Why MarketPoint gave our Outlook Timesheet 5 Stars.

The Customer

MarketPoint advises company CEOs on how to get the best value from their marketing and communications investment. They help Business-to-Business, Education, and Nonprofit organizations improve communications and drive revenue, by providing detailed and actionable research, reliable counsel, and interim & outsourced marketing services.

The company performs market research and provides candid and diligent brand and marketing counsel. These services empower MarketPoint’s clients to address a range of challenges from helping them understand their markets better, to launching new products and penetrating new markets. Additionally, MarketPoint helps their clients build brand equity, foster brand-positive behavior throughout the organization, rebuild troubled or underachieving marketing departments, and address broader organizational challenges.

The Mission

  • Streamline the previously lengthy timesheet entry process

  • Leverage the full capabilities of Outlook

  • Use Outlook to to track time

  • Source a new timesheet system that would work directly with Outlook

The Solution

  • Implement Timewatch’s OutlookTime® system to pull timesheet data directly from Outlook.

The Results

The Details

Saving time means more billable time

“I live by my Outlook calendar and OutlookTime® is a great way to pull time recording right out of something that already exists, something I’m already using. It doesn’t require a lot of extra work. We had tried other systems and we knew we didn’t want to use a separate system – we didn’t want to duplicate work,” says Laura Pasternak, Principal of MarketPoint LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in marketing and communications.

“When we started, we used a product called ACT! to manage our time but it just wasn’t the right tool for us,” Pasternak explains. “Back then, billing was a lengthy process. Our team uses Outlook Calendars to track everything, from appointments to project time – and we found we were spending too much time on administration. We were constantly duplicating effort and that made no sense. Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing time administration.”

“We asked ourselves why we weren’t leveraging the full capabilities of Outlook – why couldn’t we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar. We thought all these redundant activities were unsustainable, so we went searching for a product that would work directly with Outlook.”† See this in action


Why OutlookTime® is the easy to use timesheet for your business

That’s when MarketPoint discovered Timewatch and OutlookTime® and changed the way the company managed its timekeeping.

OutlookTime® turns Outlook entries into timesheets with a few simple clicks. Outlook calendars already contain 90 percent of the information needed for a timesheet entry: date, start and end time, duration, subject, location and notes. Rather than entering all this information again, OutlookTime® users simply add customer and project details to their appointments and then post them to their timesheet with a click.

No matter which version of Outlook your business uses – PC, Mac, phone or tablet – OutlookTime® can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds. There is even an Outlook plugin for Outlook for Windows desktop users that brings OutlookTime® functionality right into Outlook itself.† See this in action

“I have always been a Microsoft Office user, and Outlook has become an essential part of my firm,” Pasternak says. “What I like most about OutlookTime® is that the technology fits the way I work, where other programs expected me to change how I work to fit their solution. I’d give Timewatch’s Outlook Timesheet 5 stars! It’s perfect for what we need.”

For more information on OutlookTime® click here.

Outlook Timesheet gets 5 Stars

Marketing Company Timesheet Software

OutlookTime® saved this marketing consultancy around 10 hours per consultant on timesheet entry – more than 1 day a month† See this in action

. A huge return on investment.