Major Player in Global Healthcare, Timesheet Billing

How Timewatch utilized it’s configurable timesheet and expense tracking solution to perfectly meet this healthcare organization’s unique and ever-changing needs.

The Customer

Every day, dedicated health care professionals improve the lives of millions of people by providing in-home health care to those with chronic illnesses. Timewatch help them save time entering their timesheet, so they have more time to do their job.

The Mission

  • Time and expense system that can be easily configured to meet changing needs.

  • Integration of 100+ project codes with time and expense reporting.

  • Ability to easily track and authorize time and expenses.

Healthcare Timesheet for Outlook

By including OutlookTime®, a healthcare time tracking system can utilize Outlook appointments, and turn them into timesheets.

The Solution

  • Implement Time®&Money, the timesheet and expenses tracking solution from Timewatch.

The Results

  • Ease of use resulted in easy adoption by employees tracking timesheets and expenses.

  • Rapid timesheet entry, now takes seconds.

  • Easy to configure and manage, saves time and money.

  • Able to support the organization’s unique coding structure.

  • Powerful reporting delivers all analysis needed.

  • Saves employees time with faster, easier timesheet and expenses entry.

  • Saves managers time, easier to review, approve, correct employees’ time and expenses.

  • Saves administrators time, easier to setup and manage.

The Details

With a diverse staff of over 3900 delivering a variety of services, this healthcare organization’s accounting department needed a time and expense management system that could be configured to meet their unique working practices and ever-changing needs. They found that Time&Money® from Timewatch was the perfect remedy.

“Our accounting department thinks it’s easy to use and customize for specific projects and expense allocations,” explains Adam, the organizationsDirector of Audience Development. “Accounting also likes how easy it is to add new codes and configure to how they need it”. “Any time they need to add something or change something they don’t even blink”.

“We reviewed about five or six time tracking applications,” he adds. “Our decision on what to implement ultimately came down to what was the best combination of time tracking, expense tracking and reporting and being able to customize the specific project data that we need to use. We now use Timewatch’s Time&Money® for regular expenses, travel expenses and for tracking and approving those expenses”.

“We have about 100 active codes at any given time.”  “Every week when I log my time, I often have 15 to 20 codes that I have to use for that week alone.

Timewatch® systems are incredibly easy to use and save each employee hours each week. Timesheet entry is done in about five seconds! If someone makes a mistake – enters a wrong code or something should have been charged to a different code or project – it is very simple for a manager to decline it, communicate why and then fix it”.

It turns out that Time&Money® from Timewatch was the perfect prescription for this healthcare organization. If you would like to review this healthcare customer’s implementation and explore how Timewatch can save your employees hours each week in timesheet entry, please contact us.