Google Calendar: New Timesheet & Scheduling Integration System is Set for Launch

Google Calendar and Timesheets: an update!

Some great news: our new, advanced, Google calendar integration system went into its test stage in early May. 

This is important for a few reasons.

We’ve always linked with Google Calendar but –  in the past – we’ve made this happen like everyone else does – via an iCal feed that publishes data to Google.

This has meant that our Google sync has unfortunately never been as good as our Exchange sync which is bi-directional, works on ALL editions of Outlook including phone and tablet apps and is customizable.


Additionally, last year Google deprecated iCal feeds so that they only updated once every 24 hours. Ugh. This was not ideal. It was a challenge we recognized and wanted to fix for our users.

We think our solution has done that. Our Google Calendar integration provides the same advanced, seamless, bidirectional calendar sync for Google users as our Exchange and Office 365 sync.

Now, no matter which of the two major calendar systems an organization uses, our scheduling systems can seamlessly sync bookings that schedulers make with their end users, and vice versa.

This is good for timesheets and your resource scheduling.