Things have moved on since this was posted and there have been many new releases and new modules made available including:
New Outlook Timesheet system
New Report Writer
New Dashboards and Dashboard designer
Resource Scheduling by Capacity / Availability
SSO for all customers, including Cloud customers
New resource scheduling sync with Outlook and Office 365
– And much more

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Timewatch is excited to announce that Version X5.0 of our time tracking and resource scheduling software is in final testing and will be available for customers soon.

Existing customers can stand by for a whole heap of great new features that will make 2018 your most efficient year yet.

Version X5.0 will be rolled out for all our cloud software products including:

Time® – time tracking solution

OutlookTime® – Outlook timesheet solution

Time®&Money – time recording and billing solution

Whitespace® – resource scheduling solution

Time&Space® – everything all in one

They key items to look out for in the latest update include:

  • New Timesheet stopwatch system
  • Upgraded Mobile Timesheet system
  • Upgraded Scheduling system
  • New Timeline (rolling 24 hour) view in scheduling
  • New Planning module for scheduling provides gantt based planning system
  • New apps system allows for enhanced configuration, customization and integration
  • Integration Apps for Salesforce, Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, and more to come
  • New Customization module allows customers to safely customize the system to perfectly meet their needs
  • New Language module provides support for virtually any language
  • All new reporting module provides faster browsing and selection of reports with instant preview
  • Reporting enhanced with more filter parameters and saving of filters
  • Enhanced OutlookTimesheet system now adds timesheet reporting and advanced timesheet features to Outlook

Our products are highly configurable and can perfectly match your business needs today and in the future.

Timewatch support is excellent, we do not outsource, and specifically design our software so that it needs less support than others.

Timewatch is used in an incredibly broad range of industries including aerospace, airlines, architecture, banking, consultancies, defense, education, engineering, entertainment, government, healthcare, IT, media, oil & gas, project management, railways, recruitment, training, and universities.

We provide both cloud and self-hosted solutions, have offices in the US, UK, and Australia, and have customers all over the world, ranging from small businesses with just a handful of employees to international enterprises with thousands of employees.