Timewatch Is Ready For Microsoft’s New One Outlook – Today!

Microsoft One Outlook – 20 second overview:

  • Microsoft has seven (yes 7) versions of Outlook: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Windows Start App
  • Micosoft plans to replace all of these with one product – One Outlook
  • Outlook Timesheet & Scheduling plugins will not work with One Outlook, but Timewatch will!
  • Timewatch’s Outlook Timesheet is years ahead of the curve and already ready for Microsoft’s One Outlook

A recent report from ZDNet suggests Microsoft is planning to announce the arrival of One Outlook – named “Project Monarch” – this northern spring with the company apparently expanding internal testing in late March or early April 2022, and slowly releasing a version to some insiders later in the year.

Outlook Web Access Timesheet

Microsoft’s One Outlook is designed to look like the Web version of Outlook

As ZDNet explains, and as many of us know, Microsoft currently has multiple versions of Outlook for Windows, Mac, the Web, iOS, and Android devices as well as a Windows start menu app. We’ve counted seven versions all referred to by Microsoft as “Outlook”. Are there more we missed?! Good luck with all that.

Project Monarch’s origins come from Microsoft’s realization that it is a challenge to maintain so many versions. It is also a challenge for software developers that work with Outlook to keep up with so many different versions. No sooner does a developer release a new version of an Outlook-related product – wooosh! – an update arrives from Microsoft and breaks it. It is a constant game of catch up and no fun for anyone. This is one reason why so many apps that enhance Outlook have support issues – and headaches – with their customers.

Why Timewatch is ready as a One Outlook Timesheet

Timewatch realized many years ago that seven different versions of Outlook is unsustainable and decided to take a different approach to other providers of business software that works with Outlook. We developed our Office 365 timesheet to work in a way that does not suffer from ongoing changes to the Outlook suite. While all other software providers need to rewrite their systems, Timewatch already has, and not only works with all current versions of Outlook, is already ‘One Outlook’ ready. In fact, we’ve been One Outlook ready since 2021.

The secret to being on top of the game? Timewatch has focussed considerable attention on building Outlook timesheet systems and Outlook scheduling systems that integrate with Outlook the exact same way Microsoft’s own products work, without plugins. It’s that simple.

Google Calendar Timesheet

Our Timesheet can be prefilled with Outlook appointments, which employees can add to their timesheet at the click of a button. This saves employees hours each week. Our Small business systems start at just 5 employees, with Corporate and Enterprise systems supporting thousands of users. Click Here to get a demo

An Outlook timesheet that does not need a plug-in?

“The news about One Outlook makes total sense for Microsoft and customers as it unifies Outlook across multiple platforms,” says Andy Wyllie, senior product specialist at Timewatch.

“This is something that Timewatch has been expecting, we realized years ago that Microsoft would eventually have to unify their different versions of Outlook down to one. It just makes good business sense. So we planned ahead and developed an Outlook timesheet that does not rely on old plugin technology. As a result, we are now years ahead of the curve.”

The big news? We already have this product in Timewatch version X6 – our best product update yet.

Timewatch’s latest version X6 is a major step forward for our timesheet, outlook time tracking, and resource scheduling systems. This latest version provides sophisticated enhancements that improve technology, function, and user experience, but now with built-in future-proofing that other Outlook time tracking and Outlook scheduling solutions do not have. Importantly, we are ready for One Outlook – today.

Timewatch products that work with Outlook

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