Sophisticated Resource Scheduling

Off-the-shelf and configurable scheduling systems to perfectly match your organization’s requirements.

Better Resource Scheduling Saves Time

Timewatch® resource scheduling solutions are configurable, so they can set up to suit any resource scheduling requirement.

Multi-Resource Views

Viewing multiple resources is a must-have for schedulers as they bring instant visibility of everyone’s schedules and availability. With views configurable by any resource attribute, schedulers can locate the exact set of resources needed for scheduling. Schedulers can search, sort, and filter resources on any attribute, including availability. Rapid access to resource sets helps schedulers can make better, more informed decisions faster. Better scheduling not only saves schedulers time, but it also allows schedulers to utilize current resources more efficiently†.

Accuracy, Trust and Speed

Schedulers need to know that the ‘whitespace’ in a calendar is genuinely free. Often, employees use a personal diary, and schedulers use a different one, which leads to conflicts, errors, and time loss. Timewatch® systems can seamlessly sync bi-directionally with Outlook, so users can keep using their Outlook calendars, and there are no conflicts, no errors, and no time loss. With absolute trust in the accuracy of resources’ schedules, schedulers can dramatically increase employee utilization rates†.

Scheduling Perfection

There is a lot more to scheduling perfection: conflict management, custom fields, Outlook sync, configurability, security, reporting, etc. Your organization may not need all or even any of these features today, but you can add them as you need them. The crucial takeaways are that Timewatch® systems are explicitly designed for scheduling and will increase the speed and accuracy of your scheduling processes, decrease stress, and raise the attainable level of utilization of your resources.


As you choose the features you need, the system can be configured to meet your needs today perfectly and reconfigured as your needs change in the future.

† Customers report an increase in utilization between 5-10%, a significant return on investment.

Main Resource Scheduling View
The MS-Office style ribbon means new users are already familiar with the system. This increases user acceptance and reduces training / learning time.
Multiple view styles; from the classic diary style (ideal for most scheduling), to the ‘Timeline’ view where time runs left to right (ideal for broadcasting, 24 hour operations and multi month task scheduling), a conflicts view that alerts users to conflicts and helps resolve them, and a spreadsheet style Data View.
The number of days viewed is configurable. Increase or decrease the number of days as you like.
View just the resource name, or add a picture, available hours in view and availability over the coming 6 weeks.
In addition to the usual ‘diary’ style bookings, Timewatch scheduling systems also allow for Task scheduling – items that can run for multiple days that can be a ratio of the time spent. For example 2 hours a day, 100% of time 2 days a week. Ideal for background tasks, project scheduling and what we call realistic scheduling, where not everything in a day can be represented with a start time and an end time, or even a specific day.
Making a booking is as simple as clicking in free space, but maybe another resource with the same skills and more availability would be a better choice. Our scheduling systems can help schedulers make more ‘nuanced’ decisions where needed.
The height of the resources in view is configurable, so you increase or decrease the number of resources as required.
Resources can be people, courses, equipment, vehicles, studios, rooms… anything.

...the easy color-coding, being able to see skillsets and appointments in a simple visual way and being able to have appointments interact with Outlook was key for us.

Leading Healthcare ProviderVP of Business Applications

With WhiteSpace®, schedulers can see instantly see who is available to get to the client in the shortest amount of time.

Leading Customer Services OrganizationVP of Services

Timewatch® and Whitespace® are the best resource scheduling fit that we have found.

ConsultancySenior Director

The application looks exactly like a Microsoft Office product, I really like that.

Leading Payroll ProviderProject Leader

We looked at a product that said it could integrate with Outlook, but it was only on creation, so if they made any changes we didn’t know. This is great that I can see bookings going both ways and all updates.

CPA FirmFounder

Timewatch products make the impossible possible and the complicated simple.

Training CompanyPrincipal

We use Whitespace® to schedule pilots flying rosters 24 hours a day, it has reduced scheduling conflicts and expanded internal communication.

Air DefenseConfidential

Resource Scheduling Systems

There are two systems with resource scheduling functionality in the Timewatch® product range.

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Employee and project-centric resource scheduling solution. View multiple resources simultaneously, drag and drop, schedule by customer, project, course, anything.

With employee & project-centric scheduling, Whitespace® is ideal for scheduling people, projects, courses – anything that needs to be scheduled.

Includes sophisticated features to help schedulers find the best, most available resource for a task, and can sync with people’s Outlook calendars. Powerful reporting and an optional report writer ensure unlimited access to your data

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Combines the resource scheduling features of Whitespace®, with the time & expenses tracking, billing and financials integration features of Time®&Money.

Time&Space® combines all of the resource scheduling features of Whitespace®,Time®&Money to provide a complete, fully unified professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Time&Space® includes: resource scheduling, time and expenses tracking, project costing, billing and financials integration, powerful reporting, optional Outlook sync and report writer.

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