Enhanced Single Sign On, Timewatch SSO now available to all Timewatch Customers

Timewatch SSO is now available to all customers including our public cloud customers utilizing ADFS, Azure and Okta single sign on.

Single Sign On now available to all Timewatch Customers

Single sign-on (SSO) is a time saving, session security, and user authentication service that helps employees use one set of company login credentials to access multiple applications.

SSO avoids employee password fatigue and the associated security risks when employees access cloud-based SaaS solutions their company adopts. Instead, SSO utilizes authentication servers to facilitate secure employee access utilizing their organization’s network security.

Although Timewatch already supports SSO, the service utilizes a physical server address to increase security, which limited the service to on-premises and private cloud customers. This suited our larger customers but was cost-prohibitive to our smaller customers as well as those who wanted to utilize our public cloud servers with SSO.

You asked, we listened

In response to customer requests, Timewatch now is pleased to announce that in our latest systems, we have extended SSO support to all customers including our public cloud customers utilizing ADFS, Azure, and Okta single sign-on.

“Single-sign-on used to be something that IT departments had to implement, but now, with services such as ADFS, AzureAD, and Okta, SSO is accessible to more organizations more easily,” says Phil Jones, senior product specialist at Timewatch. “This is a welcome enhancement, as now, organizations of any size can have the ultimate in user access security while making it even easier for their employees to use our systems.”

Additionally, security of our employee resource scheduling, time tracking, time and billing, and professional services automation solutions can be further enhanced with Two Factor Authentication.

SSO can be implemented by customers themselves. However, to those unfamiliar with setting it up, or who need some hand-holding while, our customer support team is available to assist customers through the process. Simply log a request for help through the in-built support system.

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If you would like to speak with someone about SSO and how it enhances security and makes access easier for your employees to access their timesheet, schedules, expenses and administrators, managers and directors to access crucial company data, reports and dashboards, please contact us using the form to the right.

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