Time and Billing software that can perfectly match your needs

Sophisticated Project Billing

Designed to match your billing rules perfectly.

Time®&Money combines sophisticated timesheet valuation, multi-currency, billing and financial integration features with the extensive timesheet features of our Time® range of time tracking systems.

The system caters for simple to complex rating systems for time and expenses and supports simple to incredibly complex billing rules. A library of invoice templates styles is included, but pixel-perfect invoice templates can also be created.

Most customer’s rating and billing rules can be supported via inbuilt configurable features, but for complex requirements, the system also supports fully customizable rating and billing rules, which can be ‘dropped’ into the system.

However, your organization values time and invoices customers, Time®&Money can perfectly support it.

No matter how simple or how challenging, Time®&Money ensures projects can be billed quickly, easily and accurately. This certainty leads to maximized revenue, reduced administration, elimination of errors, faster timesheet to billing times, fewer customer questions which mean faster invoice settlements.

Time and billing dashboard
Time®&Money starts up with a summary for Administrators and Managers of current progress: sales, billable time stats, cumulative sales charts etc.
End users enter timesheets here – they see a simpler menu, without all of the admin & reporting features.
Administrators manage end user timesheets here.
End users enter their expenses here – again, end users have a simpler menu, typically just with My Timesheet & My Expenses.
Administrators manage employee and project expenses here.
Billing is where time project costs are managed and turned into invoices.
Admin and Setup is where administrators manage projects, customers, employees, rules, charging structures etc.
Charts and gauges on the Home dashboard can show literally any view key performance data. This is a standard Dashboard, but they can be configured specifically for your organization.

The Perfect Timesheet

Successful time & billing starts with the timesheet.

End users want their timesheet to be simple, easy to use and fast, but organizations need it to support their rating, billing and workflow rules, which can be complex. Simple and complex do not play together well. This conflict leads to iether a compromised billing system, or a timesheet that is complex, unfriendly and time consuming.

Time®&Money is can learn and automate the complex admin elements†. This allows the design of the timesheet to focus on its ease of use and user friendliness, which is evident at first glance. The MS-Office look and feel ensure users feel instantly familiar‡. Time®&Money can also learn what people are working on, which makes tomorrow’s timesheet easier and faster. Leveraging data in Outlook makes timesheet entry up to 7 times faster than any other timesheet system§. Additionally timers track time as users work, voice control allows users to fit time tracking into otherwise unproductive parts of their day, and all of this runs on PCs, Macs & Mobile devices.

Best of all, each user can choose the perfect mix of timesheet tools to suit their style of working.

There is no compromise with Time®&Money. End users receive their perfect timesheet, one that is is simple, easy and fast. Organizations get the no-compromise time & billing system they need to support their rating, billing and workflow rules.

† Contact us to learn how Time®&Money can support your organization’s needs.

‡ Customers tell us their users feel instantly familiar with the Time®&Money timesheet, as if they’ve been using the system for years.

§ Outlook appointments already have 6 of the 7 things needed for a timesheet (date, subject, start time, duration, notes). Just adding a customer allows an appointment to become a timesheet. Reusing data already in Outlook makes Time®&money 7 times faster than any other system.

With Office 365 look and feel, users are instantly familiar with the systems. This helps make our timesheets faster and easier to learn and use.
Timers help users track time on specific tasks throughout the day. Users can start, stop and swap between timers as the day evolves. It’s easy, accurate and perfect for busy users.
Users of Outlook or Google calendars can save hours each week by turning Outlook or Google appointments into timesheets.
The timesheet dashboard provides users with a quick summary of timesheet status.
Easy navigation allows users to quickly move back and forth in time to the last completed timesheet, last entered, submitted or current week
Timesheet column names can be tailored to match the terms your organization uses. Matching the terminology makes timesheet entry more intuitive and easier for end users.
Within a job or project, there are two further sub levels available for analysis. These can also be renamed to suit your organization, and users can sort timesheets by any column heading.
Time can be entered as hours.decimals, hours:minutes, or as a %age of time.
Notes can be allocated to each timesheet cell. Cells with notes can be recognized by the notes icon. Notes are available in reporting and billing.
Color coding can be setup to highlight days that do and do not meet minimum hours requirements. Red shows days that are incomplete.
With the mobile app, users can enter timesheets via mobile phone and tablet as well.
Once setup, Time® is intuitive and easy to use, but if users need help there is an inbuilt support system for your organization. Users can ask questions of administrators and ask questions which the inbuilt search system answers.

Perfect Rates & Rules

There can be no compromises when valuing and billing time & expenses.

This is why Time®&Money rates and billing rules are configurable and customizable.

Out of the box, Time®&Money supports simple to complex charge rates and a variety of common billing methods. However, it can also support specialized rates and uncommon billing rules with custom billing rules.

Custom rates and rules can support anything. For example, one customer had retainer based billing, but with some pretty unusual rules that were based on the variances of all previous invoices. No problem, we helped them define their rules, then composed the SQL that encapsulated their rules, which when dropped in, perfectly matched their requirements.

Time®&Money also supports pixel-perfect invoice format customization and perfect integration with any financial system and supports multi-currency billing.

No matter how you value time or expenses, how you invoice customers, the formats of invoices or the financial system you need to integrated with, Time®&Money can perfectly match your requirements today and in the years to come.

Challenge us! Contact us today. We’d be happy to review your billing requirements and show you how Time®&Money can meet them.

† Contact us to learn how Time®&Money can support your organization’s needs.

‡ Customers tell us their users feel instantly familiar with the Time®&Money timesheet, as if they’ve been using the system for years.

§ Outlook appointments already have 6 of the 7 things needed for a timesheet (date, subject, start time, duration, notes). Just adding a customer allows an appointment to become a timesheet. Reusing data already in Outlook makes Time®&money 7 times faster than any other system.

Time and Billing - suggested projects and values available to invoice | Timewatch
Suggestions are just that, ‘suggestions’ of the projects that, based on your rules and rates, have something available to be invoiced. Suggestions are turned into Drafts to be edited where needed, before being invoiced.
Suggestions are turned into Drafts by checking the relevant suggestions, then clicking ‘Move to Drafts’. Drafts can be reviewed, edited and approved before being billed. All amendments are tracked right down to the transactional level, which allows changes to be reversed or even the whole draft reset as a whole.
Filters can be applied to suggestions – the date up to which transactions are included, just timesheets, just expenses, both time and expenses, or configurable filters.
The Drafts section show all of the draft invoices that are being worked on and highlights invoices that have had amendments made.
When within the Drafts section, individual drafts can be edited by highlighting, then clicking this button. Drafts can be edited from the total values and where needed, right down to the transactions included and their values. Text on the invoice is editable, as is the Invoice Template used.
When ready, Drafts can be Invoiced. This does everything you set it to do. Produce the Invoice, email the customer, post the transaction to your financial accounting system, whatever you require.
Time®&Money retains a full history of all invoices, the transactions included and any amendments that were made through the draft process.
To turn Suggestions into Drafts, the billing operator simply checks the items to be included, then clicks ‘Move to Drafts’.
Time®&Money calculates the ‘Suggested Fees’ to be billed based on your charge rate rules and this project’s billing rules. All of which is configurable to suit your organizations rules.
Time®&Money calculates the ‘Suggested Disbursements’ (or materials) to be billed based on your expenses rate rules and this project’s billing rules. All of which is configurable to suit your organizations rules.
The ‘Total’ suggested includes both Fees and Disbusements (or materials) based on time & materials, fixed price or custom billing rules.

Flexible, Powerful Reporting

Time®&Money provides a range of powerful reporting tools:

Traditional Reports

A library of classic ‘print preview’ style reports is available to report on every aspect of the system.


Turn data into insight, with charts, gauges and views of data designed to help busy managers & directors to rapidly review current performance.

Drill Downs

Interactive reporting tool unique to Timewatch®. Double click on a value to drill down from high level summary, level by level down to the underlying transactions.

Exporting Data

Data can be exported in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, CSV etc.

Auto Alerts

Auto emails notify administrators of literally anything. Late timesheets, timesheets to approve, late scheduled items, project nearing budget, mid project profitability decrease etc.

Custom Reports

A powerful SQL Report Designer is available for those that want to develop custom reports. We also offer a cost effective report writing service should you need specific or customized reporting.

Whatever your requirements, you can create the perfect reporting system for your organization, without limits or compromise.

Time and billing reports | Timewatch
The Home Tab displays
Drill Downs are advanced, interactive reporting tools that allow users to drill down on individual fields to the underlying summary levels all the way down to the underlying transactions. Drill Downs are available with the more advanced editions of OutlookTime(r).
The Reports tab provides access to the core reporting features.
Areas provide a handy way to filter reports by type, to focus the list of reports to choose from to a specific area of the system.
Reports are displayed in 3 styles. Each user can choose their preferred style: in a Gallery where each report is previewed and allows users to flick through reports quickly, a thumbnail list that shows details of each report and a list of reports.
Reports can be ‘organized’ into various menus and groups, placed on Ribbon buttons and their details, previews and thumbnails altered.
Administrators can arrange for reports to be made available to different users via the reports button on each Tab. Reports can be set by user security group, so they can control exactly which reports each user has access to.
The reports menu shows the report that has been accessed and, as you drill down from one report to the next, lists the sub reports as well.
In gallery mode, users are shown a preview of each report so that can quickly and easily see what report they are running. User can swipe or click to go to the next or previous report.
As users flick through reports in the Gallery View, the title and a short description of each report is displayed.
Thumnails of each report allow users quickly locate the report they are looking for.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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Dig a little deeper...

Timewatch® time and billing software offers multiple entry methods and advanced features that allow our customers to configure our solutions to perfectly match their needs now, and grow, adapt and evolve system features in the future. Click on the items below to learn more.

Timesheet entry, excel timesheet, time tracking, time recording all made easy

Tracking Time

Track time and save time doing it.

Like you, we value your employee’s time – we not only help you value time in monetary terms, we help you save employees’ time entering timesheets in the first place.

The greatest time saving comes from letting users enter timesheet in the way that works best for them. Our systems support timesheet entry via PC, Mac, phone, tablet, using timers, posting appointments from Outlook, speaking to their phone or any mixture of these.

This flexibility saves everyone time, increases timesheet accuracy and decreases delays in timesheet submission.

Our customers tell us that we save each employee 1-3 hours per week over other systems. That’s ½ to 1½ days extra each month, to spend on productive or chargeable activities. If you add it up, that’s quite a valuable saving.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Timesheet

Turn appointments into timesheets

It's a dream come true for Outlook users, with a Timewatch® system they can save hours each week by posting their Outlook Appointments to their timesheet.

Outlook already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet – start time, end time, duration, date, subject and notes. Our Outlook plugin allows users to allocate customer & project details to appointments, and then post them to their timesheet.

It’s easy, it saves time, decreases timesheet posting delays and increases the accuracy of employee timesheets.

Time and billing charge rates

Charge Rates

Valuing time - perfectly

However you value or charge time, Timewatch® charging systems can handle it.

From simple rates by person or role, to more complex rates that vary by customer or project, and even where each person has multiple rates on a project based on the role they perform or work they do, we support them all.

Even if you need to go back in time and alter rates historically, you can. Timewatch® systems maintain full rate history over time, so you can even set future rate changes in advance.

With Timewatch® there are no compromises in how you set your charge rates, so there is never a penny lost.

expenses tracking and billing


Tracking, charging & billing Expenses

Timewatch® expenses entry is fully integrated with the timesheet system, allowing employees to quickly and easily log their project expenses.

As with timesheets, the system includes manager approval and review systems, is fully multi-currency compliant and allows for different charge rates by customer and project.

Employee expenses entry is simple and easy, and is available on PC and mobile devices, so users can snap a photo of a receipt and attach it to an expense claim there and then.

Existing employee expenses systems can be linked with easily using our integration tools.

Invoicing in Timesheets and Time Tracking, Project Billing and Professional Services Automation Software - Customizable To Perfectly Match Your Needs


Costing, Charging and Billing

Timewatch® costing, charging and billing systems are designed to help streamline the process of billing.

From the timesheet & expense rates you charge, the fixed price structures you use to the approval processes and the format of the invoices, Timewatch® systems can be configured to match your billing rules, procedures and format. We support everything from the simplest rates to highly complex rates that vary by person, customer, project date, work performed, or any combination of these.

The system "suggests" draft invoices based on your rules. Users with the appropriate permissions can amend and adjust drafts, and once finalized, invoices can be created in literally any format (using customizable invoice templates) in any currency (with our multi-currency module), and posted to your financial system.

Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates

Invoice Formatting Options

Perfect invoice formatting is a reality for a Timewatch® time & billing system.

Each system comes with a variety of invoice templates which you can personalize. You set your address, payment terms etc. and can even upload your own company logo – and there is a spell checker built in.

Invoices can be printed, exported, saved as PDF as well as emailed.

If you find you need specific invoice template in a specific formats, these can be created for you.

Timewatch multi-currency


Full Currency Support

In the global marketplace, companies need to be able to do business in different countries and different currencies.

Timewatch® time & billing systems offer two multi-currency options. The first takes the approach that all products take, which is to convert invoices to the target currency when an invoice is raised.

The second is more advanced and is suited to organizations that wish to run their projects in their customer’s currency, and convert to their base currency for reporting and analysis.

PSA profitability analysis


Real time analysis

Timewatch® time and billing systems employ a triple rating system.

In addition to the usual charge our rates used to drive billing, Timewatch® systems can also track ‘cost rates’ as well as ‘actual billing rates’.

Although cost rates and actual billing rates are not essential, where they are utilized, project, customer, employee and project task profitability can be analysed. This provides valuable information to project managers who can recognize projects that need attention as they are progressing, rather than learn after the fact that margins were squeezed or worse, they ran at a loss.

Integrate with other systems


Link with Financials

When implementing a Timewatch® solution, you frequently need to integrate it with other applications.

A range of standard Apps are available to link with popular systems, and standard tools are available that allow for real-time integrations with any system.

Contact us to discuss your integration requirements.

Timesheet and resource scheduling reporting


No Compromise Reporting

Different people in an organization need different reporting tools, and different organizations have different reporting needs.

Timewatch® offer a no compromise approach to reporting, multiple configurable reporting tools with powerful security features to allow each customer to configure the perfect reporting environment for themselves and their users. These include:

- Classic Print Preview style reporting
- Interactive Drill Down reporting
- Dashboard Reporting
- Exporting of data
- Custom reports & Report writing

CEO, CFO Dashboard


Visualize your data

Dashboards provide a high level, visual display of organizational KPI’s, metrics, and data. These give CEOs and CFOs and managers at-a-glance visibility into business performance across all units, customers, projects and employees.

Dashboards help managers visualize and understand data with a powerful collection of charts and data summaries, which help them make faster and better informed decisions.

Security ISO 27001

Data Security

You Can Sleep At Night

Timewatch® not only meet the usual requirements for Data Security, we Mobile App 'back door’.

Mobile Apps operate on personal devices that are usually outside of the control of an organization’s IT Security and pose a potential security threat as they download and store data offline. Arxan & ISSA.org state that 97% of all paid Android and iPhone apps and 80% of free apps have been hacked.

Cloud applications have done away with downloading and installing applications on PCs and Macs, so why is this done for phones & Tablets? Apps were a great idea in 2007, they are no longer necessary today.

Timewatch® don’t use downloadable apps. Our mobile apps are responsive web apps that adapt to the device they are running on. As there is nothing to install, there is no data downloaded or stored on the device, no security updates that are missed, and no security risk from people using old versions.

Best of all, with no data stored locally, there is nothing to worry about if a phone is lost or stolen.

Timewatch timesheet and resource scheduling software runs on all devices

All Devices

Runs on all devices

Timewatch® time and billing systems run on all major devices including: PC, Mac, Chrome Book, Android, iPhone & iPad.

Our products are modern responsive systems, which means they automatically adapt to the device being used. There is nothing to download or install on any device, so there are no headaches from unusual phones or older phone OS’s. There is no corporate security risk from data being downloaded and stored on the device or from people not upgrading to the latest release. As everything is run from a browser, users are always running the latest and most secure system.


Flexibility & Customization

Link with anything. Anything.

There is s no ‘one size fits all’ for time and billing systems. To some extent, every organization has different needs and specific requirements.

Timewatch® specialize in meeting our customer’s requirements as precisely as possible. Some of the customizable features include:
- Customizable fields
- Customizable Security levels
- Customizable business logic & workflow
- Apps add industry specific & advanced features
- Customizable reports
- Customizable dashboards
- API's for integration
- Custom Apps (allows for anything)

Professional Services Automation, Time Tracking, Timesheet, Resource Scheduling, Time and Billing Return on Investment / ROI


Rapid Return on Investment

Typically, a saving of 5 minutes per professional resource per month more than pays for the system, and a Timewatch® system saves a lot more time than that.

Our Timesheet and expenses entry systems save all employees hours each month, our administration and reporting systems save administrators 1-2 days a month. Dashboards and drill downs save CEO’s, COO’s and managers hours each month, in addition to the potential improved decision making through improved and faster data analysis.

The true ROI profile is different for each organization, but we are happy to help you create a realistic ROI calculation for your organization. Please contact us for more details.

Price, Value, Return on Investment


4 Editions => Maximum Flexibility

To provide maximum flexibility, Timewatch® provide 3 pre-configured bundles and 1 configurable bundle. There is the simple but capable Essentials edition, the more advanced Pro edition, the powerful, scalable and adaptable Corporate edition and the configurable Perfect edition.

The Perfect edition allows customers to design their perfect system, with the exact mix of features they need. Customers work with our system implementors to design their configuration, and only receive and pay for the features in their design.

Customers can even start with an off the shelf bundle when the start, and migrate to a Perfect edition as their knowledge of the system grows and their needs evolve.

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements, contact us, our product specialists will be happy to help.

Time®&Money Editions

† Price per additional employee when added to a system starter pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is timesheet entry easy?

Timesheet entry is so intuitive and easy to learn that no training is required.

There are options for PC, MAC, phone, tablet, timers, voice entry and even import appointments from Outlook & Google. Timesheets typically save employees between one and three hours per week and pay for themselves in minutes.

Can users import their Outlook or Google appointments into their timesheet?

Yes, absolutely. One of the key unique features of Timewatch® timesheet systems is that users can import appointments from their Outlook and Google calendars. This feature saves hours each week, often paying for the system in minutes.

Can we control which projects users can see?

Yes, each user can only see the projects they are allowed to book time to.

Can we send automatic email reminders?

Yes, you can set your own messages and have various ‘chaser’ emails.

Can users enter non project related time?

Yes, there are a number of ways to do this.

Can projects have different work attributes to book time to?

Yes, there are definable sublevels with definable categories for just this purpose.

Can users enter notes on their timesheet?

Yes, a free format note can be added to every time entry. This can then be used in reporting and billing.

Do users submit time daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?

Users can enter time in whichever way suits them best, but at an organizational level you may want timesheets all posted by a specific date. Alerts can help prompt users to submit timesheets promptly.

Can I copy and edit last weeks timesheet to save time?

Yes, there is a function specifically for this, and yes, users report that it saves them a lot of time.

Can we report on estimates vs actuals?

Yes, there are a number of reports in the library that do this, in drill downs you can add in the estimate column to compare to actuals, there are dashboards that include this, and if you want a specific view or layout, reports can be customized to your needs.

Is there manager approval of timesheets?

Yes, there is a comprehensive manager approval system with notifications to managers, rejection notes and the ability for managers to edit others timesheets where needed.

Can we stop users entering time in the past, as this impacts reporting and invoicing?

Yes, with timesheet approval, you can stop users entering or editing time once it has been submitted. You allow administrators to edit posted time, and any changes they make are highlighted in a different color, and a record of the change is maintained for auditing.

Is time entered as minutes or decimals?

Timesheet entry is very flexible. Users can enter time as hours:minutes, hours.decimal, as a %age of time, or using a timer.

Can you set rules for hours in a day?

Yes, timesheet rules can be set by employee daily or weekly. For example you can set it so that a user must enter a minimum number of hours per day Monday through Friday, or any combination.

How many projects can be setup?

There is no limit to the number of projects that can be setup.

Is there a way you can help us chase late timesheets?

Yes, you can configure auto email alerts for late timesheets. You can even have escalating emails that can have a ‘different tone’ for a second, third, fourth reminder. Alerts can also be setup for managers to notify them that they have timesheets to approve.

Can we export timesheet data?

Yes. Data can be exported in various formats including Word, Excel & CSV. There are also APIs available to access data directly.

We have a huge delay between timesheet entry and billing, can you help?

Yes. Streamlined timesheet entry means minimal entry delays. Auto late timesheet alerts reduce this further. Easy line manger approval and flexible period posting rules allow for late timesheets without them being lost in a previous period. This results in minimal delays in starting billing, and the streamlined billing functionality make it a very rapid and smooth process.

Can timesheets be integrated with Accounting Systems?

Yes, there are a number of standard integrations available. We also provide API’s and examples to integrate with any modern system that supports dynamic integration.

Can users enter expenses via their phone?

Yes, users can add expenses from their phones and tablets.

Can expenses be approved by a manager?

Yes, as with timesheets, expenses can also have manager approval.

Can we limit the expenses available by project?

Yes. Administrators can define which expenses are applicable to each project.

Can employees print off their expenses?

Yes, there is a report available for exactly this purpose.

We have project expenses that are not related to an employee. Can you handle this?

Yes, we call these project disbursements and they are there for exactly this purpose.

Can we enter quantities of items with a specific cost and charge rate?

Yes, you can enter a quantity to allow a preassigned value eg. mileage to be charged.

Can we have chargeable and non-chargeable expenses on a project?

Yes, these can be decided at the entry point or during the billing process.

Can we have a different rate for charging the customer?

Yes. You can apply a markup as a %age or value to the expense cost when charging customers.

Can we have a different rate for charging different customers?

Yes. Markups can be set specifically by project / customer where needed.

Can users amend expenses once they are authorized?

No, only administrators can amend expenses once they have been posted, and a full audit trail of amendments can be recorded.

Can we run a report showing approved expenses?

Yes, and unapproved, awaiting approval and rejected expenses as well.

Can expense items to synced with our accounting system?

Yes, APIs are available to sync expense types and expense transactions. If you need assistance to do this, we can create an App for you to plug into your system.

Do you support foreign currency expenses?

Yes. You just need to make sure the multi-currency module is installed for the system to do this.

Is there a way to remind people to submit expenses on time?

Yes. Auto email alerts can be setup to remind people to submit their expenses. Once setup, there is nothing for administrators to do as the system will send out the notifications automatically.

Our current system is limited to 6 charge rates, what is your limit?

There is no limit to the number of rates or how they operate. You can have different rates for every employee, for every project, for every type of work they perform or role they have on that project, but typically customers have some standard rates, but when they need specific rates for people / projects / work etc, they have a specific rate table for that project.

Does it support both time based and fixed price projects?

Yes, fixed price projects are supported. You can set billing schedules based on date, milestone completion, and some customers have unique rules which can be supported by custom plugins that can be created that embody your rules.

Can you have employees have different rates within a project?

Yes. You can define tags within a project and allocate employee rates to these tags.

Can we see what is waiting to be billed?

Yes, there is a specific area for this, which is actually the start of the invoicing process.

Can we see what will be billed before invoicing it?

Yes. The system creates draft invoices for you to work with to amend transactions, add text etc before finalizing an invoice.

How easy is it to find the see the timesheet and expenses behind a draft invoice?

Yes. The system creates draft invoices for you to work with to amend transactions, add text etc before finalizing an invoice.

Can we bill in multi-currency?

Yes, you can set the billing currency for a project.

Can Invoices be amended?

Yes, before an invoice is finalized, it is a draft and you can edit drafts as required before you finalize and invoice them.

Do we have to change the timesheet to suit our billing requirements?

No, effectively you teach the system your rules so that timesheets (and/or fixed schedules) can be turned into invoices. The benefit of this approach is that if your timesheet or your billing processes change, each can be changed without affecting the other.

Is it possible for Project Managers to prepare an invoice, but accounts staff to finalize an invoice?

Yes. You can configure security levels such that project managers can prepare draft invoices but not finalize them, and for accounts staff to finalize them.

We have a huge delay from timesheet to billing. Can you help?

Yes. Streamlined timesheet entry means minimal entry delays. Auto late timesheet alerts reduce this further. Easy line manger approval and flexible period posting rules allow for late timesheets without them being lost in a previous period. This results in minimal delays in starting billing, and the streamlined billing functionality make it a very rapid and smooth process.

Our current billing system is cumbersome and slow. How is yours better

Billing is streamlined and fast. Our system supports unlimited rates by any combination of employee, project, customers, type of work, role, or date.  These are all setup at the project level, so by ‘training’ the system to know your rules by project, the system can present an invoice ‘suggestion’ based on the rules & rates you have set.  You can then edit and adjust these, before finalizing (approving) the invoice. Each step is simple and easy, but why not contact us and let us show you the system in operation?

Can employee and project expenses be invoiced?

Yes. End users can enter their expenses, and administrators can enter project expenses (disbursements)  which can be billed with timesheets or fixed fees or separately.

How easily can we find the details behind invoices?

Very quickly and easily. There are numerous reports and drill downs that allow you to interrogate the details on invoices.

Can we report on estimates vs actuals?

Yes, there are a number of reports in the library that do this, in drill downs you can add in the estimate column to compare to actuals, there are dashboards that include this, and if you want a specific view or layout, reports can be customized to your needs.

Can end users see cost and charge rate information?

Cost and charge information can be sensitive information that you only want certain people to see. The security system within Time&Space® allows you to configure who can see what information.

Can we issue credit notes?

Yes, and you can credit an invoice, which will match off that invoice. If an credited invoice was based on time and expense transactions, they system can release associated transactions, so if you need to, you can start the billing process again.

Can we stop certain users billing?

Yes. The inbuilt security system lets you control who has access to which features. Security is comprehensive. You can limit people to certain areas of billing, for example to edit an invoice in preparation for billing, but not be able to finalize it, and you can even limit people to just the projects they are allowed to see.

Can we write time off?

Yes, you can also delay and hold time to bill later, edit the values/rates in billing and the invoice totals, and the system keeps a record of the original and amended values.

Can you support unusal billing rules?

Yes we can. If you can define the rules, a plugin App can be created to realize them. If you have any questions, speak with a systems implementer.

Is it possible to link with accounting systems?

Yes. Links are available via downloadable Apps. There are Apps for many popular accounting systems such as Sage, Quickbooks, Xero etc. We can also help you setup a custom interface to any system so long as it supports dynamic interfaces.

What reporting tools are available?

There are 4 main tools: the classic ‘print preview’ style Reports that everyone is used to, Drill Down reporting, Dashboards and Alerts.

Does the system come with standard reports?

Yes, there are many standard reports, we can also work with you to create custom reports if you have specific requirements.

What are Drill Downs?

Drill Downs provide are a real-time, interactive, data interrogation tool. Drill downs start with a spreadsheet like summary of core data by project, customer or employee. By double clicking on any data cell, you ‘drill down’ to the underlying data, level by level down to the underlying transactions. Administrators and managers often tell us that the Drill Downs are their favorite reporting tool as it quick, easy and helps them find the data they are looking for in seconds.

What Dashboards are available?

Dashboards are available at a high level on all key areas including: scheduling, timesheets, billing etc. There are also ‘zonal’ dashboards for each customer, project & employee.

Can I export to Excel?

Yes. Although with the multitude of reporting tools, you probably won’t not need to.

Can we stop certain users seeing certain reports?

Yes, the security system allows you to specify which reports each security level has access to.

Can I write my own reports?

Yes, the corporate system includes a SQL Report Designer. We also offer a cost effective report writing service, and even customers that have the report writer often have us create reports for them.

What Report Writer technology is used?

Time&Space® uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

How configurable is reporting?

Very. Administrators can setup: which reporting tools users have access to, the reports and dashboards that are active in your system, which reports and dashboards various users can see, even write or have custom reports written specifically for you.

How do Auto Alerts work?

Alerts can test for certain situations, then email designated people if true. For example, you could have the system test at 11:00am Monday morning whether there are outstanding timesheets and email the people concerned a message that you define. You could have a follow up alert with a different message later in the day. Common tests for alerts are late timesheets, unposted expenses, managers with timesheets or expenses to approve, late changes to a schedule. The system also supports custom eventualities. If you can define an event to test, we can create a trigger for you for you to attach an alert. 

Is this cloud based or can we install on our servers?

The Corporate edition is available for installation on your own servers. 

Is training / setup assistance available?

Yes, we provide implementation services, which includes training, consultancy, report writing and customizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Do you do not for profit pricing?

Yes, we welcome and support not for profit organizations. Please contact us.

Does it run on Macs?

Yes, Time&Space® is a responsive web application which supports all major browsers on PCs and Macs.

Does it run on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, Time&Space® is a responsive web application with a specific system designed specifically for mobiles and tablets: iOS, Android and Windows.

Is it multi-lingual, does it support languages other than English?

Not at the moment, however we are testing a multi-lingual version at the moment and are looking for people that want to be early adopters, so please contact us.

Can it integrate with Active Directory?

Yes. The Corporate edition supports single-sign on via Federation Services, which supports Active Directory.

Is it scalable? Are there any size limits?

Yes, Time&Space® is scalable. It is used by small to medium sized businesses to large international organizations.

Can we install this on our servers?

Yes, the Corporate edition is available for on-premises installation.

Are there API's

Yes, API’s are available to securely access and update data and create interfaces with other systems. 

How customizable is the system?

Very customizable. Out of the box there are an extraordinary number of configurable options, but where specific functions, business logic or work flow is needed, custom apps can be created to expand the functionality available. Apps allow the system to be tailored to customers’ needs, without sacrificing future upgradability. Apps allow for custom forms or functions to be created and added to custom buttons which can be added to the menus. Custom business logic can be created to replace or augment existing logic, and custom interfaces can be created that act in real time, posting or retrieving data from other systems. If you have a unique or specific need, contact us to discuss the possibility of having a custom App created.

Can we link this to our LMS and CRM systems?

Yes. We have a number standard CRM links. LMS systems tend to require a specific interface based on how you’ve setup your system, but you can either build your own interface with our API’s, or it might make sense to create an app whereby our system calls the API’s in your LMS or CRM system.

Can Scheduling link with Outlook / Office 365?

Yes, we offer both a one way push to Outlook/Google etc. or a full bi-directional sync with Outlook (Exchange & Office 365 systems). The sync is an advanced sync that not only publishes bookings to Outlook, it can ‘police’ certain bookings to ensure end users do not accidentally move or delete them – something Outlook itself cannot even do!

Do you integrate with Sage?

Yes, there is a standard link to Sage 50 and Sage 200 and, if needed, can also be customized.

Do you integrate with Xero?

Yes, there is a standard App to link with Xero, which if needed, can also be customized.

Do you integrate with Quickbooks Desktop?

Yes. For desktop applications you need to install our Integration Manager locally, but you’ll need to have a fairly recent version of the desktop app.

Can we link this with our Accounting System?

Yes. There are a number of standard interfaces for common systems, API’s if you wish to create an interface yourselves. Another option is for us (or you) to create an App for our system to link directly with API’s from your accounting system.

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