Improving a tax accountant timesheet system

What software do accountants use?

Timesheets are an integral part of accounting. Tom Fucito is an accountant who says his mission during tax season (and out of tax season) is to help clients “sleep better at night”† See the full story. Their tax accountant timesheet system is crucial to ensure they can work scheduled, work done, and can spend less time entering timesheets and analyzing what to bill so they can focus on their clients

Fucito shows his clients how they can optimize their business operation, avoid financial pitfalls, and, most importantly, realize their financial dreams. His office provides a full range of financial planning and consulting services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Fucito meticulously applies the efficiency he stresses to his clients to his own business.

“Managing how we spend our time was one of those things we focused on to make us more efficient,” he explains.

“We used to track time in Excel but that was cumbersome since Excel isn’t designed for timekeeping. We were using only one Excel file and people had to get in and out of it each time they wanted to log their time. Time® is much better. The system is interactive and easy-to-use as it looks like Microsoft Office. Changing a system after so many years is never easy but it is not even questionable that Time® has been an advantage for our business.”

How Timewatch helps an accountant make informed business decisions

What is the best timekeeping software?

Time® is an unrivalled piece of software. Among many other features, Time® can provide an overview of where your business is utilizing its resources and how long employees are spending on various projects and clients.


“The way we have set up the system for our needs, we can look at the data from a service perspective, a project, a client or whatever it is,” Fucito says. “You just put your service into the system and the project and – boom! – done.”

“We can now see right in front of us where we are spending our time. It is not only better for our clients but it is a lot easier with employee evaluations. We have budgeted expectations for everyone and I am able to drill down to see how those expectations are being met.”

“Time helps us make informed decisions. It is important to know how much time we are spending on projects because we want to know the types of services we should be offering. Using this time tracking system gives us better and more open conversations with everyone – whether they are client or staff.”

The mission, the solution, and the results that helped a business and its customers


The Mission

  • Replace unwieldy Excel spreadsheets
  • Improve the accuracy of the firm’s time recording and job costing
  • Increase utilization of the firm’s resources
  • Obtain an overview of clients and projects

The Solution


  • Implement Time®, the time tracking solution from Timewatch.

The Results

  • Increased revenue from more accurate billing
  • Improved accuracy of data entry.
  • Users can enter data from any device
  • Time saved entering and managing timesheets
  • Increased revenue from time saved
  • Higher customer satisfaction from improved delivery of services
  • More accurate job costing
  • Higher employee morale and retention

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