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The goal of Timewatch professional services automation products is to make your work life simple, easy, efficient, and secure. It’s our mission.

However, with custom reporting, there are technical, logistical, and security challenges in allowing customers to create their own queries and reports. This meant that custom timesheet reporting could only be provided to customers on their own private servers, which excluded smaller customers in our public cloud!

Custom Timesheet Report Writer Now Available to All

We are delighted to announce that our custom timesheet report writer is now available to all customers. The report writer ticks all the technical, security and ease of use boxes, and is now available to all customers, of any size, on any Timewatch product – including our smaller public cloud customers.

You don’t need to be an expert report writer or have a degree to create your own reports. This means that any organization can create the exact time reporting their organization needs today, and adapt their own reporting as needs change.

More agile reporting provides control over your data, and better business intelligence will help save money, and make better business decisions.

Making Custom Timesheet Reports Easy

Our new report writer will make analyzing your timesheet and outlook timesheet data as simple as drag-and-drop, but also has the power and flexibility to support advanced users.

With direct access to your data, the report writer gives the customers the ability to analyze their employee, customer, project, timesheet, billing, and revenue data however they want, in the format they want to see it.

The new report writer is available with ALL of our time recording and time tracking products and in all editions. All customers – not just Corporate and Enterprise platform users have access to this exciting update.

Why is this a big deal? Let’s break it down:

  • Customers can now write reports for all user levels! Previously custom reports were only available to advanced users. Now they can be created and added to menus for any level of user.
  • More export formats have been added! This allows customers to use the report writer as a custom data extract tool. For some customers, especially smaller customers, is a lot easier than using APIs to access raw data.
  • Report Writer can be used by anyone! Writing reports can be a tedious (but important) process but there is usually someone in an organization that can manipulate data in spreadsheets and format documents. If there are people with those skills in your organization then they have the skills to be able to write reports using our Report Writer platform.
  • (Did we mention that training and consultancy services are available to assist customers if they need it? Well, they are!).

“This is a report writer everyone can use,” explains Phil Jones, Timewatch Product Specialist. “You don’t need to be a database expert. You don’t need to be a geek, our new report writer is something anyone that can use Excel can easily navigate.”

Importantly, our upcoming report writer will save your business money.

As an example, one Timewatch customer was quoted $40,000 (seriously) by a major ERP provider for a single report. To be fair, it was a complex query and a complex report that was crucial to the organization. With some training and advice from Timewatch, the customer was able to create the report themselves with our custom report writer.

“Our previous Report Writer was only available to Corporate and Enterprise level customers with private servers,” says Anthony Vaccaro, a senior product specialist at Timewatch. “We redeveloped the Report Writer to make it available to all customers, including our Essentials and Pro editions in our public cloud. Now customers don’t have to pay an outside consultant for days of their time, they can create their own reports, have total control of their reporting and get exactly the reports management needs.”

We just made report writing simple and easy

There is no denying report writing can be a complex process, but our report writer provides that service with simple clicks of a button. To make report writing as easy as possible, the report writer is pre-configured with data views that will give customers access to all the data they should ever need, including custom fields they create.

Timewatch understands every customer is different and our new report writer also supports customized formatting. Do you want your company’s logo included? Do you want your reports to follow your business’ style guide? You can customize your report to reflect your business identity.

How to avoid using Excel but continue to write your own reports

As your business grows, you won’t out-grow our custom timesheet report writer. As you scale, you won’t require a new system or need to hire more consultants. You simply modify your reporting parameters. The Timewatch report writer is simple to use and it sets us apart from our competitors.

“Customers tell us that before Timewatch they had to export data to Excel and manipulate data for days to get management the monthly reports they need, which is hardly real-time reporting,” says Phil Jones.

“With Timewatch, customers get closer to their requirements with our standard reports but now they can write their own reports to perfectly match their requirements. This means that monthly management reports can be printed off minutes before board meetings or in real-time by directors.”

“Now, more than ever, businesses want to take control of their own data and write their own reports. This opens up report writing to everyone. You don’t have to use consultancy services that will cost you lots of money. You don’t need to be an expert in report writing to get the data you want.”

Explains Vaccaro: “We often get asked by customers if they can write their own reports. Now the answer for all customers is yes. This new add-on ticks a huge box for customers.”

Save money with the new custom timesheet report writer

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