No compromise custom costing, charging, and billing

Benjamin Franklin - Time is Money

There are many variables when it comes to valuing time. Do you value time by hour, by day, or some other value? Do you value that time by employee, by project, by employee on each project, by customer, by date or some combination? Does it vary by customer or project?

To value time accurately, you need cost and charge rates that match the way your organization values time.

Most systems currently on the market limit users to a handful of rates, forcing you to compromise on how you value time and charge customers. Our system, however, recognizes that not every user is the same and supports unlimited rates by any combination of employee, project, customers, type of work, role, or date. Rates are stored to six decimal places to cater to any rating period. We also support multi-currency rates.

To borrow a quote from Benjamin Franklin and apply it to our software:

“Time is money”.

We want to help your business save money. So we also added a quote: “Look after the pennies,” and your billing will look after itself.

Powerful built-in reporting to make your data crystal clear


Our customers tell us that reporting in Timewatch® products is the best of any product they’ve ever used. One of the key reasons is the efforts we take to save employees, time. From our standard timesheet to our Outlook timesheet that turns data already in Outlook into timesheets, it’s all about saving time. If we can save you time, we save money tracking time.

We believe that if you enter data, you should be able to view it however you want, quickly and easily.

As a standard, all of our products include traditional reporting via a library of reports that feature export to Excel, Word, PDF, and email. Also available are our unique drill down reporting tools, dashboards, auto alerts, and custom reporting options.

 How to save time as your users track time

With Time®&Money, our time and billing software, your users can track time and expenses via PC, Mac, phone, tablet and even from within Outlook.

Our timesheet entry is so intuitive and easy to learn that no training is required. Time saving features include instant search, a favorite projects list, and import from calendar. Timesheet users typically save between one and three hours per week. Easy manager approval and auto timesheet alerts save administrators even more time.

Powerful rating systems allow customers to match their commercial charge out rules with rates by person, customer, project, date, type of work, or any combination of these. Flexible rates makes time and billing simple, easy, and accurate.

 And the perfect endorsement: our systems are so good, even our competitors use them!