custom timesheets

Custom Timesheets.

Timewatch timesheets are configurable and customizable.

Customers can configure the analysis levels time is anlayzed by, as well as name these levels. Examples of timesheet analysis levels include customer, project, job, task, matter, stage, activity etc.

Timesheets can be styled as a classic spreadsheet timesheet as well as a calendar timesheet, and the system also allows users to use their Outlook calendar to create timesheets. The system supports timers, creates a favorite project list, copy last week and other time saving features. There is also manager approval and powerful reporting features including a report writer.

The timesheet is also customizable. Customers can create or have apps created that add any type of functionality, for example links to other systems, custom rules, procedures, anything you need to make the timesheet perfectly match your organizations requirements can be supported.

Outlook Timesheet 5 stars

The five star timesheet that saves your business time and money

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OutlookTime® is a five star timesheet system - say customers. See why this customer calls OutlookTime® a five star timesheet system. OutlookTime® Outlook timesheet gets Five Stars from MarketPoint. “I...
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New Sage Business Cloud Timesheet

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Sage Business Cloud is an amazing cost effective cloud accounting system. It ticks all the right boxes for small businesses with easy billing and bill payments. What it doesn’t do is time recording, billing or professional services automation. But now you can seamlessly integrate our timesheet and time billing systems with Sage Business Cloud – as seamlessly as if Sage had written the system themselves.

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New Outlook Timesheet is amazing

New Outlook Timesheet is Amazing

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New Outlook timesheet is even easier, faster and there is nothing to install! Outlook appointments already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet. Now, at the click of a button, users can turn their appointments into timesheets. Customers tell us the system saves each and every user around 2 hours a week. That’s like spending the equivalent of a cup of coffee a week to save a day a month!

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