We have previously covered questions about how using free software or free applications may not be the best strategy for your business.

As we outlined, if budget is your only consideration, you might prefer to use paper and pencil. Maybe even a free spreadsheet like Excel. They can certainly be cheap – but they waste a lot of time.


Timewatch provides the best timesheet system and we think there are a few reasons you should pay for quality. It is good to see other companies considering this approach, which is why we enjoyed this blog from Team Absence – a company that provides HR software (and a company with which we have no affiliation) – discussing what is a fair price to pay for enterprise software.

What is a fair price for business software?

The answer, of course, is ‘it varies’. What is consistent, however, is that using free software can come at a cost.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right software for your enterprise. If you are thinking about free software, these are some important points to consider:

You are the product


If you are not paying to use a software product, we’re sorry to say that you are the product.

If you’re not paying them, can they really support you?

If you aren’t paying for your product, how does a supplier make a living? Can they really afford to offer the level of support and service that your business needs? Probably not.

Are they protecting your confidential data properly?


Can you really be confident that the free software provider will be taking all the proper precautions with your data when they are earning absolutely nothing from you?



Can you be sure the service will be up and running when you need it? Timewatch is renowned for its robust servers with zero downtime.

Viruses and malware

Some free software is actually created specifically to be given away, as a means of installing viruses and malware on your company’s computers.


We would add that our superior products save employees HOURS each week compared to other products.

Let’s use that word again: HOURS.

We maintain that even compared to a FREE timesheet product, a Timewatch solution is better for your company’s efficiency.

Price is the wrong way to look at your time tracking system options. Instead, you should look at how cost effective the products will be for your business.