Timewatch has customers across many different industries – this healthcare timesheet article focuses on our product’s strength in the healthcare industry. Our clients include major hospitals across North America, disease and care management services, and hospitals and service providers to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

Healthcare providers face many unique challenges and it is crucial that their services maximize efficiency so they can provide the very best service to users – people who need care, sometimes critically and urgently. We take pride in having these services as our customers and playing a role in helping deliver quality care.

To help the healthcare industry receive the best services to run efficient programs, we like to hear firsthand what challenges they face and then work out how to assist them to run their operations efficiently – whether through timesheets, resource scheduling, or billing systems.

Common issues faced in the healthcare industry and how we help overcome the challenges

“We have outgrown our current system and need an application specifically designed for scheduling.”

How does your organization currently schedule resources? Spreadsheets? Whiteboards? A homegrown system? With our Whitespace® product, schedulers can see at a glance who is doing what, when and where. We even seamlessly sync schedules with employees’ Outlook, 365 & Google calendars.

“We don’t have global view of all our schedules.”

WhiteSpace® is designed in a way that allows you to get an incredible overview of your organization at a glance. High visibility, high performance, customizable display provide schedulers with everything they need, right at their fingertips. Users can configure the platform to show the specific resources they want to see. Real-time resource stats provide feedback on availability. It’s that easy!

“The system our organization currently uses is so labor intensive few people use it correctly. How can you help?”

The intuitive and familiar MS-Office look and feel of our products means little or no training is required for end users. Editing calendars is simple and easy too: drag and drop bookings, copy, or extend single or multiple bookings, you can even link multiple bookings for multiple resources together and manage them as a group.

“When we schedule we want to be able to allocate staff based on their location.”

We have that covered, too. Advanced features include mapping, drag and drop, schedule by skill, availability, and location. You can even link multiple bookings for multiple resources together and manage them as a group.

“Our staff are on the road and we need them to be able to check schedules while they are out of the office.”

Our products are fully compatible with all mobile devices. No one needs to return to the office to ‘check in’. We have seamless, fully automated, two-way Outlook sync. Syncing Outlook calendars ensures everyone is on the same page so there are no embarrassing booking conflicts.  There is nothing to install in Outlook, and it supports all Outlook clients on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

“Our schedules change frequently and we need a quick and easy method to move bookings.”

Our systems are so intuitive and easy to learn that no training is required. Time-saving features include instant search, favorite projects list and import from calendar. Timesheet users typically save between one and three hours per week. When using our systems. Easy manager approval and auto timesheet alerts save administrators even more time.

“Our central office uses Outlook and we need a scheduling system compatible with that.”

Schedulers know that whatever they schedule is in a user’s Outlook calendar and they can see what users have booked in their own calendar. You can even extend our security model inside Outlook to stop users editing or deleting appointments, something Outlook itself cannot even do.

“We need to record financial details and report on them.”

Our customers tell us that reporting in Timewatch® products is the best of any product they’ve ever used. That may be because we believe that if you enter data, you should be able to view it however you want, quickly and easily. As a standard, all of our products include traditional reporting via a library of reports that feature export to Excel, Word, PDF, and email. Also available are our unique drill down reporting tools, dashboards, auto alerts, and custom reporting options.