Here’s why Timewatch timesheets provide your organization with a clear business advantage: Our products allow your company to customize timesheets to fit your existing systems.

We don’t ask you to fit your processes around our product. We make sure we fit your requirements.

One Timewatch customer told us the key factor in its organization’s evaluation of available timesheet systems was that the company did not want to overhaul its established billing systems or processes.

The business did – however – want an upgrade from a process where employees manually entered time into a spreadsheet.

Timewatch time tracking software that’s different: it fits the customer


“There was a lot of timekeeping software available but Timewatch struck us immediately,” explains Lance Butler of MyHealth Access Network .

“Users have to enter all data manually with most timekeeping software but Timewatch is different. The key factor was that it plugged into the process we already had in place. We can use the appointments we already have scheduled on our calendar while also entering time manually.

“This is a merge of calendar and manual entry. It was simple and it was a natural fit for us.”

For this company, an important outcome from choosing OutlookTime®  – Timewatch time tracking software – is the ability to customize the software’s billing categories to match those the organization already had in use.

Finally: time tracking software tailored to meet the customer’s needs


The result? The company’s billing categories stayed the same. The time tracking software was tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

“What impressed our team about OutlookTime® was the ability to tie categories you already use to a project,” says Butler.

“That clicked a lightbulb for our team: we continue to use the categories we already have set up and the software automatically charges it. At the end of the week we submit and are done. That was the ah-ha moment. OutlookTime® ties in so well with what we are already doing.”

“It got rid of a lot of duplicate work for us,” Butler says. “The software fits the customer. We didn’t have to change our processes. OutlookTime® just made them more efficient.”

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