TESS support extended to Autumn 2021.

Microsoft delay allows more orderly upgrades to Whitespace® and Time&Space® X6.0 with support for TESS extended to late 2021

Microsoft delay allows for more orderly upgrades to Timewatch Version X6.0

Support for TESS extended to Autumn 2021.

In response to COVID-19, Microsoft has delayed the planned deprecation of its EWS technology which is used in our Timewatch Exchange Sync Server (TESS) system. TESS seamlessly syncs employees’ Whitespace® and Time&Space® schedules with their Outlook calendars, so it is a crucial service for many Timewatch customers.

Timewatch is already in the process of rolling out the latest Version X6.0 system, which includes the new OCS (Outlook Calendar Sync) system, the replacement for TESS. The delay to the depreciation of EWS comes as a welcome relief to customers who are also having to cope with the strains of COVID-19.

Microsoft has stated that the depreciation of EWS and Basic authentication has been pushed back to some time in the second half of 2021. “Everyone is affected by the Covid-19 crisis”, says Anthony Vaccaro, senior product specialist at Timewatch, “this delay provides welcome time for customers to plan and schedule a more orderly upgrade to Version X6.0 and the new OCS system.”

OCS replaces TESS in the forthcoming release of Version X6.0 of the Timewatch product range and is included in the server installation rather than being a separate server. The new OCS system not only makes installation easier, but it also delivers significant performance and reliability enhancements.

Timewatch recommends customers that currently use TESS predominantly to push Whitespace® or Time&Space® updates to Outlook should take advantage of this delay from Microsoft to plan in their upgrade later in 2020 or in the first half of 2021. Customers that also sync bookings created or updated in Outlook and need them pushed back to Whitespace® or Time&Space® should liaise with Timewatch to plan their upgrade sooner as OCS and Version X6.0 offers considerable improvements.

If you have any questions about upgrading to the latest Version X6.0, please contact us.

You can learn more about Whitespace® and OCS here.

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