Pharmacy Resource Scheduling Customer Story

Learn how this pharmacy giant uses our pharmacy resource scheduling solution.

How a pharmacy giant uses Timewatch technology to train its staff and deliver a better service

The Customer

As one of the largest health and pharmacy companies in the world, millions of people rely on one of our customers to help them stay healthy efficiently – and save time and money doing so.

The Mission

  • Improve customer retention through better training of staff

  • Maximize training efforts and improve scheduling of trainers

  • Match trainers with skills to staff requiring training

  • Schedule organization wide, but with sensitivity to time zones

  • Provide up-to-date schedules to trainers to ensure no sessions are missed

  • Save schedulers time

The Solution

  • Implement Whitespace®, Timewatch’s resource scheduling system.

The Results

  • Trainers always know exactly where they need to be and when

  • Syncs with trainers Outlook calendars

  • Easy and accurate matching of trainers with the skills needed to specific training requirements

  • Searching for the best resource for a job is simple, quick and easy

  • Schedulers can quickly and easily see who is free and when for faster scheduling

  • Saves schedulers hours each day

The company is one of the largest in the United States. Each day, in-store pharmacists are required to help customers, dispense medication, give vaccinations, and offer advice on drugs and supplements.

That’s why training all staff to be the best they can be is a key component of this company’s success.

The company’s human resources team explained that thinking differently and long-term about staff and investing in infrastructure provided a positive return on investment (to retain client confidentiality, the customer requested anonymity).

To help train staff, Timewatch deployed WhiteSpace® scheduling software for hundreds of trainers across training locations around the country. WhiteSpace® helps the trainers know when and where they have to be which maximizes efficiency and allows schedulers to quickly match the best training staff with specific skills with staff requiring specific training.

WhiteSpace® not only provides the ability to view multiple resources simultaneously – so that you can see which resources are doing what, where, and when – but the system allows you to display resources by skill, type, location, and timezone. Searching for the best resource for the job is simple, quick, and easy.

In real life, resources can be people, rooms, equipment, or training courses. With WhiteSpace®, schedulers can create their display of multiple resources so that they can see their availability side by side. They can quickly and easily see who or what is free, busy, when and why, and schedule the appropriate resource(s).

An advanced scheduling module is available which offers the most appropriate resource based on availability and suitability.

WhiteSpace® is available in the cloud or onsite where it can also be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook calendars.

For a successful business, getting training right is important. That’s why we are here to help.

As one healthcare industry executive explained: “The widening skills gap is a significant business concern, and companies – large and small – are seeing a workplace strategy that combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction as a viable solution to build a pipeline of future skilled talent.”

For more information on how WhiteSpace® can help your business, click here.

Pharmacist resource scheduling ensures staff are fully trained to improve customer retention

Pharmacy, Healthcare Resource Scheduling Customer Story