Masterleo: Service Provider for the Food and Dairy Industry

Located near Columbus, Ohio, Masterleo provides on-site preventative maintenance, audit services, and instrumentation calibration and repair for the food and dairy industry.

Many Fortune 500 companies are among Masterleo’s customers – including Nestle, Unilever, Kroger, and Dean Foods.

“Our specific focus is milk pasteurization so we do a lot with the dairy industry,” explains Masterleo’s Brian Henry.

Cows on a dairy farm in Maryland, U.S.A. Image courtesy: USDA

Cows on a dairy farm in Maryland, U.S.A. Image courtesy: USDA


Resource Scheduling Months Ahead

“This is not a computer help desk where we have tickets that are opened and closed. Customers don’t typically call us to set up routine service, we call them. All of our trips are planned out – we usually set our calendar several months in advance.

Keeping Your Milk Safe

“There are a lot of electronics and mechanical devices in our customer’s facilities and there is a lot of regulation that goes into the milk that you drink. We have to make sure that milk – or that beverage product or that cheese – is safe for consumption. We do a lot of calibration for the equipment. If a customer has a chart recorder or temperature sensor that fails, they call us in to repair, test, and calibrate those devices.”

Masterleo partnered with another company – Foxboro, a Massachusetts company that manufactures field devices – to develop a system to accurately measure milk volumes during the custody transfer process.

“When you go to pump $20 worth of gas into your car you don’t question whether it is $20 because you know they test pumps,” explains Henry. “We do much the same thing for the dairy industry. They are not paying for any product they did not receive. It doesn’t matter if milk got lost in the bottom of the truck or if there was snow and ice on the truck when it was weighed – you pay for what you pumped into the receiving silo.”

Scheduling on All Devices

Detail, accuracy, and clear data is critical for Masterleo’s business which is one reason the company upgraded from Timewatch’s legacy Wallchart® for Windows system to Whitespace®, the cutting-edge resource scheduling and planning platform that runs on PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

“The primary focus of our company is our service and that is why the scheduling program is important,” explains Henry.

“You can’t just plug that stuff into an Outlook Calendar or an Excel spreadsheet. With Whitespace®, the default set up is typically seven days and that is exactly the way that we work – a week at a time. That is our focus and that is what we need to know – where our technician is going and who is on call that weekend.”