Professional Services Automation

Manage resource scheduling better, track time easier, faster and more accurately, set charge rates however you need with no limits, and have the exact reporting and dashboards you need.

Full Time-Cycle Professional Services Automation

Our PSA solution streamlines professional teams’ time as it flows from future scheduled events, to doing the work in the present, tracking actual time, valuing the time, syncing it all with your internal systems (Outlook, CRM, LMS, ERP etc.) as if they were one. Seamlessly syncing best of breed systems to make your business solution.

We help you manage time

At Timewatch, our solutions are designed with time-saving in mind, and with our PSA system you could save employees hours every week. User-friendly timesheets allow for quick time entry, and instant availability views facilitate faster and more accurate scheduling. Our system also includes interactive dashboards that deliver every type of data you could need!

Outlook Timesheet Time Tracking

Schedule and Plan Resources

Scheduling resources is a critical process in maximizing the utilization of your most valuable of resources – people’s time. View resources by skill, project, customer, team, schedule by availability, proximity, or any grouping or attribute you need – the system is configurable to your needs.

Integrate with employee calendars

Our PSA software easily integrates with calendars in Outlook, Teams, and Google, giving you the flexibility and visibility you need for advanced resource scheduling and time management. PSA allows for much greater control with much less effort.

Timewatch Two Way Outlook Calendar Sync
Professional Services Automation All Devices

Streamline everything

Our PSA solution can help you streamline and manage everything to do with your projects, customers and employees. View schedules, value time, see reports and dashboards, integrate with online calendars and financial systems – the benefits are limitless. Tailor our PSA solution to work perfectly for you.

Produce reports on anything

We understand that different organizations have different reporting requirements, which is why we’ve made our reporting systems 100% customizable. There are standard reports ‘out of the box’, but with our report writers, when the question “can we see XXX” comes, you’ll always have an answer.

Mobile Security


We tick all the boxes. ISO 9001 & 27001 certified with secure, responsive cloud apps that support both desktop and mobile devices on all platforms available on AWS & Azure. With no local apps, there is nothing to download or install on any device, so no data downloaded and stored on PC’s or mobiles, so no risk should any device be lost or stolen.

Integrate with core systems

PSA covers your complete project and customer lifecycle and integrates seamlessly with your core systems.

Scheduling can link with calendars, timesheets, Teams, and LMS systems. Timesheets can connect with financials and upstream systems, billing integrates with customers, CRM and financials, and time valuation flow to billing and financial systems. However you need your integration to work, we help you make it happen.

PSA integrates with
Time and billing - grow as you grow

And grow as you grow

Adaptability and scalability are key requirements of a professional services automation solution. As your requirements, organizational structure, size, analysis requirements, etc change, so too does your implementation. With four editions of increasing levels of functionality, flexibility, configurability, and optional modules available, you can upgrade, enhance and reconfigure your solution as your needs evolve.

Timewatch Professional Services Automation Software

Time&Space® – Professional Services Automation

Combines all the features of our resource scheduling, time tracking and project billing systems in a single, fully integrated system.

  • Professional Services Automation solution
  • Sophisticated, configurable Resource Scheduling
    • Supports any resource type: people, skill, equipment, courses…
    • Group & view resources by skill, location, any attribute you need
    • Search & schedule by resource, skill, availability, proximity etc.
    • Customizable booking/appointment fields: customer, project, task, etc.
    • Color coding, drag & drop, timezones, conflict management
    • Two-way Outlook Calendar Sync
  • Sophisticated, configurable timesheet & time tracking
    • – Traditional and calendar timesheet
    • – Works with Outlook, Teams & Google
    • – Turns Outlook / Google / Teams / scheduled appointments into timesheets
    • – Turns Teams meetings and calls into timesheets
    • – Saves employees 2-4 hours a week
    • – Manager approval
  • Sophisticated, costing, charging & billing
    • – Unlimited charge-out rates
    • – Rates by anything: customer, project, employee, role, task, date…
    • – Multi-currency
    • – Links with any financial system
  • Report & dashboard designers, get full access to your data
  • Best of breed – can seamless sync with anything
  • Runs on all devices
  • Can be configured (and customized) to match the way your organization works
  • Fully scalable
  • Secure, ISO certified, PEN tested
  • 100% uptime over the past 4 years

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Schedulers can see instantly see who is available to get to the client in the shortest amount of time.

It is important to know how much time we have scheduled, and are spending on projects so we can go back to our clients and tell them about possible inefficiencies and reward staff if they are being efficient.

We needed to closely manage the performance of our project work, project managers and staff to understand fees incurred against budgets and to better plan and manage work, keep administration tasks to a minimum while ensuring staff could complete timesheets and claim expenses quickly from any location.

We chose Timewatch as it was the only product that delivered on all requirements.

Timewatch helps us make informed decisions. It is important to know how much time we are spending on projects and their efficiencies and inefficiencies. Using this system gives us better and more open conversations with everyone – whether they are clients or staff.

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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