Office 365 Time Tracking

Turns appointments into timesheets and Outlook into a timesheet system

If your organization uses Office 365 and tracks timesheets, we can save employees hours each week.

A dream come true for Outlook users

OutlookTime® turns appointments into timesheets, and Outlook into an Office 365 timesheet system. It’s the simplest, easiest, most accurate timesheet possible, and saves 2-4 hours per person per week compared to whatever timesheet you use.

Outlook as a timesheet system?

Outlook appointments already hold most of the data needed in a timesheet. Our Outlook timesheet enhances Outlook so that employees can add Customers / Projects to appointments so they can be added to their timesheet, while still providing all the facilities of traditional timesheet.

OutlookTime® reduces timesheet entry to mere seconds, saving employees 2-4 hours a week – time better spent on productive or chargeable work.

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How it works

OutlookTime® enhances Outlook so that users can allocate customers / projects to appointments and add them to their timesheet. They can do this within Outlook using our plugin, or within our Web App that shows their Outlook calendar as a calendar timesheet – or they can use both.

Users love OutlookTime® because it saves them hours each week by helping them complete their timesheet as they manage their calendar. OutlookTime® takes the chore out of time tracking, saves time and allows people to get more done at work.

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More Productive / Chargeable Time

Most people that use Outlook keep it open all day, and as the manage their calendar, they can add customer / project details to appointments in seconds – and that part of their timesheet done already. Customers consistently tell us that Timewatch saves employees 2-4 hours a week over other systems.

Imagine what your employees can do with an extra 1 or 2 days a month to work on more productive tasks. If you like the sound of that, contact us. Let us show you how our Office 365 timesheet can save time and increase productivity for your company.

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Efficient Timesheet Entry
Mobile Timesheet 2023

Works with all Versions of Outlook

Whether you use an Outlook on PC or Mac, Outlook Web Access in your browser, on your phone or tablet, our Office 365 timesheet has you covered.

Our plugin works on PC, Mac or OWA, there’s a mobile app, and any appointment made on any device can be turned into timesheets in seconds.

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A traditional timesheet as well

Not all Outlook appointments can be used in a timesheet, and timesheets often need time entries that aren’t related to appointments. OutlookTime® deals with all eventualities.

It’s all about making things easy for users. Some people like using Outlook, some like a desktop, web or mobile app, some like a mixture, OutlookTime® supports all combinations, letting each company and each user work the best way for them.

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Export Outlook Calendar to Timesheet

Some of our Customers

Some Timewatch Customers

Also works with Teams!

You can also turn teams meetings into timesheets. And if you also use our scheduling system, employee schedules can also be turned into Teams meetings.

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Perfect Timesheet Reporting

Whether you have simple, or demanding reporting needs, Office 365 timesheets can deliver. Choose your perfect report set from a library of standard reports, and expand this with advanced reporting tools such as: auto alerts, dashboards, report writer, report menu designer, dashboard designer. Whatever data you need, and whatever format you need it in, you can perfectly meet your reporting needs with OutlookTime®.

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Security ISO 27001

Ultra Secure

All company data is sensitive data, especially where customers are involved. Our Office 365 / Outlook integration uses Microsoft’s own security system, and does not store any data in Outlook, or Outlook data in our apps or on any devices, so there’s no risk should any device be lost or stolen – and we are fully ISO certified, GDPR compliant, PEN tested, the works.

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Flexible, Scalable

With four editions of varying feature set, size, and performance, customers can start with as few as five employees or with a simple feature set, and expand to thousands of employees and/or more sophisticated features. This flexibility also allows organizations to adapt their solution as their needs evolve.

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