Timewatch X6 – our latest timesheet scheduling update

This is the latest update to the best timesheet and scheduling system for 2020 which has a new Outlook Timesheet, enhanced scheduling and a new Outlook Calendar Sync.

Meet Timewatch X6, our latest update to the best timesheet and scheduling system in 2020 now with new Outlook Calendar Sync

It’s time to introduce Timewatch X6 – our best product update yet.

X6 is a major step forward for our timesheet, outlook time tracking, and resource scheduling software. This latest update provides enhancements that improve technology, function, and user experience. Importantly, this update takes into account how all our workdays have changed in 2020.

What was great for an organization in 2019 isn’t necessarily the same in 2020. How we all work has changed, and Timewatch X6 makes the way of doing things easier and saves your business time and money.

“Our customers asked us for features to help them manage employees as they shifted to working from home, and often on a home PC,” explains Phil Jones, a Timewatch Product Specialist. “They wanted to find available resources more easily, track time more easily, and leverage time data in Outlook.”

Timewatch X6 includes new timesheet functionality with:

  • Seamless timesheet integration with Outlook calendars
  • Our new Calendar Timesheet lets users add Outlook appointments to their timesheet at the tap of a button
  • All Outlook data, including start and end times, are saved on timesheet entries
  • With the new Calendar Timesheet, users can set their start day for the week to match their Outlook calendar

“Timewatch is constantly looking to improve the experience of both admin and end-users, and we believe these new upgrades certainly tick these boxes,” says Jones. “The upgrade makes the system even easier to use and implement with even more timesheet entry options.”

Adds US-based Sales Engineer Anthony Vaccaro: “Our focus for X6.0 was to take our existing product and see where we could increase productivity while also reducing the amount of time required inside the application. We exceeded what we set out to accomplish as our timesheets and scheduling modules are now faster and more powerful than ever.”

Timewatch X6 Calendar Timesheet
Our latest timesheet shows Outlook appointments that can be posted to your timesheet. Just click on an Outlook appointment (red), add a customer/project (becomes green), then post to your timesheet! Saves employees 1-2 hours each week.

Timewatch X6 scheduling enhancements include:

  • Customer definable tags for dynamic searching and filtering of resources
  • Resource availability sorting in the scheduling view
  • Performance enhancements in the scheduling view

Timewatch X6 also includes:

  • New Outlook Calendar Sync system that seamlessly syncs schedules with Outlook and replaces the previous TESS system
  • A new Report Writer which allows customers to create reports, charts, and exports to perfectly match their needs

“My favorite feature is the new report writer,” says Jones. “Timewatch products already have great reporting and customers love our interactive drill-down reporting because they can get access to any data they want. However, now it’s even better. The new report writer allows users to write reports, build them into the system, and print off management reports at the click of a button. This is a massive time and cost-saving.”

Timesheet Report Writer
With the new report writer, customers to create the reports then need to perfect meet their needs.

Timewatch timesheets and scheduling systems exceed expectations

Vaccaro says Timewatch’s mission has always been to provide the end-user with best in class tools and functionality and early feedback on X6.0 underlines that.

“It looks like X6 has exceeded customer expectations,” Vaccaro says, adding that the new Outlook Calendar Sync has received considerable attention.

“My favorite enhancement has to be the seamless integration with Outlook calendars,” he explains. “We have always been the industry leader in Outlook time tracking functionality with our Outlook plugin application. Now we have an even faster, more secure, and intuitive way to allow users to use their Outlook calendars with a click of a button to submit their timesheet.”

“We now provide one centralized location where end users can see their calendar, fill out their timesheet, import meetings and bookings from Outlook, and continue to be productive without the need to rely on multiple programs, spreadsheets, and calendars.”

Do you want to speak with Phil Jones or Anthony Vaccaro about how Timewatch X6 can help your organization in 2020? Use the form to the right to get in contact and learn more about how your business can save time and money.

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Timewatch X6 now available.

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