Time&Money supports a number of advanced customization options including custom; fields, terminology, rules, menus, reports, dashboards, even stored procedures and business logic.

  • 100% fit
    allows you to "Personalize" your timewatch solution to perfectly match your business requirements both now and as they evolve in the future
  • Safe
    personalizations do not modify the core application, so you stay on the same product path as all customers and can upgrade to new versions of the software as they are released
  • Cost effective
    because personalizations utilize inbuilt business logic events, database functions and menus they will continue to work with new versions of Time®&Money as they are released

Time®&Money - Customization options

We know what you are thinking - customizing applications is expensive and stops you from being able to upgrade to new releases in the future - right? No, not with Time®&Money.

We've specifically designed a customization methodology that allows customizations to be incorporated into the system, while still allowing you to upgrade to new versions in the future. We call it "Personalization" and it is available in our Ultimate edition.

Creating custom fields within Time®&Money

Firstly, there are a number of optional modules available forTime®&Money that allow you to extend the "out of the box" features to your system and this is the first port of call where extended features and functions are needed. If no standard feature or optional out of the box module exists for what you are looking for. With our advanced personalization tools in we can help you "redraw the box" and make the system do literally whatever you want:

  • Create new fields
  • Use custom fields in drill downs and reports
  • Personalize reports
  • Personalize business logic and process flow
  • Create new reports and utilize custom fields and custom logic
  • Attach functions and reports to toolbars and right mouse click functions
  • Create new forms, data capture, approval processes etc. and who can access them
  • Attach new forms to toolbars, menus and right click functions
  • Create custom interfaces
  • Create interfaces and control when to run them
  • Create custom alerts, emails and notifications
  • Automated functions or process that are run at specific times or when specific events occur or conditions are met

Personalization is not for everyone, although some of the personalization tools are user level tools, some are more administrator level tools and some are developer level. Although personalizations allow you to adapt the system to perfectly match your requirements, achieving this requires an investment of time and money both now and in the future. Specialist skills and knowledge is also required, for example of databases, business procedures, form customization and report writing, however for those that see the benefit of savings of adding custom functionality or automating processes, where the benefits more often that not outweigh the costs.

Of course if you don't have the knowledge to personalize the system yourself, you can request assistance from Timewatch® to train your staff or even create your personalizations for you.

The important things to know at this stage is that it is possible to personalize your Time®&Money system, it doesn't stop you from upgrading to new releases in the future and most importantly, it does allow you to match your organizations needs 100%.

If you would like to learn more about the Personalization options available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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