Time Tracking Systems That Help Non-Profit Organizations Run a Better Business

By December 1, 2016 April 11th, 2022 Government, Outlook, Project management, Time tracking, Timesheet

Timewatch includes non-profit organizations among its diverse list of customers – again illustrating the broad reach our products have.

One high-profile customer is a non-profit that oversees national history – museums and parks that have come to represent what the nation represents to its people and also what it stands for in politics, culture, art, and science (customer confidentially means we can’t disclose the organization’s name).

With such a huge and important undertaking, this particular non-profit has several elements to its business:

  • Supporting government organizations in park use, maintenance, and management of facilities.
  • Fundraising to maintain facilities at a high standard
  • Fund and manage an endowment to ensure the park’s future
  • Connect visitors to museums and parklands
  • Develop programs and events to educate and inspire visitors and future contributors

How the best timesheet system saves your non-profit money

Timewatch’s Outlook Timesheet software is used by this non-profit to track the many different projects undertaken by the organization, both as a planning and a reporting tool.

Importantly, OutlookTime® allow users to track time in whatever way they prefer and use whatever device they work on – PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and even Outlook. The system is so intuitive and easy to use that no training is required.

OutlookTime® saves employees around 8 hours a week. It achieves this because it runs within Outlook and turns the appointments they already have in their Outlook calendars into timesheets, saving duplication of effort. There’s no change in the way people use Outlook, they carry on using Outlook as they normally do, but can post Outlook appointments to their timesheet.

Timewatch adds functionality to Outlook to allow customer or project information to be allocated to appointments and emails so they can be posted to a timesheet. To see this in action, click here

For organizations like non-profits, governments, and non-government organizations, saving money is key to demonstrating to donors and tax-payers that it is financially responsible.

These systems are simple to use and save users hours each week. They increase the accuracy of timesheets, and pay for themselves in minutes – which is crucial for organizations where every cent saved is money that is better used elsewhere (that’s true for all businesses but especially so for non-profit organizations).