A recent inquiry received through our website contact page about Outlook and an Office update posed an interesting scenario:

“Hi. We are interested in your OutlookTime® product. We currently use a no-longer-supported product from another company for our timesheet requirements. It does everything we need for our timesheets and billing but causes us big problems because Microsoft keeps breaking it every time it issues an Office update.”

We sympathize. We really do. Especially as this organization is using another company’s product.

But that’s not the point, here.

The problem is this: Microsoft changes what Outlook does every year when it releases a new version. Every year a product that plugs into Outlook will  “break”.

How we leverage the cloud to make sure Outlook doesn’t break


Most of our competitors have Windows forms inside Outlook that are designed to use the functionality inside Outlook to make their products work. When Outlook doesn’t work – neither does their product.

OutlookTime® is different because we do all that in the cloud and minimize the chances of Outlook “breaking” every year with every new version.  

It works like this: all of the screens that pop up in OutlookTime are web screens. This means there is no problem with Outlook. We don’t do use a Windows plugin that runs code on your machine. We write cloud software with all the functionality in the cloud. It won’t break the next time Outlook updates.

An important point: every new version of Outlook.com is designed more and more like Outlook on Windows.

Take a guess: where do you think Microsoft is heading with this? Do you think they’re going to keep developing a Windows product that needs to be installed, maintained, and updated for every version of Windows?

Or do you think Microsoft is going to push its products into the cloud when it provides just as good an experience as Windows?

Cloud computing is the future for Microsoft products



  • Microsoft has a different version of Outlook for Mac which is different to the version for PC
  • The PC version allows for plug-ins – the Mac version doesn’t
  • Cloud version Outlook.com allows for limited plug-ins
  • Outlook.com works on PC, Mac, tablet, and phone

So where do you think Microsoft will take Outlook?

The answer: into the cloud.

That’s why we recommend cloud-based OutlookTime® for your timesheet requirements.

Simply put, OutlookTime® plugs into Outlook and turns your appointments and emails into timesheets. If you have Outlook and use a timesheet, this simple tool will change the way you organize your day.

If you use Outlook and enter timesheets, OutlookTime® will save you hours each week, increase the accuracy of timesheets, and pay for itself in minutes.

And it won’t “break” every year.