A dream come true for Outlook users
OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments (and emails)
into timesheets!

Turn Appointments into Timesheets

OutlookTime® is a dream come true for Outlook users. Now, finally, they can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

OutlookTime® is really simple, really easy, really fast and users love it. They love it because it takes the chore out of timesheet entry. Customers tell us that OutlookTime® saves their employees around 2 hours a week and is more than 10 times faster than their previous system.

If your organization uses Outlook and enters timesheets, OutlookTime® will increase timesheet accuracy, provide powerful consolidated timesheet reporting, and best of all, save each employee 1-2 days a month when compared to a traditional timesheet.

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New Outlook Timesheet
Users just click the Outlook Appointments button to turn appointments into timesheets.
Customer / Project and other analysis information can be allocated to single or multiple appointments quickly and easily.
As a default, the hours on the appointment are posted, but users can override the appointment hours where needed.
The appointment list shows appointments that have not yet been posted, automatically removing posted and ignored items.
Appointments are color coded. Appointments with a green vertical bar are ready to post, red items highlight ones that need a customer/project to be allocated.
OutlookTime® uses Outlook data – the date, start time, end time, duration, subject and notes. The user just adds customer/project to turn the appointment into a timesheet.
Once ready, the user just clicks the ‘Post to Timesheet’ button, and that’s it! Timesheet entered! Customers tell us OutlookTime® saves them around 2 hours a week when compared to other systems.

Outlook Timesheet

Outlook Timesheet for Outlook 2017, 2013, 2010 & 2007

With OutlookTime you can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets and Outlook into a time tracking system. OutlookTime works with Office 365, making Outlook an office365 timesheet system and office 365 timesheet system.

OutlookTime® turns appointments into timesheets at the click of a button! outlook timesheet entry. OutlookTime® Outlook time tracking and timesheet reporter supports all Outlook versions and provides an Outlook 2016 timesheet, Outlook 2013 timesheet, Outlook 2010 timesheet and an Outlook 2007 timesheet.

Saves Hours Each Week

Outlook appointments already have 90% of the information needed for a timesheet: the date, start/end time, duration, subject, location & notes. Rather than entering all this information again, OutlookTime® users simply add customer / project details to their appointments, then post them to their timesheet.

OutlookTime® works with Office 365 and Exchange, so no what device you run Outlook on, your users can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds.

If your organization uses Outlook and enters timesheets, OutlookTime® will increase timesheet accuracy, provide powerful consolidated timesheet reporting, and best of all, save each employee 1-2 days a month when compared to a traditional timesheet.

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Easy to use

OutlookTime® was designed to look and feel like Outlook. Customers tell us that users feel instantly at home, like they’ve been using OutlookTime® for years.


No two organizations are identical, so OutlookTime was designed to be configurable. With 4 editions, configurable options, Apps, and customization options, OutlookTime can perfectly configured to meet your organization’s needs.


A range of advanced features are available, including: classic timesheet, manager approval, interactive drill-down reporting, scalability pack, customization pack to tailor your system, report writer and more.


Apps allow customers to further enhance and customize their system. Apps cover a myriad of functions, eg: customize terminology, set timesheet rules, add a stopwatch to the timesheet, links with other products such as Quickbooks and Salesforce. We also support custom apps.

Grow as you Grow.

A sophisticated, configurable solution can be configured to your needs today, and reconfigured as your needs change and evolve in the future. We often replace systems customers have outgrown, something that never happens with OutlookTime as it can grow and adapt as your needs change.


OutlookTime is compatible with Outlook for Windows 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 linked to Office 365 or Exchange.


To be able to scale efficiently, systems need to be designed for scalability from the outset. OutlookTime was, and is scalable from a few users, to several thousand users and supports single-sign-on, a must for large implementations.


OutlookTime® starts at less than a couple of cups of coffee per month per person, and it’s more productive and gives a greater return on investment.

Why OutlookTime®?

Flexible, powerful, configurable & scalable, OutlookTime® is the last timesheet system you’ll ever need as it can be configured to perfectly match your requirements today, and in the years to come. Best of all, OutlookTime® saves employees hours each week when compared with traditional timesheet systems making it more cost effective in real terms. Contact us to learn how.

OutlookTime Editions

OutlookTime® is the available in 4 editions ranging in flexibility, power and complexity. Each is a powerful and configurable timesheet system that integrates with Outlook to save employees hours each week entering timesheets. From the cost effective Essentials edition which cost less than a couple of cups of coffee per week per person, to the more powerful Pro, Corporate and Enterprise solutions, there’s something for everyone. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your specific needs.


$ 8

Ideal for small businesses on a budget.
  • Outlook Timesheet entry system
  • Manager approval
  • Definable terminology
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Free self learning tools
  • Free Support Center
  • All upgrades and new versions included
  • Cloud or on-premises
  • Upgrade to Pro any time

ProMost Popular

$ 99

For organizations that need a more powerful & configurable solution.
  • All the features of Essentials, plus:
  • Advanced timesheet entry
  • Manager approval
  • Interactive Drill down reporting
  • Auto Alerts
  • Project Estimates
  • Optional Modules
    – Office / Departmental analysis
    – Custom fields
    – Advanced Security
    – Costing & Charging
    – Custom reports
    – Expenses entry
    – Billing
    – Resource Scheduling


$ 99

For Larger Implementations with exacting needs
  • All the features of Pro, plus:
  • Single Sign On
  • Report Writer
  • Advanced Apps
  • Private Server
  • Office / Departmental analysis
  • Fully Definable Security Levels
  • Customization System



Customizable, enterprise wide solution.
  • All the features of Corporate, plus:
  • Highest performance engine for scalability & performance
  • Highest performance servers
  • Unlimited access to complete feature set
  • Custom design
  • Yearly health check to review needs and any unused features
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Customization options
  • Customizable upgrade timings
  • Volume discounts
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