Cloud timesheet

Web timesheet entry is simple and easy with Timewatch's Time, Time&Money and Time&Space time recording solutions. The web timesheet loads within any web browser and provides a fast and efficient way to enter web timesheets via web browser wherever users are. The web timesheet supports most browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari and Blackberry.
Web timesheet entry screen

Timesheet entry by web browser

Timesheet web time tracking via browser allows for easy and fast timesheet entry via any device that provides web browser support.

  • Friendly, web timesheet

    little or no training required
  • Familiar Office look and feel

    rapid end user acceptance
  • Web timesheet search bar

    amazing timesheet entry technology saves over 70% of timesheet entry time
  • Assignment list by user

    minimizes errors / saves more time
  • Customizable terminology

    users are instantly at home - minimizes training
  • Configurable Manager Approval

    definable timesheet manager approval rules
  • Approval Indicator

    "You have Timesheets to approve button" alerts managers
  • Auto Email Chasers

    Customizable email chasers for users and managers with varying message tone with each subsequent reminder
  • Dashboard

    provides up-to-the-minute feedback to users, saves time, reduces missed deadlines and improves timesheet accuracy
  • Users complaining that it takes ages to fill in their timesheet as Time® is simple and easy to use
  • Users saying it is too hard to complete a timesheet
  • Users putting time against jobs they are not allocated to - users may only book time to projects they are allocated to
  • Users not posting their timesheet as they are notified of their posted time status and auto email reminders can be set up to chase tardy users
  • Users not being able to enter timesheets when they are out of the office - Time® supports remote entry so users can enter timesheets wherever they are
  • Assignments not being available in timesheets - as soon as projects are allocated to users they are available to book time to
  • Delays and duplicate entry through paper or excel timesheets as data is entered in one place and is immediately available for reporting and analysis once posted
  • Wasted time through administrators chasing users with late timesheets, with Time® managers can quickly and easily see who has not posted their time and auto email reminders will chase users automatically for you
  • Loss of data from Excel based system as all timesheets are maintained within the Time® database
  • Replaces "home grown" system that has not kept up with technology - Time® is a market leading product that receives continual development with a proven track record over 20 years
  • Replaces or acts as a front end for an existing time entry system that users dislike using

MAC timesheet entry system

Timewatch® timesheet solutions support all major MAC browsers including Safari and Firefox. And if you have the odd person running Windows, we also support Internet Explorer.

Timewatch® timesheet entry screen    

The Timewatch® timesheet is available for all of our Time Recording and Time Tracking solutions - compare solutions.

Web timesheet entry

Users simply love Timewatch® web timesheet. Whatever you assign time to, be it job, project, task, case etc. you set the terminology to match your organization's terms so when your users first see the system they see familiar terms and are immediately at home. A welcome video greets them to show them the basics and your administrators can write custom help and provide instructions on how you enter time in your organization; your rules, expected posting dates, whatever you need to streamline the process of web timesheet entry.

When entering time, users only see the items they are assigned to, making their pick lists as short as possible and specific to them. This speeds up entry and ensures they cannot book time to projects they are not allocated to which dramatically reduces entry errors.

One of our users' favorites feature is "instant search" - which searches valid projects as they type, just like in a search engine, the system suggests relevant items to choose from. This feature alone saves over 70% of the time taken to complete a timesheet and is unique to Timewatch.

Users have the freedom to enter time as hours-minutes, decimals or as a %age of their day, they can roll projects forward from the previous week, import time from their Outlook Calendars - yes that's right, if you have a booking in your Calendar you just click a button to import that time and allocate it to a Job in your timesheet.

Instant search bar, suggests projects as the user types - remembers their history too
Instant search picker

All of this adds up to easier, faster, friendlier and more accurate timesheet entry, which is why users love entering time with Time®.

Web timesheet administrators share the love

Administrators love Time® too, they can define entry rules to ensure users can only log time to the projects assigned to them which dramatically reduces administration overhead in

reviewing and approving time.

Administrators are immediately made aware when timesheets are waiting for approval as the "Check Time" button blinks when there are timesheets to check, and is disabled when there are none.

Manager and admin tools

Late timesheet chasers

Administrators often waste a considerable amount of time chasing late timesheets. A Timewatch® solution can save valuable admin time by automatically sending reminders to people that post their timesheets late. There is even an escalation process so the tone of the email can change with each subsequent reminder as well as escalate the offenders list to managers if the issue persists.


We are sure you'll find that a Timewatch® solution is friendlier, faster and easier to use than your current web timesheet system. If you are looking for a new or replacement system for your current time recording system you can see Time® in action from our live demos.


To see the system in action, click on the image at the top of this screen. If you like what you see and want to see more, why not book a test drive so you can experience just how easy it is to set up and use.