Filling in a timesheet should not be a chore for your staff. Failing to do so costs your company money and breeds inefficiency. Here is how you can simply save time for your staff and make money for your business.

We hear from potential customers that their employees and contractors say the reason they don’t log hours on timesheets is because they forget. The reason is that the system they are using is difficult to use and takes too much time to complete.

They postpone logging their hours or worse – don’t do it at all.

This can develop into a big problem for your business. It is crazy that your staff doesn’t log hours that can be billed to clients. It is also inefficient and something thing that costs your business money.

How to end staff frustration with timesheets and save time


Timewatch timesheets put an end to that frustration and inefficiency. We have real life examples where billing potential has been maximized for companies that use our platform.

One award-winning building consultancy in the UK works on construction projects across the country and specialises in refits and developments in the education, finance, and commercial property sectors.

The business uses contractors across many geographic areas but had issues with timesheets not being completed quickly and accurately.

Revenue was lost.

The company then adopted Timewatch’s Time&Money platform.

Time&Money allowed users to track time and expenses via PC, Mac, phone, tablet and even from within Outlook.

Timesheet entry was so intuitive and easy to learn that no training was required. Time saving features included “instant search”, a “favorite projects” list and “import from calendar”.

Timesheet users typically saved between one and three hours per week. Easy manager approval and auto timesheet alerts saved administrators even more time.

Easy to use timesheets that save time and increase revenue


The result? Staff and contractors found Time&Money fast and easy to use. Pain points were erased.

Timesheets were completed quickly and accurately. User satisfaction went up. So did revenue.

These factors were directly related.

Saving time means your business can increase revenue.

Time&Money’s powerful rating systems allow customers to match their commercial charge out rules with rates by person, customer, project, date, type of work, or any combination of these.

Flexible rates makes time and billing simple, easy, and accurate.

We also have the perfect endorsement: our systems are so good, even our competitors use them.

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