New Features Help Employees Working From Home

Our latest Outlook timesheet includes new features that help employees working from home.

Remote working just got a lot easier

With workforces around the world scrambling to adjust to our new uncertain environment, Timewatch is releasing new timesheet and resource scheduling features to assist customers with employees working from home.

We had initially planned to release updates to our latest Outlook Timesheet  product later in 2020 but as we have features that can help remote working, we have brought that date forward to respond to the quickly-changing workplace and work from home demands.

Previously, our Outlook Timesheet system utilized Windows desktop versions of Outlook to allow employees to turn appointments into timesheets. Now, with employees working from home they are using the cloud edition of Outlook, and as our latest update doesn’t need the Windows version and works directly with Office 365, remote users can turn their Outlook calendar into a timesheet via PC, Mac, or even Linux via Office 365.

We’ve brought forward crucial updates that help businesses manage employees working from home

“We had already begun development of a new system specifically to support Mac, Outlook Web Access, Linux and Outlook on other devices,” says Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright.  “But in January, when we first heard news from China and wondered if Covid-19 would spread globally, we anticipated we may need to speed up release. After we all saw the impact of the outbreak in Italy, we made fast tracking this release our number one priority.”

This new feature allows staff working from home to safely use their home computer to talk to their office Outlook Calendar, and allow them to turn their appointments into timesheets.

Our professional services automation (PSA) system Time&Space® also includes this new feature, as well as scheduling features that consolidate everyone’s Outlook calendar and multi-resource calendar views and reporting, something which is not possible in Outlook.

Outlook calendar to post to timesheet How to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets

Split image of appointments in Outlook and those same appointments in OutlookTime® waiting to be posted to a timesheet at the click of a button!

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Multi calendar views, management and reporting is crucial for team leaders to be able to view, understand and alter their teams activities when everyone is working remotely. Team leaders can view all of their teams Outlook calendars simultaneously, one row per person, scroll up and down, and drag bookings from one person to another simply and easily and report on any aspect of their workforce’s schedules.

Know how your workforce is performing no matter where it is located

Says Wright: “Outlook provides no organization wide reporting whatsover. Our systems provide organizations with much needed employee schedule reporting: upcoming work by customer or project; availability and utilization over date ranges; employees with certain appointment types such as vacation; sick and location. Literally any attribute of any or all employee’s actual time spent or time scheduled can be viewed and reported upon.

With OutlookTime®, we add timesheet reporting to Outlook. With Whitespace®, we add organization wide calendar and availability reporting to Outlook. With Time&Space®, we add organization-wide timesheet and calendar reporting,” Wright explains. “These are all crucial features for organizations and team leaders managing a remote workforce.”

In these challenging times, not only do we need to do what we can to help remain healthy, we also need to help organizations keep people employed. To that end, we are providing free advice services to organizations that need to quickly work out how to best schedule and track their work force time. To book a free session, just click the link below.

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We are providing a free advice service to organizations that need to quickly work out how to best schedule and track their work force time.


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