What does PSA mean to you?

Match and schedule the right people to the right projects, maximize utilization, streamline actual time tracking, valuing time accurately, managing projects better, improving reporting and integrating with your financial and other systems, we have good news for you.

Configurable, customizable PSA solution

Time&Space® provides the core PSA elements of: resource scheduling, time tracking, expense tracking, project billing and analysis. Multiple integration options allow customers to choose their preferred ERP, CRM, LMS & Payroll systems.

Key features include:

  • Resource schedules can be managed centrally and published to each users’ Outlook calendar
  • Leveraging schedules in timesheets saves each employees hours each week
  • Configurable charge rates support any rating structure
  • Flexible billing systems support any billing structure, or link with billing in financials
  • Customizable reporting delivers unrestricted analysis & reporting at all levels
  • Solves the challenge of mid-project progress and profitability, allowing early corrective action to be taken
  • Customization options allow for a 100% perfect functional fit today and in the future
  • API’s, Apps and Custom Apps allow for seamless integration with literally any system
See how easy it is to enter timesheets with Timewatch.

Timesheet Entry

How long do your employees spend entering timesheets?

However long it takes, we save that time, allowing employees to spend more time working on productive tasks. Our customers tell us that Time&Space® saves them around 1 day a month over other systems†.

With MS-Office styling, users often comment that it feels like they’ve always been using the system. This familiarity and intuitive design means no end user training is needed.

Time Saving Features

Users can import appointments from Outlook or Google calendars, saving hours each week. There are also timers for those that like to track time as they go, and an AI timesheet so users can speak to their phone: “Post 2 hours to my timesheet today, for project XYZ”.

The average saving is around 2 hours a week, or 1 day a month.

For a professional services organization, having an extra chargeable day each month represents a return on investment of around 10,000%.

† Average saving reported by customers is 1.5 days per month.
‡ Typical values of 1 chargeable day vs cost of Time&Space® Pro per user.

These Tabs show only the areas each user has been given access to.
Click ‘New’ or a blank area of the timesheet to add a new item.
Timers allow users to track time on projects as they work on them. Working on a task – start a timer, phone rings – start another, finish call – go back to the previous timer.
Import appointments from scheduling, Outlook or Google. Saves hours each week by using data from Outlook & Google.
Users can only view reports that administrators have granted them access to.
A timesheet dashboard shows user the current status of their timesheet: late notifications, vacation days taken, scheduled & remaining etc.
Workload dashboard shows up coming commitments.
The columns visible, their width and sort order is all configurable by user. Administrators can set the column names to match your terminology.
Notes can be entered on each cell, which are available in reporting & billing.
If you have a minimum number of hours per day rule, days that do not meet the minimum can be colored red.
Totals by line, column and a total for the week (behind the phone)
Also support Phones and Tablets, offering the same end user functionality as the desktop browser system, but simplified for the mobile user.
Rather than a grid or entry form that is cumbersome on a mobile device, the mobile app fuses graphical display and data entry to make time tracking on a phone quick and easy.
The chart shows hours currently booked per day. A green bar shows you’ve met the minimum hours for the day, red shows you haven’t. Tap on an empty area on a day to add a new entry, tap on a bar to view and edit entries on that day.
Mobile dashboard shows current timesheet status.
Secure, responsive browser app means nothing to install or support on end user devices, but more importantly, no data is downloaded or stored on the devices, so no data security issues to worry about if the device is lost or stolen.

Resource Scheduling

Schedulers tell us they need a fast, configurable, multi-user, multi-resource, multi-day/week/month view so they can see which resources are busy and which are free.

They want multiple views for resources of different skills or groups they define, they want to search for availability and when they make bookings, color code them by type, customize what is displayed in the view and in mouseovers, be able to drag and drop bookings to different resources and/or dates, and have all this sync automatically with Outlook.

Timewatch® Resource Scheduling systems do this for breakfast.

There’s also conflict management, custom fields, security, reporting, alerts, dashboards & custom options – as little or as much as you need to solve your scheduling need.

Timewatch® streamlines and increases the speed and accuracy of your scheduling processes, decrease stress, and raises the level of resource utilization attainable, typically by around 6-8 hours a month.

In return on investment terms for a professional services organization, that’s a return of around 10,000%.
‡ Typical values of 1 chargeable day vs cost of a Timewatch® Resource Scheduling solution.

Main Resource Scheduling View
The MS-Office style ribbon means new users are already familiar with the system. This increases user acceptance and reduces training / learning time.
Multiple view styles; from the classic diary style (ideal for most scheduling), to the ‘Timeline’ view where time runs left to right (ideal for broadcasting, 24 hour operations and multi month task scheduling), a conflicts view that alerts users to conflicts and helps resolve them, and a spreadsheet style Data View.
The specific resources, the number of days and the number of resources per page are all configurable. Set the views as you like then save them so you can flip between views of different resources and densities.
View just the resource name, or add a picture, available hours in view and availability over the coming 6 weeks.
In addition to the typical ‘diary’ style bookings, Timewatch® scheduling systems also support ‘Project Task’ scheduling – multi-day items that can be a %age of time, a number of hours per day or days per week. Ideal for background tasks, project and long term scheduling where not everything in a day can be represented with a start time and an end time, or even a specific day.
Making a booking is as simple as clicking in free space, but maybe another resource with the same skills and more availability would be a better choice. Our scheduling systems can help schedulers make more ‘nuanced’ decisions where needed.
The height of the resources in view is configurable, so you can increase or decrease the number of resources per page.
Resources can be people, courses, equipment, vehicles, studios, rooms… anything you need to schedule.

No compromise charge rates

Valuing time needs to be perfect. Even a penny difference adds up over time. Additionally, discrepancies waste time as they are investigated. This is why Timewatch® supports unlimited rates to 6 decimal places.

This may seem overkill, but it isn’t. Rate accuracy and flexibility is the only way of ensuring our customers can value and charge time exactly the way they need to, with no compromises.

For example, most system limits the number of employee rates possible. In one case, a customer needed to charge a rate that fell between two values. They couldn’t tell their customers that they had to charge more because their system didn’t support it, so they had to suffer the loss and charge the lower rate. Losses which added up to be quite considerable over time. That customer is now using Time&Space® and makes no compromise on their charge rates.

PSA valuing time

No compromise reporting

Time&Space® offers multiple reporting and analytical tools to ensure customers have access to the exact data they need, when they need it.

Traditional Reports

A gallery of classic ‘print preview’ style reports is available for customers to choose the exact reports they need.


Turn data into insight, with charts, gauges and views of data designed to help busy managers & directors to rapidly review current performance.

Drill Downs

Interactive reporting tool unique to Timewatch®. Drill down from high level summary, level by level down to the underlying transactions.

Exporting Data

Data can be exported in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, CSV etc.

Auto Alerts

Auto emails notify administrators of literally anything. Late timesheets, timesheets to approve, late scheduled items, project nearing budget, mid project profitability decrease etc.

Custom Reports

A powerful SQL Report Designer is available for those that want to develop custom reports. We also offer a report writing service.

Whatever your requirements, you can create the perfect PSA reporting system for your organization, without limits or compromise.

Timesheet reporting
The Home

Visualize & Analyze Data with Dashboards

Dashboards help people visualize and comprehend data faster and easier, which help them make more informed decisions faster.

CEOs, CFOs and managers can view and comprehend data at a glance KPIs, metrics, and data across offices, teams, customers, projects etc.

Real-time monitoring allows saves administrators hours or days of analysis and preparation time each month, and provide senior managers with the ability to view their Dashboard at any time for up-to-date and accurate data with zero chance of manual preparation error.

Best still, dashboards can be customized, so if your CEO, CFO or managers need a specific Dashboard, it can be created for them.

PSA valuing time
Dashboards are accessed via the Home Tab. Dashboards are configurable in that administrators set whether users have access to Dashboards, and if they are, which ones they can view.
Each user can set a ‘Home Dashboard’ – their default Dashboard that will automatically be displayed when they next login, or can return to by clicking Home.
Users can have access to multiple Dashboards, for example: scheduling, timesheets, expenses, advanced timesheets, billing, Outlook integration statistics, or any custom dashboards that have been created for your organization.
Users can flip through Dashboards easily.
Users can configure their settings for their dashboards, including which Dashboard they want to be their default.
Dashboards show views of key information by using charts, graphs, data grids, time lines and gauges.

Interactive Reporting

Drill Downs offer a unique reporting, analytical and querying tool that, for most, quickly becomes their ‘go-to’ reporting tool.

Drill Downs start by providing a spreadsheet like line summary, by Project, Customer or Employee. Users can then double click on any field to drill down to a detailed breakdown of the value they clicked on, and they can drill down to further levels all the way down to the underlying transactions.

This rapid, raw, querying of transactional data is why it becomes most users favorite reporting tool. In seconds, users can focus in on time booked, costs, invoices, expenses etc and drill down to the information they want.

Users can add, remove and rearrange columns, search and filter data (eg. all projects for a customer, billing greater or less than a certain value, transactions after or before a date etc.). Users have total control. Additionally, data can be exported to popular applications such as Excel, Word, PDF etc.)

Timewatch systems also include traditional ‘print preview’ style reporting, Dashboards, Auto notifications and alerts, but to many, Drill Downs are the icing on the cake.

PSA Reporting
The Home tab provides access to Dashboard Reporting.
Drill downs can be viewed by Project, Employee, Customer etc. viewing hours, costs, charges, expenses, estimates, custom fields, pretty much anything. The user drill down from high level summary to details and all the way down to the underlying transactions themselves.
The Reports tab provides access to the library of traditional reports.
Users can add and remove columns to ensure their drills downs show all of the data columns they require.
Drill Down data can be exported to various systems in various formats: Excel, Word, CSV, PDF etc.
Enabling filters allows users to filter any fields they like to locate the data they need. Searches can be textural (search for names, words, sounds like etc.) or numerical (equal to, greater or less than etc.)
Data can be searched by date: specific dates such as this/last week/month/year, week/month/year to date and of course custom date ranges.
The search tool allows users to locate specific projects, employees or customers quickly and easily.
You can drill down on any data field to a summary of the underlying data, all the way to the underlying transactions.
Totals are summed for each column.

Professional Services Automation

With our Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution you can streamline everything to do with your projects, customers and employees. View schedules, value time, analyze data via reports and dashboards, integrate with Outlook, CRM, LMS and financial systems, and save you time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.


Combines the resource scheduling features of Whitespace®, with the time & expenses tracking, billing and financials integration features of Time®&Money.

Time&Space® combines all of the resource scheduling features of Whitespace®,Time®&Money to provide a complete, fully unified professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Time&Space® includes: resource scheduling, time and expenses tracking, project costing, billing and financials integration.

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