A dream come true for Outlook users
OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments (and emails)
into timesheets!

Outlook Time Tracking System

Turns Outlook calendars into timesheets, and Outlook into a time tracking system, saving employees hours each week.

Time Tracking With Outlook

It really is a dream come true for Outlook users.

Now, finally, they can turn their Outlook appointments into timesheets with OutlookTime®.

It’s easy, it doesn’t change the way they use Outlook, it works with Categories, it works with all versions of Outlook on all devices, and best of all, it saves employees hours each week.

Imagine what your organization can do with an extra 4-8 hours of productive time per employee per month.

OutlookTime X6.1 Screen
Timewatch supports both spreadsheet AND calendar style timesheet entry. Outlook users love the calendar timesheet view as it combines timesheet and Outlook data in one view.
The calendar timesheet looks and feels like Outlook. This makes users instantly familiar with the system – and it shows the Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet!
Blue items are appointments that are already in the timesheet. Notice there are 2 blue items on Monday totaling 5 hours. There is also an Outlook appointment for 3 hours ready to post, which once posted would add up to 8 hours for the day.
Green items are Outlook appointments that have a Customer / Project allocated and are ready to be posted to the timesheet.
Red items are Outlook appointments that do not have a Customer / Project to be allocated yet.
The total value of posted (blue) time is shown for each day. The red background color here indicates that this employee has not met their minimum hours for the day.
In the mobile app, time is also shown in Blue, Red, and Green, just as it is in the PC / Mac calendar timesheet.
Green bars in the mobile timesheet shows the total time in Outlook appointments that are ready to post to your timesheet on each day.
Red bars in the mobile timesheet show the total time in Outlook appointments that need a customer / project before they can be posted to your timesheet on that day.
An dashboard shows important timesheet status information for the current employee.

How Outlook Time Tracking Works

Outlook appointments already have most of the data needed for a timesheet. We work with Outlook to let users allocate customer / project details to appointments so that they can be posted to their timesheet. Using data already in Outlook saves users around 2-4 hours a week.

How it Works Inside Outlook

For those that keep Outlook open and use it all day on their PC, we’ve got you covered.
There is also a plugin for Outlook that lets employees track time right from within Outlook as well.

Delivers all the reporting you need

It’s a bold statement, to deliver all the reporting you need, but OutlookTime® can. There’s a library of off-the-peg standard reports that meets the majority of customer requirements. Then there are dashboards and interactive reporting that meet more challenging reporting needs. Then finally, for reporting perfection, there’s a report writer and a dashboard designer that allow customers to perfectly meet their exact reporting needs.

Also Works with Teams & Google

OutlookTime® also works with Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars!

Supports all versions of Outlook

No matter which version of Outlook you use, desktop or OWA on PC or Mac, or you phone or tablet, OutlookTime® works with them all, turning appointments into timesheets simply and easily.

Ultra Secure

Timesheets hold sensitive company data – customers, projects, employees, rates and time. Whereas most systems use apps on phones and tablets, have their own security system and store data in Outlook and on mobile phones, we do not as these are security risks. Our systems use Microsoft’s own security, do not store any data in Outlook or on your devices, so there’s no risk.

Secure Outlook Time Tracking

Grow as you grow

Adaptable & Scalable

An Outlook time tracking system you will never outgrow. OutlookTime® is fully scalable from as few as five employees, to thousands. It is also adaptable. You can configure the system to perfectly meet your time tracking requirements today, but adapt and change it as your organization structure, reporting needs or business rules evolve.

Flexible Pricing Rapid ROI

For less than a cup of coffee per week, OutlookTime® saves employees 2-4 hours a week. It also saves administrators and managers time, so they can all focus more time on productive tasks. This provides and instant return on investment and increases productivity a lot more than that cup of coffee does.

Outlook timesheet cost benefit

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing timesheets and administration.

Senior Exec,
Leading DC Government Relations Firm


Timewatch gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

Marketpoint LLC

The way we have set up the system for our needs, we can look at the data from a service perspective, a project, a client, or whatever it is. You just put your service into the system and the project and – Boom! Done.

Accounting / CPA Firm

Yes. It definitely saves time. Compared to other systems, we save at least two hours per week per person using Timewatch®.

Senior Exec,
Major Consultancy Firm

Timewatch professional services automation solutions: Resource Scheduling, Timesheets and Time Tracking, Time & Billing and Professional Services Automation / PSA Solutions

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