The Client

Regeneris is a British company that provides high-quality, research-based economic analysis and advice. The company helps its customers better understand economic opportunities and challenges, make better informed investment decisions, and guides projects through planning into delivery.

Clients across the private and public sector include: shopping center developer Westfield; the British government’s Department for Communities and Local Government and Department for Media, Culture, and Sport; Transport for London (the authority responsible for London’s public transport system); The Tate, an internationally-recognized art and culture institution; and British telecommunications and media giant BT.

The Challenge

“We are an agile, knowledge-driven company operating across a range of policy and service areas,” explained Director Simon Hooton.

“We needed to closely manage the financial performance of our project work, much of which is fixed fee.

“We wanted our project managers and staff to understand the fees incurred against budgets and to better plan and manage their work.

“We were keen to keep administration tasks to a minimum while ensuring staff could complete timesheets and claim expenses quickly from a range of working locations.”

“We compared a range of competing time tracking and timesheet billing products and undertook some preliminary discussions with representatives of companies,” says Hooton.

Regeneris discovered that Time®&Money from Timewatch was the perfect product to meet its needs – completing timesheets, claiming expenses, generating management reports and providing teams with performance information on projects.

Other key issues were the ease of installation and use.

The Timewatch Benefit

“Time&Money was easy to install and use across the company,” Hooton explained.

“The software can be accessed anywhere via PC, smartphone or tablet. Timesheets and expenses can be quickly generated and management information and reports analyzed and accessed to meet our needs.

“The setup cost for new users is also reduced from an hour or so to just a few minutes. We are also better able to track invoicing and share job recovery information more widely. We have managed to reduce backlogs in timesheets and can now understand project performance in real-time.

“The real savings have been in the frequency that timesheets are filled in – so we have better access to real-time project performance data.”