Why Timewatch and Microsoft Teams is the perfect combination for time tracking

With changes to working practices over the past couple of users, businesses have also had to rethink how they keep track of work and project time for employees. Increases in the use of Teams has allowed for streamlining of timesheet entry with Teams time tracking.

If your business uses Microsoft Teams and needs time tracking, Timewatch’s timesheet software can save employees time as it integrates with Teams and allows users to post meetings (and calls) directly to their timesheet.

There’s no duplicate data entry, so your employees save time by prefilling their timesheet with Teams appointment and Teams calls data. Using data that already exists in Teams, Teams time tracking saves employees time, and increases timesheet accuracy.

The power of collaboration: Teams and timesheets => Teams time tracking

The great thing about Microsoft Teams is its power as a collaborative platform. With Timewatch timesheets linking directly to MS-Teams, each Teams member helps other with Teams time tracking as they help others complete their timesheet.

When someone creates a meeting, all attendees have that meeting ready to post to their timesheet without having to do anything.

How do Microsoft Teams use timesheets? If a co-worker arranges an online meeting with a user and a customer all the user has to do is simply click into their timesheet after the meeting and click to confirm. Boom!

Users can also add any notes that may apply and adjust any times if required. Simple.

Compare that process to manually creating entries for each meeting and users soon see how Timewatch’s Teams timesheet saves people hours each week and increases the accuracy of their timesheets at the same time.

A timesheet that creates Timesheets from Microsoft Teams meetings.

“If your organization uses Teams and tracks timesheets, we can save your employees hours each week,” says Anthony Vaccaro, senior product specialist at Timewatch. “Traditional timesheets are laborious, but where people plan their day using Outlook, Teams, or our scheduling system, all the data needed for a timesheet is in these calendars. Our system uses this data to create timesheets at the click of a button. Using calendar data to create timesheets increases timesheet accuracy and speed of posting as well as saving employees hours a week.”

Now that is what we can really call teamwork.

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