One of many Timewatch customers is a British business consulting organization that has one simple mission: it helps other businesses succeed. Timewatch provides this company with business software. One reason we have a strong relationship with this customer is that we share the same mission and many of its values.

Our customer has been in business for over ten years. Think about that: the early years of the 21st century were an important period for personal and business technology – a time that changed how we communicate with each other and how your staff communicates internally and with customers. Ten years ago, Facebook and iPhones were barely a thing while iPads and tablets did not yet exist. In a decade, everything has changed.


Embracing change means a business has to be fluid but it is extremely important that it also retains its core properties. Being able to adapt to evolving environments is important to sustained success.

That’s a reason why our customer signed up for Time&Space® and then maximized its resources to turn 365 calendar days into 5000 consulting days. We admit: when we saw the numbers that our product generated for this company we even impressed ourselves.

The bottom line is the bottom line: this business is a success because it successfully uses all its resources for maximum output. Time&Space® allows a business to do that.

Here’s why Time&Space® business software is a key platform for your success


Time&Space® is a sophisticated and scalable professional services automation (PSA) solution that combines all of the features of our products – Time®, Time®&Money, and WhiteSpace® – in a single, unified solution available in the cloud.

Time&Space® provides:

  • Time Recording
  • Expenses Recording
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Exchange Integration
  • Project Costing & Charging
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Financials Integration
  • or any combination to meet your needs

Time&Space® is a cloud solution

  • Our cloud platforms are a fully hosted, configurable professional services solution

Time&Space® is flexible

  • The customer chooses the core modules that are needed

Time&Space® is scalable

  • A scalable platform makes it cost effective
  • Time&Space® has three editions to allow scalability from start-ups to SMEs to large international enterprises

Time&Space® has broad customer base


Time&Space® is friendly and easy to use

  • No end-user training is needed

Time&Space® has a familiar Office look and feel

  • Our design means we have rapid end user acceptance

Time&Space® is user-friendly

Time&Space® has powerful costing

Time&Space® has Resource Scheduling

Time&Space® contains flexible billing

Time&Space® provides powerful reporting

  • Users can access with active drill downs, configurable reports and customizable dashboard


Do you want to see Time&Space® in action?

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