Outlook timesheet plugin

Adds time tracking to Outlook
Save time, get timesheets in faster, earlier and easier from within Outlook

Outlook plugin for time tracking
Timewatch’s timesheet plugin adds a time tracking panel to Outlook.
Timesheet assignment fields are added to Outlook so users can specify the customer / project, (or whatever fields your company uses) as appointments are created.
Sometimes, the time posted to the timesheet may need to differ from the appointment duration – we allow this and keep track of both values.
The ever present timesheet progress chart highlights days that need attention (yellow) and provides an easy, single click way to add missing customer / project information.
Timesheet functionality inside Outlook changes employee behavior. People complete more of their timesheet with less effort, as they manage their calendar.

Add time tracking to Outlook

Our Outlook plugin is a Microsoft 365 Integrated App that enhances Outlook so users can turn meetings and appointments into timesheets.

  • Adds time tracking to Outlook
  • Timesheets prefilled weeks in advance
  • Saves Outlook users that track time hours each week
  • Easier, faster, more accurate timesheet
  • Automatically manages changes
  • Allows posted time to differ from actual time
  • Timesheets available weeks earlier
  • Scalable from 5 – 1,000+ users
  • Works with Timewatch, but can be integrated with any timesheet system

Timewatch’s Outlook plugin turns appointments into timesheets.

The best timesheet app for employees

Timewatch’s Outlook plugin enhances Outlook so that work appointments can be used in timesheets.

The plugin adds customer / project search fields to Outlook. Users find these faster and easier than manually typing into Outlook, and appointments then have all the information needed for their timesheet. Just by using Outlook users are filling in their timesheet.

Using Outlook and the automated time tracker facilities the plugin adds makes timesheets so simple, so easy and so natural timesheets are no longer a chore, and surely this the best timesheet for end users.

Works with all versions of Outlook

Timewatch’s Outlook timesheet plugin supports all versions of Outlook on all devices. The Outlook plugin works with Outlook desktop on PC, Mac, Office 365 in a browser (OWA) and the new One Outlook.

The plugin is available with all Timewatch timesheet products and can be integrated with virtually any timesheet system –  perhaps even your current timesheet system. Contact us to discuss enhancing your timesheet system with Outlook time tracking.

Powerful, configurable analytics and reporting

Whatever your analytics and reporting needs, Timewatch delivers. If the data is available, you can access, analyze, report upon or extract it. The system includes standard reporting, there’s interactive drill down reporting, dashboards and charts and custom reporting. Again, whatever your analytics needs, Timewatch delivers.

The best timesheet app for businesses

Outlook time tracking has many advantages for businesses. As a ‘Microsoft 365 Integrated App’, implementation is a breeze. The app is setup once, centrally for the business, is managed via the ‘Microsoft 365 Admin Center’ and is automatically added to employees’ Outlook menu.

  • IT friendly, no end user installation
  • Nothing for users to download, install or keep up to date
  • Faster timesheet accuracy saves employees time
  • More accurate timesheet entry, fewer errors saves administrators time
  • Inbuilt timesheet reminders saves admin from chasing missing timesheets
  • Timesheets are available weeks earlier than a traditional system
  • Greatly decreased administration and IT overheads
  • Improved analytics with real-time Outlook data
  • Employees no longer see timesheets as a chore
  • Near instant ROI

Works with all timesheet systems

Our Outlook timesheet plugin works with all Timewatch systems:

  • OutlookTime® – our complete timesheet system designed for Outlook
  • Time® – our corporate strength timesheet system
  • Time®&Money – our configurable & customizable time tracking, costing, charging and billing system
  • Time&Space® – our professional services automation suite

Integrate Outlook with your timesheet system
Outlook time tracking can be integrated with any modern timesheet or ERP system. Contact us to discuss integrating with Outlook.

Corporate strength, secure, fully certified solutions

To corporates and security conscious businesses, certification of everything involved in a cloud solution is crucial.

The supplier, the software, the software development process and the hosting provider should all be certified. Many smaller providers only provide certification of their hosting provider, which is not enough as the quality of the software, the management of the servers, access to your data is not certified or secured.

You can rest assured with Timewatch. We tick all the certification and security boxes:

– Timewatch servers are ISO / SOC2 certified (most providers just have this)
– Timewatch is ISO 9001 & ISO 270001 certified
– Timewatch software is PEN Tested with an A+ rating
– Timewatch offer public and private cloud as well as on-premises options
– Timewatch provide comprehensive data resilience, failover and backups
– Timewatch offer customizable backup routines
– Timewatch offers full database level encryption
– Timewatch mobile apps are secure web apps, no data is stored on any device

Security ISO 27001
Grow as you grow

Grow as you grow

No matter your size, needs and budget, there is an appropriate Outlook timesheet configuration.

There are five editions of our timesheet server systems with increasing scalability and feature set. Customers can increase their system size and upgrade their edition at any time, providing a seamless way for their grow as they grow and adapt and change as the organization’s needs evolve.

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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