesheets can be displayed in a variety of formats – week, work week, bi-weekly or monthly.
Color coding can be setup to highlight days that do and do not meet minimum hours requirements. Red days do not meet minimum requirements, and go green when they have.
With the mobile app, users can enter timesheets via mobile phone and tablet as well.

Dig a little deeper...

Timewatch® timesheet systems offers multiple entry methods and advanced features that allow our customers to configure our solutions to perfectly match their needs now, and grow, adapt and evolve system features in the future. Click on the items below to learn more.

Standard Timesheet

The classic timesheet, with a twist

Time is a valuable commodity, it's why timesheets exist, and why Timewatch® focus on saving users time wherever possible.

We take the classic ‘spreadsheet’ timesheet, and pack it with time saving features that save 2-4 hours a month compared to other systems.

First is MS-Office look and feel. Customers tell us their users feel instantly familiar with the system.

Next, users often work on the same or similar tasks from day to day. Our assignment picker predictively searches as users type, learns what users are working on and suggests these automatically.

You may book time to customers and projects, others to clients and task or matters. Even configuring terminology to match your organization’s terms saves time.

The time savings all add up, but we also allow users to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets, use Timers and even talk to your timesheet saving more than a day each month.

It’s like having an extra employee free for every 20 employees. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. Contact us today to learn more.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Timesheet

Turn appointments into timesheets

Outlook appointments already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet – start time, end time, duration, date, subject and notes.

With Timewatch®, your users can save hours each week by turning appointments into timesheets. We augment Outlook, allowing users to allocate customer & project details to appointments, and then post them to their timesheet. It’s that easy!

If your organization uses Outlook and needs to track timesheets, a Timewatch® system can save your users time, increase timesheet accuracy and reporting.

Save time - speak

Okay Google, add 2 hours to my timesheet...

Which is faster?

Saying ‘Okay Google, add 2 hours to my timesheet for customer ABC, project XYZ’. Or entering a timesheet on a Web or Mobile App?

Speaking is faster, hands down. Even though our web and mobile apps are built for speed and faster than all other systems, nothing beats speaking for speed.

Best of all, there are times when we cannot use our hands, but can speak to enter our timesheet. Walking, driving, there are so many opportunities to speak to your timesheet through the day that do not take time out of your working day at all.

Talking to your timesheet is not the be-all and end-all of timesheet entry. It is an important part of our holistic approach to timesheet entry. Users can each choose the ideal tool to enter time in the way that best suits them, and minimizes impact on their working day. It’s why employees love Timewatch® timesheets.

Timesheet timer for time tracking


Track time as you work

Timers are a great tool for busy users with a stop / start type of day.

Should the phone ring or a meeting start, users can simply start a timer. They can flip from one timer to another as they move from task to task, and once complete (or while the timer is running) they can allocate customer, project and other details before posting the timer to their timesheet.

Timers save time, increase timesheet accuracy and are yet another tool in the holistic timesheet system that Timewatch® provide.

Timesheet approval

Manager Approval

Timesheet manager review, return and approval...

Some organizations have a rigid timesheet approval process. Some allow self approval, some have a minimum hours requirement that once met, allows submission or self approval.

Some have custom timesheet approval rules.

The beauty of a Timewatch® system is that they are highly configurable and can be setup to support any of these approaches. Additionally, as the system supports multi-office, multi-location implementations, we even a mixture of approval by office, location and even by employee.

PC, Mac, Phone & tablet time and billing

Any Device

Our cloud apps support all devices..

Timewatch® timesheet systems run on all major devices including: PC, Mac, Chrome Book, Android, iPhone & iPad.

Our products are modern responsive systems, which means they automatically adapt to the device being used. There is nothing to download or install on any device, so there are no headaches from unusual phones or older phone OS’s. There is no corporate security risk from data being downloaded and stored on the device or from people not upgrading to the latest release. As everything is run from a browser, users are always running the latest and most secure timesheet system.


Highest security, and no mobile device risks...

97% of all paid and 80% of free Android and iPhone apps have been hacked (Arxan &

Mobile Apps store corporate data such as customers, projects, invoices, appointments, expenses etc. and they run on devices that are outside of the security control of the organization’s IT group.

Timewatch® timesheet systems are the latest breed of responsive cloud system that supports browsers on all devices and adapt to the device being used. There’s nothing users to install, nothing users forget to update, so no security risk from people using old versions. Best of all, there is no data stored locally, no security risk and nothing to worry about if a phone is lost or stolen.

You wouldn’t expect to download a Windows or Mac client to use cloud software, you shouldn’t for mobile either. Just like the desktop, on mobile, all you should need is a browser. It's faster, easier and much, much more secure.


Outstanding reporting tools

Often customers tell us that their previous product didn’t report on notes, sort data the way the wanted, or have some frustrating limitation. You’ll have no such concerns with Timewatch®, if the data is in the system, you can report on it.

We provide a number of powerful reporting tools, starting with the ubiquitous print preview style reports, but with some extra special features.

It’s often takes time to locate the report you want, so we provide a Gallery view, which users love as they can flick through reports. There are also thumbnail and list views, and administrators can attach common reports to menus and vary these by user. Reports are all managed by our security model, so you can control which users see which reports.

Reports can be styled for your organization with logos, fonts and colors. All reports support data export, but if there are any specific report formats or requirements, custom reports can be created via our SQL Report Designer or our report writing services.

Drill down layer by layer to the underlying timesheet and resource scheduling data

Drill Down Reporting

Drill down from high level, to summary to transactions.

In addition to ‘classic’ reports, advanced editions of Timewatch® systems include our powerful drill down reporting system.

Drill downs provide spreadsheet like summary views on timesheet data that with a double click, drills down level by level all the way down to the underlying transactions. Drill downs provide unparalleled inquisitive reporting. Customers often tell us it is their favorite reporting tool and one they could not imagine living without as with it, they can navigate directly to the data or transactions in question, then right mouse click to print or export.

Timewatch timesheet and resource scheduling dashboard


Visualize your data

Dashboards provide a high level, visual display of organizational KPI’s, metrics, and data. These give CEOs and CFOs and managers at-a-glance visibility into business performance across all units, customers, projects and employees.

Dashboards help managers visualize and understand data with a powerful collection of charts and data summaries, which help them make faster and better informed decisions.

Custom Reporting

Creating the perfect reports for your organization

Timewatch® customers choose the reports they want within their system from an extensive library of standard reports.

Should the need arise for additional report views, formats, summaries or layouts, custom reports can be created. Timewatch® offer a powerful end user SQL Report Designer for those that wish to develop their own reports, we also offer a cost effective report writing service.

Whatever your requirements, you can build the perfect timesheet report system for your organization, without limits or compromise.

Timewatch apps

Apps / Customization

Apps allow customers to tailor their system

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for timesheet systems. That’s why there are so many.

Each customer has different needs, and there are three approaches suppliers use. The most common is the simplest, create a really simple system with just the core features – tracking time. The next is to create a feature rich system that covers every possible need, and the third is a custom, bespoke system.

Simple systems are cheap, easy to use, but limited in functionality which ultimately increases costs as customers work around limitations and eventually outgrow and replace them. Feature rich systems are more costly, more difficult to set up and use as flexibility means they often have more features that customers need. Bespoke systems are costly to develop and maintain.

Full disclosure – we used to take the second approach in our prior product, so we know what everyone needs. But for our cloud solution, we’ve invented a fourth approach – a core system with specialist and custom Apps.

Apps allow our systems to be simple at their core, but allow customers to expand the functionality by choosing the Apps that perfectly match their needs. It’s like having a system designed and developed just for you, but without all the hassle, or cost.

Timesheet apps, scheduling apps, PSA solution apps

Custom Apps

Customization without the headaches

Timewatch® timesheet systems are highly configurable. But what if you need a unique feature, functionality specific to your organization, or a custom integration to a 3rd party or in house system?

No problem. We actually come across this all the time and have a developed a range of tools to help customers achieve a perfect fit.

Custom Apps allow for literally anything to be added. Infrastructure such as custom tabs, buttons, forms, business logic, workflow can all be incorporated within Custom Apps that can be deployed specifically for you. Additionally, open API’s allow customers and developers to create real time integrations.

Customizations are also future proof. As we release new versions of our systems, all API integrations and Custom Apps carry on working. It’s incredible technology that has to be seen to be believed. Contact us today, we’ll happily discuss your specific needs and show you examples of other customizations we’ve created.


Link with anything. Anything.

We provide a perfect environment for developers to create efficient, real-time integration with Timewatch® systems.

API’s include both read and write functionality, and we automatically provide only new of changed items since last fetch to make interface development simpler. If data originates in a Timewatch®, rather than polling to see if anything has changed, we can notify your code there are updates to process. We can even create an App so we post in real time to your system and you post in real time to us, which is an extremely efficient interface topology.

Contact us today, we’ll happily discuss your specific needs and how best to create the perfect real-time interface.

Timewatch multi-currency

No compromise timesheet rates

Powerful, no compromise rating system to accurately value time.

Timewatch® timesheet rating systems allow our customers to set their rates in the ideal way for them, for their customers and their projects.

There are no limits to the number of rates that can be set, or how they operate. Rates can be by project, by employee, by employee by project, by employee role, by project task, by date or any combination of these. We even support custom rules if needed.

No matter how simple or how complex the route you take to value timesheets, we can support you


4 Editions => Flexibility

Timewatch® timesheet solutions are incredibly powerful, scalable and flexible.

To suit the widest possible audience, we provide 3 ‘off the shelf’ bundles as well as a ‘build your own system’ option.

The pre-configured bundles include the simple but capable Essentials edition, the more advanced Pro edition and the powerful, scalable and adaptable Corporate edition.

The ‘Choice’ edition allows customers to build their own system. Working with our system implementors to craft the perfect configuration for their organization. There is a small custom build cost, but paying for just the features included in their design offers the ideal choice for customers that have a budget or require a configuration that differs from the bundled editions.

Time® Editions

Time® is available in 4 editions that range in price & features

† Price per additional employee when added to a system starter pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is time tracking easy?

Yes, time tracking and timesheet entry is so intuitive and easy to learn, no training is required.

There are options for PC, MAC, phone, tablet, timers, voice entry and even import appointments from Outlook & Google. Timesheets typically save employees between one and three hours per week and pay for themselves in minutes.

Can I track time on a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes.  Time tracking is available on PC, Mac, phones and tablets.

Can we control which projects users can book time to?

Yes, each user can only track time to projects they are allowed to book time to.

Can we send automatic email reminders?

Yes, you can set your own messages and have various ‘chaser’ emails.

Can users enter non project related time?

Yes, there are a number of ways to do this.

Can projects have different work attributes to book time to?

Yes, there are definable sublevels with definable categories for just this purpose.

Can users enter notes on their timesheet?

Yes, all time tracking systems support a free format note to be added to every time entry. This can then be used in reporting and billing.

Do users submit time daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?

Users can enter time in whichever way suits them best, but at an organizational level you may want timesheets all posted by a specific date. Alerts can help prompt users to submit timesheets promptly.

Can I copy and edit last weeks timesheet to save time?

Yes, there is a function specifically for this, and yes, users report that it saves them a lot of time.

Can we report on estimates vs actuals?

Yes, there are a number of reports in the library that do this, in drill downs you can add in the estimate column to compare to actuals, there are dashboards that include this, and if you want a specific view or layout, reports can be customized to your needs.

Is there manager approval of timesheets?

Yes, there is a comprehensive manager approval system with notifications to managers, rejection notes and the ability for managers to edit others timesheets where needed.

Can we stop users entering time in the past, as this impacts reporting and invoicing?

Yes, with timesheet approval, you can stop users entering or editing time once it has been submitted. You allow administrators to edit posted time, and any changes they make are highlighted in a different color, and a record of the change is maintained for auditing.

Can users import their Outlook or Google appointments into their timesheet?

Yes, absolutely. One of the key unique features of Timewatch® timesheet systems is that users can import appointments from their Outlook and Google calendars. This feature saves hours each week, often paying for the system in minutes.

Is time entered as minutes or decimals?

Timesheet entry is very flexible. Users can enter time as hours:minutes, hours.decimal, as a %age of time, or using a timer.

Can you set rules for hours in a day?

Yes, timesheet rules can be set by employee daily or weekly. For example you can set it so that a user must enter a minimum number of hours per day Monday through Friday, or any combination.

How many projects can be setup?

There is no limit to the number of projects that can be setup.

Is there a way you can help us chase late timesheets?

Yes, you can configure auto email alerts for late timesheets. You can even have escalating emails that can have a ‘different tone’ for a second, third, fourth reminder. Alerts can also be setup for managers to notify them that they have timesheets to approve.

Can we export timesheet data?

Yes. Data can be exported in various formats including Word, Excel & CSV. There are also APIs available to access data directly.

Can timesheets be integrated with Accounting Systems?

Yes, there are a number of standard integrations available. We also provide API’s and examples to integrate with any modern system that supports dynamic integration.

What reporting tools are available?

There are 4 main tools: the classic ‘print preview’ style Reports that everyone is used to, Drill Down reporting, Dashboards and Alerts.

Does the system come with standard reports?

Yes, there are many standard reports, we can also work with you to create custom reports if you have specific requirements.

What are Drill Downs?

Drill Downs provide are a real-time, interactive, data interrogation tool. Drill downs start with a spreadsheet like summary of core data by project, customer or employee. By double clicking on any data cell, you ‘drill down’ to the underlying data, level by level down to the underlying transactions. Administrators and managers often tell us that the Drill Downs are their favorite reporting tool as it quick, easy and helps them find the data they are looking for in seconds.

What Dashboards are available?

Dashboards are available at a high level on all key areas including: scheduling, timesheets, billing etc. There are also ‘zonal’ dashboards for each customer, project & employee.

Can I export to Excel?

Yes. Although with the multitude of reporting tools, you probably won’t not need to.

Can we stop certain users seeing certain reports?

Yes, the security system allows you to specify which reports each security level has access to.

Can I write my own reports?

Yes, the corporate system includes a SQL Report Designer. We also offer a cost effective report writing service, and even customers that have the report writer often have us create reports for them.

What Report Writer technology is used?

Time&Space® uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

How configurable is reporting?

Very. Administrators can setup: which reporting tools users have access to, the reports and dashboards that are active in your system, which reports and dashboards various users can see, even write or have custom reports written specifically for you.

How do Auto Alerts work?

Alerts can test for certain situations, then email designated people if true. For example, you could have the system test at 11:00am Monday morning whether there are outstanding timesheets and email the people concerned a message that you define. You could have a follow up alert with a different message later in the day. Common tests for alerts are late timesheets, unposted expenses, managers with timesheets or expenses to approve, late changes to a schedule. The system also supports custom eventualities. If you can define an event to test, we can create a trigger for you for you to attach an alert.

Is this cloud based or can we install on our servers?

The Corporate edition is available for installation on your own servers.

Is training / setup assistance available?

Yes, we provide implementation services, which includes training, consultancy, report writing and customizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Do you do not for profit pricing?

Yes, we welcome and support not for profit organizations. Please contact us.

Does it run on Macs?

Yes, Time&Space® is a responsive web application which supports all major browsers on PCs and Macs.

Does it run on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, Time&Space® is a responsive web application with a specific system designed specifically for mobiles and tablets: iOS, Android and Windows.

Is it multi-lingual, does it support languages other than English?

Not at the moment, however we are testing a multi-lingual version at the moment and are looking for people that want to be early adopters, so please contact us.

Can it integrate with Active Directory?

Yes. The Corporate edition supports single-sign on via Federation Services, which supports Active Directory.

Is it scalable? Are there any size limits?

Yes, Time&Space® is scalable. It is used by small to medium sized businesses to large international organizations.

Can we install this on our servers?

Yes, the Corporate edition is available for on-premises installation.

Are there API's

Yes, API’s are available to securely access and update data and create interfaces with other systems.

How customizable is the system?

Very customizable. Out of the box there are an extraordinary number of configurable options, but where specific functions, business logic or work flow is needed, custom apps can be created to expand the functionality available. Apps allow the system to be tailored to customers’ needs, without sacrificing future upgradability. Apps allow for custom forms or functions to be created and added to custom buttons which can be added to the menus. Custom business logic can be created to replace or augment existing logic, and custom interfaces can be created that act in real time, posting or retrieving data from other systems. If you have a unique or specific need, contact us to discuss the possibility of having a custom App created.

Can we link this with our Accounting System?

Yes. There are a number of standard interfaces for common systems, API’s if you wish to create an interface yourselves. Another option is for us (or you) to create an App for our system to link directly with API’s from your accounting system.

Can we link this to our LMS and CRM systems?

Yes. We have a number standard CRM links. LMS systems tend to require a specific interface based on how you’ve setup your system, but you can either build your own interface with our API’s, or it might make sense to create an app whereby our system calls the API’s in your LMS or CRM system.

Can Scheduling link with Outlook / Office 365?

Yes, we offer both a one-way push to Outlook/Google etc. or seamless, two-way sync with Outlook. The sync is an advanced sync that not only publishes bookings to Outlook, it can ‘police’ certain bookings to ensure end users do not accidentally move or delete them – something Outlook itself cannot even do!

Do you integrate with Xero?

Yes, there is a standard App to link with Xero, which if needed, can also be customized.

Do you integrate with Quickbooks Desktop?

Yes. For desktop applications you need to install our Integration Manager locally, but you’ll need to have a fairly recent version of the desktop app.

Have a question? Please ask us.

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