A dream come true for Outlook users
OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments (and emails)
into timesheets!

Outlook Time Tracking

It’s a dream come true for organizations that use Outlook and need time tracking.

At the click of a button OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments into timesheets.

It’s easy, it doesn’t change the way employees use Outlook, and it’s fast – just click on an appointment, choose ‘Add to timesheet,’ and that’s it!

No matter which version of Outlook your organization uses, and for less than a cup of coffee, OutlookTime® will save employees hours each week.

So what will your organization do with 4-8 hours more productive time per employee per month?

Timewatch supports both spreadsheet AND calendar style timesheet entry. Outlook users love the calendar timesheet view as it combines timesheet and Outlook data in one view.
The calendar timesheet looks and feels like Outlook. This makes users instantly familiar with the system – and it shows the Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet!
Blue items are appointments that are already in the timesheet. Notice there are 2 blue items on Monday totaling 5 hours. There is also an Outlook appointment for 3 hours ready to post, which once posted would add up to 8 hours for the day.
Green items are Outlook appointments that have a Customer / Project allocated and are ready to be posted to the timesheet.
Red items are Outlook appointments that do not have a Customer / Project to be allocated yet.
The total value of posted (blue) time is shown for each day. The red background color here indicates that this employee has not met their minimum hours for the day.
In the mobile app, time is also shown in Blue, Red, and Green, just as it is in the PC / Mac calendar timesheet.
Green bars in the mobile timesheet shows the total time in Outlook appointments that are ready to post to your timesheet on each day.
Red bars in the mobile timesheet show the total time in Outlook appointments that need a customer / project before they can be posted to your timesheet on that day.

Outlook Plug-in

Most customers rule out the use of Outlook plugins as they cause slowdowns and instability in Outlook†.

OutlookTime® is different.

Rather than running timesheet code in Outlook (which causes problems), our plugin utilizes OutlookTime® cloud functionality which avoids the downsides associated with plugins†.

In Outlook, users can see clearly what they have and have not posted to their timesheet, and can add appointments to their timesheet with 1 click. It’s the most elegant, easiest, fastest, most reliable Outlook timesheet entry experience possible.

† More about the issues other products have with Outlook plug-ins
‡ OutlookTime® supports PC, Mac, and Linux ecosystems and allows appointments made on any device (PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet, etc.) to be turned into timesheets. Something that cannot be done with plugins and add-ons.

Outlook Timesheet Plugin
OutlookTime® is a Web App that works directly with Office 365. Here, we are looking at Outlook for Windows with the OutlookTime® plugin installed. This adds timesheet functionality to Outlook.
OutlookTime® can color appointments to show which have a customer/project allocated, and which have been posted.
Green appointments signify appointments that have a customer / project assigned and are ready to post to the timesheet.
OutlookTime® adds the ‘Submit to Timesheet’ and other functions to this right mouse click menu.
The OutlookTime® panel provides a timesheet dashboard and advanced features including a multi appointment edit & post facilities and setup features.
This live chart shows the total time posted to the timesheet so far this week.
The dashboard also includes gauges of total hours posted this week and the total number of appointments waiting to be posted.
The dashboard is configurable. Users can add & remove charts, gauges and details sections, and set their order.

Outlook Reporting

OutlookTime® brings desperately needed reporting to Outlook.

There are multiple reporting tools available including:

  • Traditional reports
  • Digital dashboards
  • Interactive drill down reports
  • Data exports in industry standard formats
  • Alerts and notifications

No matter how simple or complex your Outlook reporting and analytic requirements, OutlookTime® has your back – there’s even a custom report writer.

Outlook Time Tracking Reporting
The Home Tab provides access to various digital dashboards of management key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical data points.
Drill Downs are advanced, interactive reporting tools that allow users to drill down on individual fields to the underlying summary levels all the way down to the underlying transactions. Drill Downs are available with the more advanced editions of OutlookTime(r).
The Reports tab provides access to the core reporting features.
Areas provide a handy way to filter reports by type, to focus the list of reports to choose from to a specific area of the system.
Reports are displayed in 3 styles. Each user can choose their preferred style: in a Gallery where each report is previewed and allows users to flick through reports quickly, a thumbnail list that shows details of each report and a list of reports.
Reports can be ‘organized’ into various menus and groups, placed on Ribbon buttons and their details, previews and thumbnails altered.
Administrators can arrange for reports to be made available to different users via the reports button on each Tab. Reports can be set by user security group, so they can control exactly which reports each user has access to.
The reports menu shows the report that has been accessed and, as you drill down from one report to the next, lists the sub reports as well.
In gallery mode, users are shown a preview of each report so that can quickly and easily see what report they are running. User can swipe or click to go to the next or previous report.
As users flick through reports in the Gallery View, the title and a short description of each report is displayed.
Thumnails of each report allow users quickly locate the report they are looking for.

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5 Star Reviews

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing timesheets

Our technology team said OutlookTime® would make time tracking faster and help us with reports. Both have been proven true.

Everybody had said that it would be great if they could just right-click their calendar appointments and turn that into a timesheet.

That is exactly what OutlookTime® does!

Staff struggled to get their timesheet in at the end of the month, but they are very diligent about calendars.

OutlookTime® has made it possible for employees to go from their calendars to their timesheet with a few clicks.

We asked - why can't we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar? Now we can.

OutlookTime® has given us efficiencies that we didn’t have before.

It has helped us track time and it is now also great to know how much time is being spent on a client so that we can bill for the right amount of time.

I looked at a few trials. I looked at Harvest and few other timekeeping platforms like that but most of them didn’t facilitate projects the way Timewatch could.

Yes. It definitely does save time. Compared to our old system, we save at least two hours per week per person using OutlookTime ®

What impressed our team was the ability to tie in the categories we already use.

That was the ah-ha moment! We just use categories as we already do, and OutlookTime® automatically charges it.

With the click of a button, our timesheet is done.

OutlookTime® gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

Amazed at how simple, easy, and fast turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is.

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Outlook Time tracking

Outlook Timesheet

It just makes sense

Outlook has almost all of the information needed for a timesheet. Appointments just need customer / project information to be able to be a timesheet

OutlookTime® uses the appointment data already in Outlook, and allows users to attach customer / project information to appointments to create timesheets. This saves time by eliminating duplication of effort, and increases timesheet accuracy.

OutlookTime® seamlessly integrates with all current versions of Outlook on all devices, whether on Office 365 or Exchange.

There is also a classic spreadsheet timesheet for users to add non appointment relating time lines.

Easy time tracking

No Hassle

Easy to setup and easy to use.

Super easy.

At it's simplest, there’s nothing to download, install or maintain.

OutlookTime® comprises of two parts. First is a cloud based application that integrates directly with all forms of Outlook (PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet) to turn appointments into timesheets.

There are no Outlook plugins to install or maintain, however we do provide an Outlook plugin for those that want one‡ .

All users need to do is login, start turning their Outlook appointments into timesheets, then work out where to spend the time OutlookTime® saves them†.

† Customers report an average saving of 6 hours per person per month.
‡ The plugin is available for Windows desktop editions of Outlook. Please note that the plugin is not essential as our cloud application seamlessly integrates with Outlook, we provide the plugin purely as an option for those that want it.

Mobile, desktop & web time tracking


Supports all devices

OutlookTime® supports all versions of Outlook on any device

Whether you use Outlook on a PC, Mac Chrome Book, Android or iOS device, you can convert appointments into timesheets with OutlookTime®.

CEO, CFO Dashboard


No Compromise Reporting

Our customers often tell us that their previous product didn’t report on notes, sort data the way they wanted, or has frustrating limitations. OutlookTime® reporting has no limits. If the data is in the system, you can report on it.

We provide a range of powerful reporting tools, starting with classic print preview type reports that can be viewed, printed, downloaded or exported.

Reports are managed through a Gallery view, which users love as they can flick through and locate the report they want in seconds. Reports are all controlled via our security system, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible by users that have the necessary rights.

Reports can be styled for your organization with logos, fonts and colors. All reports support data export, but if there are any specific report formats, data or other requirements, custom reports can be created via our SQL Report Designer or our report writing services†.

That’s classic reporting, there are also Drill Downs, Alerts & Custom Reporting options.
† The report designer is included with Corporate & Enterprise editions. Report Writing services are available for customers of all editions.


Link with anything. Anything.

We provide a perfect environment for developers to create efficient, real-time integration with Timewatch® systems.

API’s include both read and write functionality, and we automatically provide only new or changed items to make interface development simpler. If data originates in a Timewatch®, rather than polling to see if anything has changed, we can notify your code there are updates to process. We can even create an App so we post in real time to your system and you post in real time to us, which is an extremely efficient interface topology.

Contact us today, we’ll happily discuss your specific needs and how best to create the perfect real-time interface.

scheduling return on investment - increased availability, utilization, speed of scheduling, lower scheduling errors

Return on Investment

It pays to use OutlookTime®

OutlookTime® turns existing Outlook appointments into timesheets. In any other system all that data needs to be entered again. OutlookTime® saves real time and real money.

No timesheet system can match OutlookTime® for speed of timesheet entry or effective price. In real terms, any system would need cost less than OutlookTime® minus the value of the 6 hours per person per month it saves‡.

Additionally, OutlookTime® makes timesheet entry faster and easier, increases timesheet accuracy and punctuality, improves employee work-life balance, makes people happier, and increases staff retention.

Some Statistics
At just 50% of national average salary and recharge rate for professional services staff (UK & US), OutlookTime® pays for itself by saving just 6 minutes a month. On average, it saves 6 hours a month†.

Even using minimum wage and a recharge rate of 2 times minimum wage (US & UK) a saving of just 30 minutes a month over any other system, the supplier of that system would need to pay you to use their product, and OutlookTime® saves a lot more than 30 minutes a month, and professional services organizations pay and charge more than minimum wage†.

† Customers report an average saving of 6 hours a month when compared to their previous system. The highest reported customer savings has been 20 hours. 2½ days a month!
‡ Comparative costs : At minimum wage and Zero recharge rate, other suppliers would need to pay you $35/£44 per person per month to use their system. At average employment costs, they would need to pay you $250/£160 /p/m, including average recharge rates, this increases to $1,300/£900. It really does pay to use OutlookTime®


4 Editions = Flexibility

OutlookTime® is highly scalable and configurable.

To suit the widest possible audience, we provide 4 ‘off the shelf’ bundles and a configurable Enterprise edition which is designed and configured to perfectly each customer's specific needs.

The pre-configured bundles include the simple Express edition, the flexible Essentials edition, the advanced Pro edition and the powerful, scalable and adaptable Corporate edition.

The ‘Enterprise’ edition allows customers to build their own system. Working with our system implementors to craft the perfect configuration for their organization. Customers pay for the features included in their design, which is ideal if the configuration various bundled editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OutlookTime® work?

OutlookTime® works in two ways:

  1. From our web application. OutlookTime® links directly with Office 365 to create an Outlook Timesheet. Appointments are listed in date order and are color-coded to highlight which appointments do, and do not have a customer/project allocated. Users allocate a customer/project and the post them to their timesheet. It takes users seconds and saves employees hours each week.
  2. Via an Outlook Plugin. Users of Outlook(Win) 2019, 2016, 2013 & 2010 can use our Outlook plugin. This brings OutlookTime® functionality inside Outlook so that users can allocate customer/project information to appointments in Outlook, and then post them to their timesheet from within Outlook. Again, it takes seconds and saves users hours each week.

How easy is it to use?

Really easy. OutlookTime® does not change the way Outlook works, it enhances Outlook by letting users allocate customers/projects to appointments, and then post them to their timesheet. It takes seconds and saves employees hours each week.

How long does it take to enter a timesheet?

It’s fast, faster than any other system. Outlook appointments already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet. OutlookTime® users just need to add a customer/project, then post it to their timesheet. That’s it! It takes seconds and saves hours each week.

How does OutlookTime® save hours each week compared to other systems?

In a traditional timesheet system, users need to enter the date, the customer/project, start time, end time, hours spent and perhaps some notes. In OutlookTime® the only thing employees need to enter is the customer/project. All of the rest of the information comes from the Outlook appointment. The reduction in data entry saves time, it makes OutlookTime® around ten times faster than traditional systems†.

† Customers report an average saving of 2 hours a week. Around a day a month in extra productive time.

Can it track PTO?

Yes, absolutely. You can even display the individual’s PTO information within each user’s dashboard so it is instantly visible to them.

Do I have to post appointments individually?

You can post appointments to your timesheets individually, or in bulk.

Do we need to install any software?

No, you don’t need to install any software. OutlookTime® is a cloud application that syncs with Outlook, allowing users to allocate Customer / Project information to appointments directly from our Web App. Appointments created in any device are available to users to turn into timesheets from OutlookTime®.

Users that want to use Outlook plugin would need to install the plugin. The plugin is an option, you don’t need to install it, but some users like to do everything from within Outlook. It is a personal choice.

Is OutlookTime® scalable?

Yes. We have customers ranging from 5-5000+ employees.

What reporting is available?

OutlookTime® provides a number of reporting tools. There are over 50 standard Outlook Timesheet reports, there is an advanced drill-down reporting system, charts/graphs/dashboards/KPI’s and alerts.

We use categories as customers. Does OutlookTime® support categories?

Yes. You can allocate a customer/project to categories, which saves even more time! With categories, posting timesheets is as simple as clicking a button.

Is OutlookTime® available for single users

OutlookTime® is a teams based system and is not aimed at single-user use.

Who uses OutlookTime®?

OutlookTime® is appropriate for any organization that uses Outlook and needs to track time.

We have incredibly broad customer range covering almost all of the alphabet: Architects, Airlines & Aviation, Banks & Broadcasting, Charities, Consultancies, Defense, Education & Engineering, Finance & Foundations, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Lawyers, Lobbyists & Local Government, Medical & Mining, Natural Gas & Non-profits, Oil & Gas, Payroll, Pharmaceuticals, Power Utilities, Quality Control, Railroads, Real Estate, Religious Organizations, Sports Institutes, Steel, Telecoms, Transportation & TV Production, Universities & Utilities, Venture Capital, Water Boards, Yacht making. For a full list, click here.

Is there manager approval of timesheets?

Yes, there is a comprehensive manager approval system with notifications to managers, rejection notes and the ability for managers to edit others timesheets where needed.

Can you set rules for hours in a day?

Yes, timesheet rules can be set by employee daily or weekly. For example you can set it so that a user must enter a minimum number of hours per day Monday through Friday, or any combination.

Can we stop users entering time in the past, as this impacts reporting and invoicing?

Yes, with timesheet approval, you can stop users entering or editing time once it has been submitted. You allow administrators to edit posted time, and any changes they make are highlighted in a different color, and a record of the change is maintained for auditing.

How many projects can be setup?

There is no limit to the number of projects that can be setup.

Is there a way you can help us chase late timesheets?

Yes, you can configure auto email alerts for late timesheets. You can even have escalating emails that can have a ‘different tone’ for a second, third, fourth reminder. Alerts can also be setup for managers to notify them that they have timesheets to approve.

Can we export timesheet data?

Yes. Data can be exported in various formats including Word, Excel & CSV. There are also APIs available to access data directly.

Can Outlook timesheets be linked with an Accounting System?

Yes, there are a number of standard integrations available. We also provide API’s and examples to integrate with any modern system that supports dynamic integration.

I use Outlook as my personal calendar as well, does OutlookTime® interfere my personal appointments?

No, not at all. OutlookTime® does not change the way you use Outlook, and it can ignore personal private appointments.

Is training available?

OutlookTime® is so easy to use it doesn’t require any end user training. We do provide training and implementation assistance for administrators and those responsible for setting up the system initially.
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