The delivery of water has been a priority for communities since the dawn of time, with Timewatch, government engineers help keeps water supply safe. From wells and streams to 21st-century high-tech delivery systems, the mission has effectively remained the same: get clean water to where people live.

It’s no surprise that this is not a simple undertaking even if it is taken for granted by most people. To complete the task safely and efficiently – and deliver a simple product that must be of an exceptionally high standard – requires complicated logistics and complex infrastructure.

Timewatch government customers include local government agencies with oversight for water supply infrastructure and delivery. Their work makes for a fascinating study of how our software is applied. In one particular case, the agency’s role is crucial in delivering 210 million gallons of water to over 325,000 people in an urban area. Connected (literally): the local government agency also provides safe, dependable, and sustainable water, sewer, and stormwater services.

Timewatch Government make water supply more dependable

WIth Timewatch, government agency engineers currently use the complete suite of Time&Space® Professional Services Automation suite to effectively schedule, plan, and log their time spent working on internal and city projects to ensure all resources are used to meet the highest efficiency levels. Greater efficiency and best-practice use of resources keep costs low. These savings are passed on to residents and taxpayers.

It’s worth looking at the numbers. For a medium-sized city in the United States, a local authority needs to maintain:

  • 1,864 miles of pipe
  • 38,912 Valves
  • 12,331 Fire Hydrants
  • 11 Potable Water Pump Stations
  • 10 Potable Water Storage Reservoirs (Tanks)
  • 8 Raw Water Pump Stations
  • 3 raw water storage tanks
  • 12 reservoirs

That is a significant amount of resources that need to be monitored and maintained by engineers and inspection teams. With Time&Space®, users can rely on a unified solution that includes: time and expense tracking, resource scheduling, capacity planning, project costing, billing, and enterprise intelligence reporting.

You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry

Timesheet entry is so intuitive and easy to learn that no training is required is more engineers can spend time doing their actual job rather than spending days learning how to fill out online forms. Our timesheets typically save employees between one and three hours per week so the product pays for itself in minutes. Easy manager approval and alerts save administrators even more time.

This is important when you consider how much we rely on the ready and instant availability of water. In New York City, for example, there have been no significant interruptions of service since 1842 except for brief annual shutdowns for routine inspections between 1842 to the Civil War in 1861. That is an incredible testimony to the skill and work ethic of water engineers.

Similar to water supply, we consider our products key to your organization running its business better and becoming a core part of your efficiency and productivity. Just like your water supply, Timewatch is safe, dependable, and sustainable. You’ll wonder how you managed your business without it.