How do you value your time?

ANY compromise when valuing time loses money.

Timewatch® brings total rate accuracy to timesheet billing.

No Compromise Time Tracking & Billing

Timewatch® time and billing systems are modular, expandable and adaptable. They include our time saving timesheet systems, powerful costing & charging systems, and financial integration and billing systems. They can perfectly meet your charging rules today, and in the years to come. It’s how our very first time and billing customer is still a customer 20 years later, even though our technology has evolved and they have grown from 25 people to over 500 across 7 offices.

Every second we can save employees entering timesheets, is time your employees can use more productively getting back to work. We include the typical spreadsheet style timesheet that all timesheet systems have, but faster. We also have unique time saving features including: preemptive pickers that learn what people are working on, Outlook timesheet that turns Outlook appointments into timesheets in seconds, timers, Google Voice, and we support PCs, Macs, Phones & Tablets.  Simply put, our timesheets save employees around 2 hours a week compared to other systems.

The system can link with financial systems to perform billing, but we also provide an advanced, customizable project billing system that has been designed to perfectly match the exacting billing requirements our customers have.

We offer 2 time & billing systems: Time®&Money, our modular, expandable time and billing solution, and Time&Space® which also includes resource scheduling.

Hotspots explaining the classic timesheet, mobile, Outlook, Timers and OK Google.

Time & Billing Systems

There are two systems with time and billing functionality in the Timewatch® product range:


Sophisticated and highly configurable time recording and billing system that can perfectly match your timesheet, valuation & billing rules.

Time®&Money combines fast and efficient timesheet entry, with powerful time valuation and billing tools to provide a complete time and billing solution.

The system supports time and materials to fixed price billing, and can even support complex custom rating billing rules. Invoice templates are driven by an SSRS based template designer to create pixel-perfect invoice templates.

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All of the time and billing functionality of Time®&Money, as well as fully integrated resource scheduling in a complete Professional Services Automation solution.

Time&Space® combines all of the time and billing functionality of Time®&Money with the advanced resource scheduling features of Whitespace® in one unified professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Time&Space® includes: time & expenses tracking, resource scheduling, project costing, billing, business intelligence reporting and financials integration.

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Timewatch professional services solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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