Improve your business productivity with our Outlook timesheet for less than the cost of a cup of coffee (can’t guarantee it will taste as good, though)

We love coffee at Timewatch.

We love it so much that we roast our own coffee in the office and use a LaCimbali espresso machine to get the very best café quality coffee possible.

We love coffee so much we use the price of a cup of coffee as a way to measure the cost of our software to your company.

Don’t believe us?

We guarantee that no matter where you live in the world, OutlookTime® gets timesheets completed for your business for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week.

OutlookTime® saves employees two to four hours per week in lost productivity

OutlookTime® also provides your organization with all the timesheet reporting and analysis you need and saves employees two to four hours per week.

Those saved hours will increase employee productivity more than a cup of coffee – which experts say can already make you very productive.

Studies show coffee can increase employee productivity – and so does OutlookTime®

There are many online sources that suggest coffee increases productivity and that coffee recharges focus, attention, willpower and will increase employee productivity throughout the day.

A study from the journal PLOS One reports that 200 milligrams of caffeine ‘prods the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly’. The study saw researchers give subjects a caffeine or lactose pill. Those who received caffeine were able to tell more quickly whether a string of letters made an actual word or a made-up word.

With all the usual caveats that too much of a good thing will eventually equal a bad thing, it is widely agreed that drinking coffee in moderation will translate to improved performance at work.

So excuse us while we go and grind some coffee beans and fire up the espresso machine. While we are doing that, we ask you to contemplate that no matter how much we like coffee, OutlookTime® still works out to be cheaper for your business than that cup of coffee. We are not saying you should replace coffee, but imagine the productivity increase if you use both?

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