OutlookTime is an Outlook timesheet system that turns Outlook appointments into timesheets. Within Outlook you post appointments to your timesheet. Outlook-Time becomes outlook timesheet reporter and interfaces with Time&Space for timesheet reporting. Outlook-Time allows end users to turn their outlook appointments into timesheets. By integrating with Outlook, OutlookTime creates an MS Exchange Timesheet and an Office 365 timesheet and an Office 2016 timesheet.

Outlook timesheet system, turnss appointments into timesheets
MS Exchange timesheet
  • It's a miracle!
    OutlookTime® turns your Outlook Calendar into a timesheet.
  • Timesheets from your Calendar?
    Yes. OutlookTime® runs within Outlook and allows users to post or export Outlook appointments to their timesheet.
  • Outlook 2016, '13, '10 & '07
    Supports Outlook 2016, 2013 2010 & 2007 on Exchange and Outlook 365.
  • Runs within Outlook
    as an Outlook timesheet plugin so there are no messy imports or exports, OutlookTime® actually runs within Microsoft Outlook to provide real time timesheet management from within Outlook
  • MS Exchange timesheet

    OutlookTime® turns Outlook into an Outlook timesheet system, Exchange into an MS Exchange Timesheet and Office 365 into an Office 365 timesheet system.
  • Time saving
    at the click of a button users can add project data to Outlook appointments and post them as timesheets
  • Flexible
    can be used stand alone as a sole timesheet entry method or used in conjunction with the Time® range of timesheet clients
  • Scalable
    no matter how many users you have, OutlookTime® can grow as you grow
  • Works with
    Time®, Time®&Money and Time&Space® to extend timesheet entry to include Outlook appointment items
  • OEM version
    tied to an existing timesheet system but want to add timesheet entry via Outlook? Contact us to find out how OutlookTime® can be integrated with your current system

Outlook timesheet - turns your Calendar into timesheets

It's a dream come true, OutlookTime® turns your Outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button.


It really couldn't be easier, OutlookTime® runs inside Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 as an Outlook timesheet plugin allowing you to allocate project details to appointments, then post them as timesheets all from within Outlook.

Although originally designed as an add-on for our Time®, range of products, OutlookTime® is now available for Time&Space® as a complete, fully hosted solution that includes timesheet entry via Outlook, administration, reporting & billing for less than a cup of coffee a week!

OutlookTime® is also available as an add-on for other time recording systems and may even be available to integrate with your current time recording system.

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