Watch: How to convert Outlook appointments into timesheets in just seconds

With 25 years experience in professional services automation software, we know a thing or two about timesheet entry. We also know a thing or two about Outlook appointments. One thing we know for sure – no one fills out a timesheet for fun. We get it – if people have to fill out a timesheet, they want it to be simple, easy, and fast.

This is why we developed OutlookTime, a timesheet that lets you turn Outlook appointments into a timesheet in seconds. Most businesses use Outlook, so we figured why not leverage the appointments people already have in their calendar to post to a timesheet?

Watch this video that shows how to convert Outlook appointments into Timesheets in just seconds

Here’s why OutlookTime® is your staff’s favorite timesheet to use

With OutlookTime®, all you do is allocate information on what you are working on from a configurable picklist and once it is quickly completed it posts to your timesheet. Your reports can post all the specific information you need based on your requirements.

OutlookTime® has become everyone’s favorite timesheet to use. Users love it because it is so easy to use; managers love it because timesheets can be posted with the least hassle, and IT departments love it because no data is stored on your PC and the entire system plugs into Outlook.

We truly believe we have created the best timesheet solution on the market and invite you to give OutlookTime® a try.

Analyzing timesheet data is now so simple, too

Not only is it easy to enter timesheets, analyzing timesheet data is easy, too.

Timesheets are consolidated from all OutlookTime® users which you can access through a variety of reporting tools. All editions include a library of standard reports which can be viewed, printed, or exported to Excel, PDF, email or a financial system.

Pro and Enterprise editions also include our unique drill down reporting tools, automated alerts (such as late or missing timesheets) and dashboard reports. Custom reporting options are also available to allow you to perfectly match your reporting needs.