This rapidly-growing financial advice company was struggling with reporting and management information. The company needed to be able to manage the time that its teams were spending on various projects and ensure appropriate resourcing. The company’s management team also wanted to make sure the projects it was working on were profitable.

The solution? Timewatch products. Welcome to the family. 

Our simple and effective timekeeping software need no training for your staff

Timewatch Timekeeping Software

“We looked at a few different systems and learned that we didn’t want to spend millions of pounds implementing a huge system that we didn’t trust,” says a member of the company’s management team.

“A lot of the systems we looked at had too much functionality for our needs. We would be paying for an awful lot of software that we wouldn’t use and we didn’t want something that would take hours and hours to train people on and would make their lives more cumbersome.”

Busy staff should not need to spend time training how to use a timesheet product


One criteria for this business was that its busy staff shouldn’t have to spend a long time inputting work hours into a new system. It was important that employees had a fast and accurate system that reflected the way they already worked.

“We didn’t want to put in a huge system where our staff now had a massive obligation to do more work just so we could track their hours,” says the manager. “We wanted it to be as simple as possible and, ideally, as much like Outlook as possible because that is what we are used to using.”

“One of the things that stood out for us was how easy and how intuitive it was from an end user’s point of view. For our staff Time&Space® is incredibly quick and it is incredibly easy to use.”

Time&Space® is the unified solution: time and expenses tracking, resource scheduling, billing, and reporting


This multinational company offers financial and legal advice to other growing businesses and chose our Time&Space® product as its solution. Time&Space® is a unified solution that includes time and expense tracking, resource scheduling, capacity planning, project costing, billing, and enterprise intelligence reporting.

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