Moving To A Mobile Timesheet and Billing System

This successful UK-based business has been a Timewatch customer for over a decade, but made the move to the company’s latest cloud solution with mobile timesheet entry. The company has over 100 employees split across several office locations with at least half of its employees spending most of their time working in the field.

The business had been using one of our legacy Windows products, but for realized the needs of its workforce would be better met with a product that offered mobile apps to bring the company into a modern day work environment.

How a mobile timesheet and billing system means jobs can be completed on the road


Staff now use Time&Money® – our time and billing system that also also allows for expenses management. Employees can quickly and easily log expenses and allocate them to projects for managers to review and approve for repayment.

We use Time&Money® predominantly for our invoicing,” explains a company executive. “It is how we raise our invoices for about 50 percent of our work. The timesheet is useful for keeping those records and we use it for expenses as well.”

Explained: how our mobile timesheet systems are more versatile than the competition


“I like that it works for a lot of different business streams,” the executive says. “We can use it in several different ways to invoice several different product types. The other system that we use is very bespoke to one area of our business and you wouldn’t be able to use it for other things whereas with Timewatch you can. It is more versatile.”

Why Timewatch mobile timesheets are the best fit for your business

Mobile Timesheet

The company did consider other cloud time and billing systems before upgrading its systems but after researching available products on the market decided Timewatch products were by far the best fit.

We did have a little look at what else was on the market but we were interested in keeping the historic information to pull forward with this system,” the executive said. “We wouldn’t be able to do that if we were getting a new system.”

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