Timewatch Scheduling helps deliver top notch customer service

Masterleo – Dairy Equipment Services

The Customer

Masterleo ensures that the equipment used by food manufacturers such as Nestle, Unilever, Kroger, and Dean Foods is maintained and running smoothly.

The Mission

  • Rapid, efficient scheduling of resources to resolve customer emergencies

  • Locate a system that provides instant visibility of resource availability

  • Support technician access via PC, Tablet and Phone

  • Find a flexible scheduling system that meets or can be configured to match our unique set of requirements

The Solution

  • Implement Timewatch’s WhiteSpace® resource scheduling solution.

The Results

  • Instant visibility of technician availability

  • Ability to categorize technicians into groups for skills, locations, and other attributes

  • Instant visibility of what each technician is doing and who is on call

  • Technicians can access their schedules on any device from any location

  • Configurable availability views show schedules from 1 week to several months

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention

  • 100% reliability

The Details

Masterleo, located just outside Columbus, Ohio, services food and dairy manufacturing equipment. Customers include Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Kroger, and Dean Foods – mass marketers that manufacture products worth millions of dollars every day. They rely on Masterleo to keep their equipment running smoothly.

“The primary focus of our company is our service, and that is why the scheduling program is so important,” explains Brian Henry of Masterleo. If a customer calls with an emergency situation, we need to plug them into an open spot immediately.” With WhiteSpace®, schedulers can see instantly see who is available to get to the client in the shortest amount of time.

Masterleo’s operation covers a broad geographic area, so efficient planning is essential.

“We usually set our calendar several months in advance. We need to know where we are going next week and the week after. With Whitespace®, the default is seven days, and that is exactly the way that we work – a week at a time. That is our focus, and that is what we need to know – where our technician is going and who is on call that weekend.”


Masterleo® successfully used Timewatch’s Windows-based Wallchart product for many years but have upgraded to our cutting-edge, cloud-hosted WhiteSpace® product. WhiteSpace® can be used with any browser from anywhere, on any device.
“I think most of our guys will end up using Whitespace® on their iPads, although if they need to log in from their phone, it is also super easy,” commented Henry.

Henry continues, “We looked at a lot of companies. Most didn’t do the key things that we needed them to do.” “We know what we like. We knew that WhiteSpace® would do that. Timewatch® and Whitespace® are the best resource scheduling fit that we have found.”

Henry said that, in his role, everything is perfect when he doesn’t have to think about it.

“As far as reliability goes, we have never had any with Timewatch®,” he explains.

“It has always worked perfectly. With a company like ours, where our scheduling system must work, this is really important. Having software that you don’t even think about is the main thing. That is the best thing I can say – I really don’t have to think about it!”