A challenge for many organizations is knowing exactly how long an employee or contractor is scheduled to work on a particular project. That challenge has repercussions all through the organization: from billing to your resource schedule to planning for the mid- to long-term future.

Timewatch’s resource scheduling systems know exactly how long employees or contractors are scheduled for and, with a sophisticated search filter, can locate someone within your organization to fill a particular slot for a particular project.

Extend your work day without making your staff work longer hours


Our resource schedule systems allow you to take a broader look at your organization. An example? If a search to find an employee for a specific task comes up blank that suggests it may be time to hire additional staff.

However, if you get a response from your search that your staff has 60 percent availability this shows you may not be utilizing your resources as well as you could.

Typically, when using our system, our customers increase the availability of each staff member by about six percent. That may not sound like a significant figure but if your organization has 150 employees it translates to having ten more people available to you for free.

You have also just extended the work day without making your staff work longer hours.

Use your resource schedule to see into the future and scale


A lot of projects are scheduled several months into the future. Our system allows a user to see what their capacity will be like in two- to three- month’s time. If you can see that you have more work than you have staff for, you can start hiring now rather than struggle when your projects start.

Similarly, if there is less work for your staff in the future, you can reduce your hiring demand. You can scale quickly and efficiently and it will save you money.

Think about it this way: for something that costs around $15 per person per month, that’s probably less than you spend on coffee each month.