There’s no need to vote on this: our policy of using cloud apps for mobile devices makes your business more stable and secure.

Timewatch uses ‘storeless’ cloud apps for mobile devices and we believe they are the best option for everyone within your organization.

Here’s a question: would you ever go back to using Windows XP?

Here’s the answer: No, you wouldn’t.

Remember how much of a pain it was? Applications needed to be installed. When things went wrong you needed to wait for someone from the IT department to come and help sort out the mess.

Cloud computing is the future because it is more stable and safer

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In 2017, with cloud computing applications as the norm, life is much simpler.

There’s nothing to install, no data stored locally which improves security for your business, and it is much easier (and, arguably, cheaper) as no IT department is required to sort out problems (not least because problems are rare).

So why are companies still using the out-dated Windows XP philosophy with their mobile devices?

Think about it: with a mobile phone or tablet, you download an app which is then installed on the device. Here’s why this is a bad idea:

  • The app downloads company data which is then stored on the device. The device is usually not covered by company security policies. This is a problem.
  • Potential stability issues.An app needs to be updated and is also at the mercy of the next version of iOS or Android. If it gets super buggy – there’s no IT department to help.YOu are at the mercy of the app developer. That is a probem.
  • If the device is lost or stolen, your organization’s data is still on the phone or tablet and vulnerable to being accessed and exploited. This is a big problem.

Timewatch cloud apps are the right choice for your business mobile devices

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This is why Timewatch endorse and use cloud apps for mobile devices.

Users simply access our systems through their device via a mobile responsive browser.

It’s easy.

There’s nothing to download.

It is secure as nothing stored on the device and there is no corporate data security issue.

There are no support issues as all that’s needed for the device to function and access our systems is a browser.

Do we need to vote on this? The result is a landslide.