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Timesheets via: PC, Mac, Outlook, Timers, Mobile, Voice

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With a web timesheet system from Timewatch®, users can track time in whichever way suits them best:

  • The traditional ‘spreadsheet’ style timesheet
  • From Outlook & Google Calendars
  • Mobile device
  • Timers
  • Via Google Voice

With multiple entry methods, each organization can choose the best method for them and their users, ensuring the fastest, most accurate and easiest timesheet possible for their users. Analysis and reporting is powerful and configurable, so although data can be exported to Excel, our aim is to provide the exact reporting needed so that no time is wasted on external manipulation. Administration is also streamlined so that every part of the organization saves time with a Timewatch timesheet solution. Systems are available in the cloud, on private servers or on-premises.

Time tracking & timesheet entry via PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet, Outlook and Google
With Office 365 look and feel, users are instantly familiar with the systems. This helps make our timesheets faster and easier to learn and use.
Timers help users track time on specific tasks throughout the day. Users can start, stop and swap between timers as the day evolves. It’s easy, accurate and perfect for busy users.
Users of Outlook or Google calendars can save hours each week by turning Outlook or Google appointments into timesheets.
The timesheet dashboard provides users with a quick summary of timesheet status.
Easy navigation allows users to quickly move back and forth in time to the last completed timesheet, last entered, submitted or current week
Timesheet column names can be tailored to match the terms your organization uses. Matching the terminology makes timesheet entry more intuitive and easier for end users.
Within a job or project, there are two further sub levels available for analysis. These can also be renamed to suit your organization, and users can sort timesheets by any column heading.
Time can be entered as hours.decimals, hours:minutes, or as a %age of time.
Notes can be allocated to each timesheet cell. Cells with notes can be recognized by the notes icon. Notes are available in reporting and billing.
With the mobile app, users can enter timesheets via mobile phone and tablet as well.

Time Tracking & Timesheet Systems

There are four web timesheet systems within the Timewatch® suite of products:


Turns Outlook appointments into timesheets, and Outlook into a timesheet system!

OutlookTime® is simple, but brilliant!

It lets you use the data already in Outlook to create timesheets. Just allocate customers/projects to appointments, then post them to your timesheet. An ideal entry level timesheet system for any organization that uses Outlook.

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Sophisticated, expandable, and time-saving web timesheet system. Saves employees 1-3 hours per week compared to other systems.

With Time® our aim was to make the ultimate web timesheet system, and we think we’ve nailed it.

Firstly, Time® is fast, saving around 2 hours per week compared to other systems. It our super fast classic timesheet, our unique Outlook Timesheet, Timers, Voice and it supports all devices. Then there is powerful reporting, integration, customization and more.

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Sophisticated time recording and billing system that can be configured to perfectly match your billing rules.

Time®&Money combines fast and efficient timesheet entry, with powerful time valuation and billing tools to provide a complete time and billing solution.

The system supports time and materials to fixed price billing, and can even support complex custom rating billing rules. Invoice templates are driven by an SSRS based template designer to create pixel-perfect invoice templates.

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All of time recording and billing functionality of Time®&Money, with integrated resource scheduling facilities in a complete Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

Time&Space® combines all of the time and billing functionality of Time®&Money with the advanced resource scheduling features of Whitespace® in one unified professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Time&Space® includes: time & expenses tracking, resource scheduling, project costing, billing, business intelligence reporting and financials integration.

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